Lock You In My Heart Chapter 483

Chapter 483

After busying himself for a while, Westley’s kayak was finally ready. He put it directly into the river to test if it was safe to use and check if there was any leaking hole. If it had some cracks, it would be useless and they would have to walk.

However, it would take at least two hours to walk out of the forest. Based on this fact, time was not the only thing they had to consider but also physical strength. Moreover, there were snakes, beasts and many other dangerous things in the forest. So, Westley concluded that no matter what, it was the fastest and safest way to leave by water.

Even though there could be numerous types of reptiles in the water, it could at least save their strength if they drifted down along the flow of the river by this boat.

“Gabrielle, get on it. The kayak is useable.” Westley boarded first and then reached out his hand to let her hold his hand as a support.

Gabrielle’s trust in this man was immeasurable. She completely trusted Westley in whatever he did.

When she was alone these days, her thoughts always wandered to Westley. She felt that as long as he was beside her, everything would be fine.

Now that they were finally together, Gabrielle felt complete and she was rest assured. From now on, no matter how dangerous the way ahead was, as long as he was with her, she could face it together with him.

“Westley, are you sure this kayak is solid?” When she sat on the kayak, she became a little worried as it did not seem very stable.

“Don’t worry. This is a military-used survival canoe which means it’s pretty solid. Not to mention the two of us, even if there are two more men on this, it will not be a problem. Just sit tight and hold it well.” Westley asked her to sit behind him, so that he could protect her from any incoming danger which would come from the front and the sides.

“Okay, I know.” At the sight of his tall and broad back in front of her, Gabrielle couldn’t help feeling a sense of security even though she was scared.

“Gabrielle, since you are sitting behind me, you don’t need to pay attention to the road ahead. Leave that to me. You just need to be careful not to be stabbed or scratched by any branch that is in the way of us. Also, the base of the river is not very flat. There are sharp bends and shallow ponds. There’s also a low waterfall ahead. We may have to get off and walk when we arrive the waterfall, okay?” Westley told her all the possibilities and danger there was while rowing forward.

Since they were a couple facing such a difficult situation together, it would be better to let Gabrielle know what might happen in advance, ed she would be scared when she

e r ed those things later. That way, she could think about what to do in avance. Westlad memorized all the important inform a vout the waterway on the way here. He knew that it would come in L y later, so he memorized all about son of the sharp bends, shallow pools and places with many stones.

That way, he could remind Gabe how wey faced them later. “I see. You can remind

m e ndime. Speaking of it, how come you remember all about the general terrain of the waterway?” Gabriell to softly. Even though she teased him, she also thought that this man was really powerful and capable, com


nd her imagination. Westlay u responded, “Well, since I came to save ou, I have to know everything about this in advance. Otherwise, huda Mug you back safely? I have to investie and judge if it will be too dangerous to escape by river.” Westley diuru o it for himself. All this time, all thous! hapout saving Gabrielle and bringing her to safety occupied his head. He was planning in his mind to make sure that he could take her away in the safest way without letting her take any risk. If the waterway wouldn’t work, he had thought about arranging a helicopter to take her away directly. However, that could lure more attention and danger towards them. “Everything will be fine. We will get out of here safely as long as we both try our best. Nothing will happen,” Gabrielle tried to comfort both of them. Besides, she honestly believed so. Since Westley could enter the forest, he would naturally have a way to take her out as




“Gabrielle, you seem to trust me so much. Why?” Of course, Westley was very happy to be trusted so much by his wife. Which man wouldn’t be happy in such situation?



Westley was simply over the moon now.

“What do you mean ‘why’? Don’t you deserve my trust?” Gabrielle asked back in reply with a smile on her face.

Westley laughed out loud while rowing the boat. He didn’t expect to be defeated so easily like this. Nonetheless, he replied, “Of course I know that I deserve your trust. So, don’t worry. I will definitely take you out of here safe and sound.”

“Yes, but we need to be careful. Rose told me that there are snakes and even crocodiles in the river. It won’t be nice if you get bitten,” Gabrielle reminded him cautiously.

At this time, Gabrielle really believed in the words of Rose. Rose was the one who wanted them to leave and she also explained so much to her seriously.

Westley comforted her in a low voice while looking around the river, “I know there are snakes, but I am not sure about crocodiles though. This is not the Amazon River after all. Even if there is, wild crocodiles are rare. So, you don’t have to worry too much.”

What Rose told Gabrielle was not necessarily a joke. No one exactly knew for sure. The crocodiles and cannibal fish could be everywhere like the Amazon River had.

Westley also thought of this. Before he came here, he only took a rough look at the terrain of the river and didn’t carefully study about the water creatures which could be living here. Maybe there were really crocodiles after all.

The snakes could still be dealt with if they happened to stumble upon them. However, if it was an adult crocodile, it would be difficult to deal with. Westley couldn’t help worrying even more. He could only hope that their luck was good enough not to meet with the crocodiles.

“Westley, although this river isn’t reported to be abound with crocodiles and cannibal fish like the Amazon River, it’s a river deep in the forest. The might actually be some unknowr c creatures living here. She wouldn’t deceive me purposelessly this. After all, she helped me esca A h elle believed that Rose was being genuine towards her. After all, the winney were taking now really seemed oh ale and this path was directed by Rose, too. I just verified that Rose’s words were I is waterway was the fastest and safest place to leave the forest. Not to mention that Westley thos e are, too. The more she thought about how Rose was genuine towards her, the more she felt worried about Although Rose said a dn’t have the intention to betray Bain, her showing Gabrielle directions like this was equivalent

to m . If Bain knew, she couldn’t imagine et would happen to Rose. Gabriella huoned about this to Rose before. If Robetrayed Bain, she knew that the worst punishment for Rose

de What Rose did for her was too heavy ler to bear for a moment as she thought about what kind of dam ous situation Rose was in. Gabrielle was too worried about Rose that she went silent for a moment. Suddenly, she was reminded of the expression Rose had when she mentioned about the scene where her sister died in her arms. The look in her eyes looked so sad and desperate. Gabrielle could guess that Rose felt so much guilt and wished she would rather be the one who died back then rather than her sister. Rose thought that Gabrielle’s eyes were like those of Rose’s sister who died. So, she also felt grateful for that. After all, that| was one of the reasons that ignited Rose’s sympathy and she was taken care of by Rose like that. “Gabrielle, what’s wrong?” When Westley didn’t hear any sound from Gabrielle for a long time, he became a bit concerned.

Gabrielle took a deep breath and said uneasily, “Westley, Rose let me go on purpose. If Bain knows of this matter, what if he does something to her for betraying him?” “I can’t say for sure, but it depends on Bain’s judgment. He’s the boss of the gang and if he sees this as betrayal, he has the right to sentence his people however he likes. Law doesn’t matter in this case.” Even though this was cruel, this was the way of the world and Westley had to let Gabrielle know.



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