Lock You In My Heart Chapter 482

Chapter 482

Illuminating the path with a torch in the middle of a dense forest wasn’t a very good idea. It may cause a forest fire or attract other people’s attention.

Luckily, the woods was well-lit by the bright moonlight. It pierced through the thickness of the treetops. It was enough for the two of them to see the trail ahead.

“Gabrielle, slow down. Be careful. You might get hurt. Let me know if you’re tired. I’ll carry you on my back.” Westley held her hand and strode slowly across the forest. He was worried that the trees’ thorns would hurt her.

“Westley, I’m fine. Let us follow a different route.” Gabrielle was reminded of the path that Rose took them to when they went hunting.

Rose had reiterated that it was the safest way for them to get away from the forest. Gabrielle thought of giving it a try. It was risky but still better than letting Westley wander around the boundless forest.

It was safer to follow the river’s direction.

“Alright, let’s go.” The affirmation in the tone of her voice convinced Westley that she knew what she was talking about.

After all, Gabrielle had been living here for a couple of days.

“Come with me. It’s this way.” Gabrielle held his hand and led the way.

“Gabrielle, you’ve suffered so much trying to escape with me. I could’ve tried a different approach. A more arrogant and heroic one. However, I was afraid that it would hurt you. Innocent people would be hurt too if I do that. From the beginning, my brother did not want to involve violence to solve this problem,” Westley explained as he followed her.

He was hoping for Gabrielle not to be upset over such a thing. After all, it wasn’t what he wanted. “I agree with your bn ther. Although the people in this villa v e committed some sort of crime, not every one of them is a bad per don’t want them sacrificing their liv t.ecause of me. Even if they have been sentenced to death, it’s the lasub to carry on with their punishment. N . I don’t think the people in the Campbell Family would kill without being their eyes.” What Gabrielle said ontleense. She had always had the experti n came to weighing the importance of things. Even if people had made terrible mistakes, she wouldn’t take a mo her own hands. “That’s why I sneak

other will negotiate with Bain in the most peaceful way possible. However, I’m certain that Once your idea s ed, Bain wouldn’t let you go that easil Kecause of his hatred for the Campbell Family. I had to take the be save you. Gabrielle, you are my wif lowouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I just sat there doing no

let you risk your life. I had to come ba and take you home myself,” Westley said in a whisper. Despite his bice, Gabrielle heard what he said. Emns flooded her heart. “Didn’t you stop to think that you might be in danger as well when somebody finds out that you came here to sneak me out?” Gabrielle scolded. She had to make him realize the severity of the situation. “It’s better than waiting. Do you know how I made it through two days outside the forest? I’d rather go here and risk my life than to just wait hopelessly. Waiting only makes people feel desperate. I can’t function without you.” Being able to finally say the words in his heart, Westley felt relieved. “I know. We’re almost at the river. I really think that this way is safe,” Gabrielle said. “Have you been here before?” Westley curiously asked. “Rose had taken us here to hunt pheasants. She deliberately did it to show me that it is the safest road near the village,” Gabrielle repli




“I guess there really are some good people amongst Bain’s men.” Westley had never laid his eyes on Rose before. He could only assume that Rose was a good person because of what Gabrielle said.

“Rose and Doctor Maniac are good people. If something unavoidable happens in the end, can you ask your brother not to hurt them? And also maybe try to help them escape? Rose is a genius when it came to languages. Doctor Maniac’s medical skills are unparalleled. They are rare talents. However, I don’t know what they could’ve possibly done for them to seek refuge here. You can have someone look into it,” Gabrielle suggested. There was a hint of seriousness in her voice.

She had only shared quite a few moments with the two of them but it was enough for Gabrielle to feel that they were, indeed, good people. On top of that, they were extremely talented. One could not possibly come across people with such skills on a daily basis.

“Okay. I’ll do that, but only when the two of us are finally safe,” Westley said. That was his only request. No matter how much she wanted it, her wish was not as important as their safety.

“We will be safe. There’s a river ahead of us. How did you get here?” Gabrielle asked curiously.

“I passed by the river. For the past two days, I’ve observed that the river had the weakest defense. Plus, it appeared as if nobody had been guarding it. When we go back, we can take the kayak. It’s the fastest and safest way.” Westley took the inflated kayak out of his backpack. It gave Gabrielle the impression that his backpack wasn’t a bag but a treasure chest. It had everything in it.

He knew and had everything. ‘Just like Doraemon,’ Gabrielle thought.

“I guess you have it all figured out.” Gabrielle put her trust on Westley. She knew that as long as he was by her side, she would be fine.

T’Il inflate the kayak later. You just have to look around and observe for anything out of the ordinary. After that, we’ll take the kayak and drift do the river.” Westley began to pum p the kayak with a portable foot pump. It was much faster than using ora mouth. The wi was particularly strong inside the woo he could hear the rustling of the wind every once in a while. It worried c elle. She had to keep her vigilance ince lan’t afford to let her guard down. Not even for just a moment.

Gabrielle prayed that nothing


o u at the critical moment. Otherwise, they would be left with no choice but to run along the river. She wasn’t

o o her stamina. She was afraid the o n ly be a burden to Westley. “Westley, do l u coming here? You might get hurt trying to save me,” Gabrielle asked with curiosity.

“I will nure if I didn’t come save you. To me, robing else matters,” Westley replied. Dominance was evident in the

voice. Forum, coming here to save his wife wou never be a regret. He couldn’t bear the idea of just sitting there and doing nothing. “Westley, you’re so kind to me. How could I possibly repay you?” Gabrielle said in a low voice. “I can wait. I’m sure you would come up with something eventually. My love for you is one thing. Escaping is another. You can’t offset one with the other,” Westley replied seriously. “I know. Is the kayak ready?” Gabrielle asked to confirm. When she turned to look at the kayak, it was already fully inflated. She didn’t know that such a small thing could expand like that with just air. Gabrielle was awestruck. If it weren’t for the fact that they were trying to flee, she would think that the two of them were merely enjoying a romantic canoeing date.



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