Lock You In My Heart Chapter 481

Chapter 481

No matter what tricks Westley tried to pull, it didn’t matter one bit to Gabrielle. This time, nothing would change her mind.

She had to clear it all up. It would give her peace of mind and more.

Admittedly, the start of their relationship wasn’t good. They were essentially forced to get married because of Bryce and Nellie. But over time, things had changed.

It wasn’t long before Westley and Gabrielle fell for each other—hard. What started as a marriage of convenience ended up with both parties finding true love. All things considered, they really should thank Bryce and Nellie.

“Gabrielle, I’ll get you the clothes, and you have to change quickly. I don’t know how much time we have here.” Westley went out and fetched a black duffel bag, which he left in advance. Inside it, there were dark clothes to help camouflage them at night, a pair of shoes for Gabrielle, and weapons for self-defense—among other things. She thought it was typical of Westley—to think everything through.

Gabrielle put all the things on the wash basin and looked at them. She was about to change when she stopped.

“Westley, is it really necessary to bring so many weapons? I have a dagger. Lance gave it to me. This bag has enough arsenal to arm a few soldiers.” Gabrielle stared at the dagger Westley brought and initially thought she didn’t need it. Then, she noticed how his face darkened at her words, so she quickly backtracked.

“But, you know what? I prefer the one you brought me.” Gabrielle picked it up and clutched it to gauge its fit. She had to admire the excellent workmanship.

Somehow, Westley always found things that suited her perfectly. She had no idea how he did it.

“You really like it? You swear?” Westley cocked an eyebrow. He wasn’t totally sold on how fast she changed her mind.

Westley knew that since Lance decided to bring Gabrielle here, he would certainly need to give her something for self-defense. She had probably never held a weapon in her life, so a dagger made perfect sense. It was light and easy to use. Still, he didn’t like the one Lance gave—for obvious reasons. So, Westley gave her something he chose himself.

“Of course I like it. You got it for me.” Gabrielle looked at him with a smile. She shrugged lightly and continued to study the dagger.

“Go and change your clothes first. We don’t have much time left. We have to leave before they find us.” Westley spoke with a sense of urgency. He darted his eyes around the room, taking note of everything.

“Okay, okay.” After she changed into the clothes Westley broucht for her, he helped her put on a bullet proof vest. It was a bit heavy and uncon ilable, but she didn’t have a choice needed to be extra careful, and they had to make sure they were well rected. It was a very dangerous pla

c a ll. West’ s it that serious? How much of a dang tawe in?” Gabrielle asked uneasily, trying to adjust the vest so it didn’t


se her neck. “Trust me. Everything will be fin a lot let anything happen to you. But it’s going to be a tough journey. The path is steep and hazardous.” Wes

-checked that she wore the bullet proof vest correctly. Then, he gave her an apologetic look. If it E ly up to him, he didn’t want to put Gabrielle through this.

Gabrielle licke n d chapped lips. She was nervous, ar she understood that it was going to be hard and challeng e re in the forest, and there were threes all around them.

de something happened in the forest.

W hat you?” Gabrielle asked anxiously. Her voice was low; she was aurat someone might hear them if she spok ner normal volume. “Yes, I had to. Otherwise, how could I come to your room to pick you up?” It had been two days since Westley and his men came to the forest. Even though he wanted to just grab Gabrielle and leave, he had to bide his time. They didn’t take any action because they needed to prepare. Westley had to ensure his plan would work. Before he set foot in the forest, Westley didn’t know that the Campbell Family and Bain had a grudge against each other. Westley wasn’t aware of the lengths Bain was willing to go to just to exact his revenge. So if Bain found out that Gabrielle didn’t just know someone from the Campbell Family but was actually related to the eldest daughter of the family, Bain would never let her go. The worst case scenario? He might kill or hurt Gabrielle. That was why Westley knew he had to make a move. He needed to get Gabrielle out as soon as possible.

Gabrielle was the one in greatest danger, so she had to be armed. Regardless of Wilson’s discouragement and against his brother’s advice, Westley went all the way here to rescue her. He asked the men from the Campbell Family to drive on the main road while he traveled alone and on foot-sticking close to the riverside—so he wouldn’t be discovered.

So far, no one had found out that he was already here. But since Bain already knew that people from the Campbell Family were outside his borders, Westley couldn’t stay here for long. He and Gabrielle would be in big trouble if villagers saw him. Time was of the essence. They had to leave before the village erupted in chaos. “You should have known how dangerous it was for you to come here. They don’t know who I am, so they won’t do anything to me. I already

knew about the feud between Bain and the Campbell Family. Men of the family have been staying outside the forest, and Yet, it’s still peaceful. Bain won’t act rashly. But now, you’re here and ordered the people of the Campbell Family to come into the forest, war will begin.” Gabrielle cast a worried glance at Westley. Her palms were sweating, and she was a wreck.




Gabrielle and Lance originally planned to stay here for two more days. They were waiting for Bain and the others to put their guards down. That way, they could leave safely with Bryce.

Apparently, Westley had a different plan. There was no way for Gabrielle and Lance to get out without a ruckus, especially if they wanted to bring Bryce with them.

“Gabrielle, please. I’m here now. It’s too late for regrets. I can’t change things. I knew I had to take action, and that was what I did. I only wanted to come and take you away from this perilous situation. I don’t care about anything else.” Westley searched her face. It broke his heart to see that she already lost weight. Her cheeks were a little hollow, and she had dark circles under her eyes.

What he said was the truth. His only goal was to extract Gabrielle from the danger she was in and take her home. He didn’t care about the other people involved or the feud.

Westley was here for Gabrielle and her alone. Whether Lance and Bryce died or escaped, they both didn’t matter to him. Gabrielle’s safety was at the forefront of Westley’s mind, and he would accomplish his goal no matter what.

Moreover, Lance and Bryce had nothing to do with the Campbell Family, so Bain wouldn’t be interested in either of them. He wouldn’t kill either of them.

Westley would breathe easier as long as Gabrielle was alright. He was currently filled with nervous energy, but he would be okay if he could save her.

“But Westley, what about Lance and…”

“Gabrielle, I don’t care about them. Besides, they have nothing to do with the Campbell Family, so Bain will not touch them. It’s you that I’m worried about. You’re related to a member of the Campbell Family. Bain will likely ignore Lance and Bryce, but he may just kill you.” Westley was speaking matter-of-factly. They both understood the score. Bain wouldn’t let Gabrielle escape if he found out about her connection to the Campbell Family.

Gabrielle almost argued with Westley, but she knew it was futile. She understood how deep Bain’s hatred was, and he would stop at nothing to get back at the people who wounded his men.

“Gabrielle, don’t worry. The two of them will be safe. Remember, there are still Campbell Family members out there, and they will try to save lace and Bryce. It won’t be easy, but l l do what they can. Listen, I just need you to be safe and away from he k ay? And they… Well, they might & a while.” Westley didn’t sugarcoat his words. Gabrielle needed to be honest, and that was what he wouldn’t kill the two, but he would punish them.

dey just had to convince Gabrielle tamme with him. She was his priority. Gabrielle didn’t say anything mo s tly nad everything planned out, even with the limited time he had. She wouldn’t put all his efforts in vain by

objecting. She knew how precious their time was, and they shouldn’t waste it by talking like this. They cuss it when they were out of here. Westley, let’s alle hurriedly shoved the things into the ag and slung it over her shoulder. She reached out for a pen and T Quickly wrote a short note and left it ons bedside table for Lance. She owed it to him to let him know that she len Westley. ‘Aren’t you going to blame me for being selfish and thinking only about you?” Although Westley was grateful that Gabrielle had sprung into action, he was also confused why she was suddenly okay with everything. “You came here to save me yourself, regardless of how dangerous this place is. How can I think that you’re selfish? I know you’re not a superhero, and you can’t save everyone. But I appreciate all the risks you have taken for me. Right now, we need to leave and get as far away from this place as possible.” Gabrielle touched Westley’s cheek as she said this. He leaned and pressed towards her palm. Westley smiled at her. He was so proud of his wife.

We need to leave through the window and head straight to the woods.” Westley opened the curtain and scanned the surroundings outside. It was quiet, and he didn’t hear any movement. He jumped over and used the rope to lessen the impact of his feet on the ground. They were just on the second floor, and the building wasn’t too high. “Gabrielle, you can come down now. I’ll catch you.” Westley mouthed the words. He didn’t dare speak loudly. He looked up at her and urged her to climb down. He steadied himself to catch her. Gabrielle stared down from the window and gulped. She was only slightly nervous, but she wasn’t really afraid. It was a

short jump, and she believed in Westley. She jumped over and climbed down slowly, her hands digging into the rope.

Westley held out his arms when she was almost to the ground. She let go of the rope and stumbled towards him. “I was almost…”

That was too slow. We have to be quick, or someone will spot us.” Westley held her hand tightly, and they ran towards the woods.



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