Lock You In My Heart Chapter 480

Chapter 480

“Gabrielle, Shh… it’s me.”

Hearing the familiar voice, Gabrielle began to calm down. The man’s breath fanning her was recognizable, and how could she forget the way she fit in his arms?

It was her husband, Westley.

She couldn’t believe he snuck into the village at this hour. What was he thinking?


“Shh! Don’t say anything, Gabrielle. Let me take a close look at you,” he whispered in her ear and held her tightly.

Gabrielle blushed, feeling Westley’s warm hand on her cheeks. The moon shone through the window, illuminating Gabrielle’s face clearly.

“You’ve gotten thinner…” She could see the worried look on his face.

After a short pause, Gabrielle shook her head. “I’m fine, please don’t worry. Come closer. It’s dangerous talking by the window.”

Gabrielle brought him over to the bedside and let him sit. Then she pulled the curtains down, making sure to check there was no one outside. She carefully approached the man and couldn’t take her eyes off him.

They’d only been separated for a few days, yet she felt as if a century had passed.

After falling in love with Westley, she wanted to stay by his side and never leave him. That was when she understood what people mean when they say “days feel like years.”

Gabrielle was worried. They could get in trouble if anyone found out that Westley had come. “Why… why did you come here? It’s not safe. This is Bain’s territory. If someone catches you…”

Before she could say anything more, Westley shushed her with a finger to her lips. “I know. That’s why I came… I was worried about you, awrielle. And I’m sorry for being late.

Westley.” “Are okay in there, Gabrielle?” Lance audde hocked from outside, startling them both. “Gl course, Lance. I just have to go to the room.” She took Westley’s hand and headed inside the bathroom. To avoid suspicion, she turned on the lis h e water run. The light was brighter than a they could see each other’s faces clearer now.


Okay, just call mining happens, Gabrielle.” Lance reminded her. “Alright, 1

rielle turned off the water. n ething just happened in the forest: Petake a look. Please stay in your room and don’t leave; don’t open r or anyone. Okay?” Lance sounded led, which meant the commotion outside could be serious. What happened, Lance?” Gabrielle felt uneasy. She clasped his hand tighter and looked at Westley. She was afraid it had something to do with him. But Westley didn’t show a hint of worry. He was dressed in all black with a black hood, blending easily into the night. It was going to be difficult to find him. When he came in, the sky was cloudy enough to hide the moonlight. He didn’t waste any time and t

short moment. After that, he climbed up the room. “Gabrielle, it’ll be alright. I’ve come to take you with me. I’ll make sure you’re safe.” Westley kept





his voice down, still holding Gabrielle in his arms.

Gabrielle trusted him with everything.

Even after hearing everything Lance had said, she chose to trust Westley. Regardless of what others thought, she believed in the man she loved.

“I believe you with all my heart.” Gabrielle embraced him tightly.

“I don’t know what happened but I’ll leave the rest to you, Lance, I’m going to sleep now.” Gabrielle said.

Lance thought it was strange. He expected her to go since they were on the same boat.

But she wasn’t curious at all and Lance felt somewhat disappointed.

He didn’t push it any further. If Bain saw her there, it would end up badly.

“Okay, you have a good rest. I’ll be going now.” Lance said no more and left.

After hearing Lance’s footsteps and making sure that he had already left, Gabrielle closed the bathroom door. She then slowly held Westley’s face and examined him closely.

“And you said I’ve gotten hinner, so did you.” Gabrielle couldn’t help saying. Westley had stropa Sures, and now it was more obvious h ad lost some weight.

I couldn’t a 1. I’ve missed you so much. How 1 posed to act when you left without saying anything? We couldn’t ever seorate our first Christmas together How d you dare to come to such a dangerous place with Lance? Tell me, weat am I going to do with you?” Westle e r chin and stared straight into her eyes. Without hesitation, Gabrielle ki o n the lips. Westley couldn’t hold back and started caressing her.

They both knew it was in Once to have s*x in this kind of place. Westley thought he would punish Gabrielle in bed after they left the fost. ‘Gabrielle, anged. You’re leaving with me. When weet home, I’ll be sure to punish you.” Westley gave her a sedus

acing his hands on her shoulders. Here’s also something I need to talk about,” Gabrielle said. She had to ask him about Bryce. “Have you seen Bryce?” By the look on her face, Westley could tell what she wanted to talk to him about. Gabrielle and Lance went to the forest to look for Bryce. When he learned that they had arrived in Bangkok, he already guessed it. Not long after Bryce escaped, someone came and took him away. Westley knew that the men worked for Lance. He didn’t bother with Bryce anymore since he thought he already got what he deserved and there was no need to lock him up.

Yes, I have. You probably already know what happened, so prepare yourself.” Gabrielle’s face was unreadable. But Westley knew what was going through her mind. He would accept whatever punishment she would give him. “Gabrielle, whatever you want to do, I won’t stop you; but, we have to leave here first, and once we’re in a safer place, you can do whatever you want with me.” After saying that, Westley bit her earlobe gently. Gabrielle’s body shivered, Westley always knew how to shake her determination.



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