Lock You In My Heart Chapter 479

Chapter 479

Gabrielle was not in the mood to get some rest. She sat on the bed with her arms wrapped around her legs. Her mind was a mess.

Bryce had bombarded her with too much information. Gabrielle had a hard time digesting what she heard.

It was difficult for Gabrielle to comprehend why Westley would do such a thing. Nellie and Bryce had a baby together but Westley shunned them away from Antawood. It was odd since it would have been easier for Westley to deal with them if they were closer to him.

Bryce had an assumption that in Westley’s heart, Gabrielle was less important than Nellie. Maybe the fact that Bryce had impregnated Nellie upset Westley to the point of beating him up.

Westley was so upset that he took Nellie away. Gabrielle couldn’t help but wonder if Westley still wanted to marry Nellie.

Her thoughts made her heart sink. It was even more devastating than when she heard what Bryce said. She doubted her importance in Westley’s heart.

On the bed, Gabrielle had her arms wrapped around her legs. She couldn’t push herself to do anything. Outside, it was getting dark.

She didn’t come back to her senses until Lance knocked on her door. “Gabrielle, are you up?

It’s time for dinner.”

Gabrielle looked out the window and realized that she had been ignorant of the time.

Her mind was still in shambles.

“Lance… I’m not hungry,” Gabrielle replied with a somber tone in her voice.

Lance was worried at the sound of her voice.

“Gabrielle, why are you starving yourself? We didn’t have much for lunch. If you don’t eat dinner, you wouldn’t have any energy left to go on,” Lance persuaded. He kept on knocking on her door.

If it went on this way, she would put her health at risk. Bryce had gone too far. His words got into Gabrielle’s head and put her in a bad mood that she could not even make herself eat.


If she did not get to her senses anytime soon, it would be horrihle. Lance despised Pay for it. He regretted letting him live. Lad gone insane. No. I don’ to eat.” Gabrielle had no appetite he was too upset to do anything. All wanted was to see Westley and to to him the flesh.

“You’re going to get sick if you star your like this. You shouldn’t risk your life just because of him. If you’re not going to eat then I’m not eating either” catened. He knew Gabrielle quin he would never bring other people down with her. Sure enough,

t o me time, the door opened, revealing Pabrielle. “If you’re wreeling well, we could go back early alaruinner,” Lance suggested. The serious expression on her face

U Gabrielle replied with utmost gentler in her voice. Lance trailed behind her as she descended the stairs.

“Gabrielle, have some soup first,” Lance said as he poured her some soup. “Thanks.”

Gabrielle took a sip of the broth without a word. Lance did not complain about her silence. He was grateful enough that Gabrielle had dinner on time. “Lance, you’ve mentioned before that you can arrange for someone to help me get out of here. Can you still do that?” Gabrielle asked.



Her words surprised Lance. “I would have been able to do that before. However, Bain has a target on your back now. I don’t think we could do it anytime soon. Gabrielle… As long as we don’t do anything rash, we wouldn’t have a problem.”

His answer did not come as a surprise to Ga

brielle. After all, it was quite a sensitive time for them. She couldn’t just do whatever she wished.

“Alright, I understand. Let’s have some dinner.” Gabrielle lowered her head to eat and said nothing more.

Lance had perfect knowledge that Bryce was responsible for her melancholy. Her reason for leaving wasn’t rocket science.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to leave. It’s just that…”

“I know. I understand. Let’s just pretend that I didn’t say anything.” Gabrielle did not want to embarrass or put the blame on Lance.

After dinner, Gabrielle went straight to her room to take a shower. She lay on the bed but sleep wasn’t in her eyes. The moment she closed her eyes, Bryce’s words reverberated in her mind. What he said wasn’t music to the ears. However, she could not prove him wrong either.

All she did was lay there in a daze. When she was about to fall asleep, she heard a faint sound coming from the window.

Gabrielle was immediately vigilant. She alerted her ears and listened carefully to her surroundings to make sure whether or not the sound was only of the rustling leaves outside.

There were only two possibilities. It was either a snake or some kind of animal crawling over her window or someone was trying to get into her room.

She was on the second floor. Her window faced the huge tree, making it easy for someone to have access to her room.

Anyone would be able to climb into her room. if someone was aftener, the uncomplicated access to he put her in grave danger. Gabrielle

v o ne to just sit around and wait fo m. She quietly got out of bed and grabbed the glass on the night starowly, she walked towards the window. She hid behind the curtains. Gabrielle ha hued on smashing the glass against the intruder’s skull the moment he set foot inside her room. Although

her hand wasn’t huge, it was better than nothing. She was determined not the truder run free. Gabrielle had me te pare herself to attack. Despite that, she still felt quite anxious. After all, she had never done anything of berore. She got ready for the possibility geying if she failed to hit the intruder. Asking for help didn’t even cross her mind.

E au asked him for help, it wouldn’t mattino it was or how many of them were there. He was, after all, a man. Gabrielle was terrified that the intruders were from the village.

She had a chance to escape but decided to stay instead. It was stupid to risk her life for something that worthless.

Gabrielle… You’re asking for trouble,’ she thought.

There was no room for regrets now.

She saw the black figure approach her window and flipped it open. He was able to get in smoothly. It looked as if he was trained to break into places. Gabrielle was terrified. The silhouette revealed a man’s figure. There was no way in hell that she would be able to defeat




It was too late to turn back. Sooner or later, the man would find her behind the cu Gabrielle gritted her teeth and revealed herself from hiding. The glass was in her hand. She was ready to pounce on him.

“Go to hell!”

Before she could attack, the intruder hugged her tightly. He wrapped his strong arm around her waist. His other hand held hers. She still had the glass in her hand. He lowered his head and whispered into her ear. “Gabrielle, it’s me.”



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