Lock You In My Heart Chapter 478

Chapter 478

Westley punched Bryce twice. Both times, Westley meant to teach him a lesson on behalf of Gabrielle. The first punch was because Bryce didn’t treat Gabrielle well in the past. He took advantage of her kindness and never gave anything back. The second punch was for the time Bryce ran away like a coward, leaving all the responsibilities of the Jones family behind and letting Gabrielle suffer the consequences of his actions.

Despite what others believed, Westley wasn’t a man given in to violence. He wasn’t always so easily provoked, but Bryce was an entirely different matter. Westley couldn’t help himself when it came to Gabrielle—something that shocked Bryce. He didn’t expect Westley to cherish Gabrielle like this. He thought Westley would see her as a burden after marrying her.

Yet, Bryce would never tell Gabrielle about it. There was absolutely no way he was going to do that.

Bryce still couldn’t believe that Westley beat him because of Gabrielle. That thought alone bothered Bryce.

It was a great humiliation for Bryce, something that he would never forget for the rest of his life. He was determined not to let Gabrielle know just how deep Westley’s feelings for her were. If she ever found out, she would undoubtedly act smug towards Bryce.

Westley didn’t stay long. He left immediately after that. He left Bryce to his men, who beat Bryce badly. It was the price he had to pay for stabbing Westley.

When Nellie started experiencing stomach pains, they were sent to the hospital. While they were on the way, Bryce took advantage of the situation. He jumped out of the car and escaped. Lance’s men later saved him.

That was what actually happened, but he wouldn’t tell Gabrielle the truth. He wanted to put all the blame on Westley.

“Bryce, you need to rest. I don’t want to discuss this with you right now. I know Westley better than you. You can’t convince me otherwise.” Gabrielle cast a cold glance at Bryce and said nothing more. She was about to leave.

“Gabrielle, what do you mean? Are you telling me that you’d rather believe that cruel and vindictive man instead of me? Is that it?” Bryce didn’t like Gabrielle’s attitude. Not only was she protecting another man, she was also standing up to him. Where did she get the audacity to do that?

In the past, Gabrielle’s world revolved around Bryce and only him. It didn’t matter if he didn’t like her back or treated her badly. Either way, she continued to adore him and basically worshipped the ground he walked on.

And now? It was as if he was looking at another person.

How could she stand up for that man? How could she glare at him like she personally took offense when he spoke badly of Westley?


Westley was Bryce’s mortal enemy. Even if Bryce didn’t ciprocate Gabrielle’s feelings, she



h ave married his nemesis. She was brought up by the Jones family this was how she repaid them.

“Yeskybe you’re right, but I don’t believe that – ley is cruel. I know for a fact that he’s not as brutish as how you make ha seem!” Gabrielle’s eyes flared in an raised her voice only slightly, but that was because Bryce’s words frustrated her.

When Gabrielle still didn

actual Westley, she was also convinced that he was ruthless and cold blooded. She used to believe all that about him being dangerous. Not long afte n ed him, she finally saw beyond the fac u he presented to the public. Over time, she got to know him bett he realized that he was cruel only to the who provoked him. He was a man of character and integrity,

e Lad his bouts of temper. Westley had principles, and he didn’t show mercy to people who crossed him. He as a force of nature to outsiders—a fa come man nobody wanted to mess with. But when he was with her, he was gentle and thoughtful. With Gabrielle, Westley took off his mask and wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

That was why Gabrielle was confident that if there was anyone who knew the real Westley, it was her. “Gabrielle, you’re such an ungrateful b***h. The Jones family raised you for twenty years, but now, look at you! You’re defending our family’s greatest enemy! This is how you repay our kindness? Even a dog would stay loyal to its owner, but you….” “Bryce, shut up! You forgot one important detail—that you’re the one who caused all this trouble. If it wasn’t for you, Westley wouldn’t have gone after the Jones family. And if I hadn’t married him? The Jones Group would have already been destroyed. How dare you yell at me like this is all my fault?” Gabrielle couldn’t stand it anymore. She clenched her fist. Her simmering rage erupted inside of her. At least, she now knew what was on Bryce’s mind—that she was nothing more than an ungrateful b***h who was worse than a pet dog. She had loved him for so long, and she was always at his beck and call. Gabrielle swallowed the lump in her throat. All these years, she had been so blind! “Gabrielle, get out of here right now. I don’t want to see you!” Bryce was vibrating with anger, and he felt pain all over his body. He was sick of her presence. “Gabrielle, are you okay? Let’s go. We don’t need to talk to him. This is all on me. I saved this ungrateful jerk. He doesn’t know the lengths we have taken just to help him, and he can’t even show a bit of gratitude. Don’t mind his words.” Lance came over and patted Gabrielle’s shoulder. He tried to comfort her and defuse the tension too.



Lance himself couldn’t stand listening to Bryce anymore. Anyone who wasn’t blind could see that Gabrielle was a good person. She helped whenever she

could. It was Bryce who didn’t realize just how lucky he was.

Gabrielle had been in love with Bryce for so many years, and she received nothing but pain. She had always suffered around him, and he continued to hurt her.

“Let’s go.” Gabrielle really didn’t want to see Bryce anymore, so she turned around and left. Her face was red, and she was breathing heavily.

“Bryce, you’re so ungrateful! Is this what we get after doing everything for you? I shouldn’t have saved you, and I shouldn’t have brought her here!” Lance had to physically restrain himself from strangling Bryce. And yet, Lance’s words had little effect on the other man.

“Are you sure you’re talking about me? Because Gabrielle is the ungrateful one. She scolded me and defended Westley. Who does she think she is? Did she forget that my family raised her? And now she talks back to me as though she’s above me?” Bryce hadn’t lost steam yet. He was ready to pounce on anyone who told him he was wrong.

“Gabrielle’s right, though. Westley had the power and influence to destroy the Jones family—all because you took Nellie away! If Gabrielle didn’t marry him, your family would be reduced to nothing. I was terribly mistaken for trying to save a person like you. From this moment on, I won’t care about you—whether you live or die is none of my business anymore. You just have to depend on yourself and figure out how to deal with your situation here!” Lance turned his back to him and ran after Gabrielle.

Gabrielle didn’t wait for Lance to catch up. She walked fast, trying to let off steam. She was still reeling from her conversation with Bryce. Judging by her stiff back and shoulders, Lance could tell that she was in a bad mood. He couldn’t exactly blame her. She followed him here to Bangkok to see Bryce and bring him home. Yet, when Bryce woke up, he said nothing but harsh words to her.

Anyone in her position would find it painful and unbearable. Lance understood how wounded she might feel.

Standing next to her and listening to Bryce, Lance even felt his fury rise. If Bryce talked to him like that, Lance didn’t know what he would have done.

“Gabrielle, hey. Are you okay?” Lance finally caught up with her. He lightly touched her arm so as not to frighten her.


Gabrielle turned to look at Lance with a sad face. Even though she tried to put on a strong front, her voice cracked when she spoke. “Lance, Vine. I’m sorry for worrying you.” “You don’t leone, Gabrielle. I can tell that you’re in blood. You don’t deserve this. Bryce is an awful person, so don’t

t his words to heart. Anyway, we don’t to talk to him anymore.” Lance comforted her. He knew there was little

ce it would work, but he did it anyw heated seeing Gabrielle sad and downhearted. “Actually, I expected Bryce to sa ating like that to me. It’s no secret that he hates me very much. This time, because of Westley, he will hate man u rielle frowned. What she said was true, but she was still shocked when Bryce called her an ungrateful bit_ pared her to a dog. Those words were too much, and it pierced her. “Gabrielle, acum “Lance

have to comfort me. I’ll be okay. I just want to be alone for a while.” Gabrielle gave him a small smile to

before she went back to her room. O Nec ally, Lance would leave her alone. Bis time, he couldn’t—not after what she just went through. So, he chased her.

“Gabrielle, whatever you’re feeling, it’s valid. If you feel hurt and want to cry, then I’ll be here for you. You can cry on my shoulder. I won’t leave you.” Lance continued his attempt to comfort her. He wanted her to know that he was there and she could depend on him. He didn’t like seeing her so unhappy and in low spirits. “It’s fine, Lance. I need to be alone to process everything. Maybe I really shouldn’t have come to him.” Gabrielle pushed the door open with a sigh. This time, Lance let her be. He stood outside as he watched her defeated look. Gabrielle felt her strength leave her body. She regretted leaving Westley to come to Bangkok to see Bryce. It was an impulsive decision, and she didn’t think it through. In the end, she was sorry she was even here. “Gabrielle, although Bryce’s words are unpleasant to hear, he is telling the truth. They are imprisoned this time…” “I know it was Westley who locked them up. Westley also caused the wounds on his body. That’s a matter between Westley and me. I’ll ask him directly about it when I see him. Is that all, Lance? I’m a little tired. I want to rest inside my room.” Gabrielle went straight to her room. Her mind was in chaos. “Gabrielle, don’t be like this. You need to talk to someone to let all your feelings out. I’ll be here for you, and you can tell me whatever you want.” Lance was afraid that Gabrielle would only wallow in more sadness. Being alone might not be the best thing for her right now. “Lance, I won’t take things too hard just because of what Bryce told me. If I’m that sensitive, I won’t survive in this world. I would have died a long time ago. Don’t worry. I just need some peace and quiet for a while. Please don’t call me out for dinner later. I will come out when I’m hungry.” Gabrielle slowly closed the door and locked it. She leaned against the door and closed her eyes, her right hand resting over her heart. Bryce’s allegations bothered her, and her mind fixated on them—that Westley imprisoned him and Nellie and his wounds were inflicted on him by Westley. Why did Westley imprison them when he could have taken them back to the country for interrogation?



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