Lock You In My Heart Chapter 477


Chapter 477

Bryce burst with anger. He wasn’t the type to lie or make things up. It was hard not to believe him.

Gabrielle didn’t want to admit it, but Bryce was clearly telling the truth. Westley captured him and Nellie, and locked them up, then almost beat Bryce to death.

Although Gabrielle had heard it many times from Lance, she brushed it off. She told herself Westley could never do such a thing, but now… She couldn’t ignore Bryce’s rage. He claimed Westley was the mastermind.

Gabrielle had no choice but to accept the truth. Westley had done such a cruel thing, imprisoning Bryce and hurting him.

“Nonsense, you say? Take a look at my body. Do you think I’m joking? He left me bruised and battered! He’s inhumane!” Bryce yelled for a second, then grunted and moaned in pain afterwards. “D**n it, it hurts…” He was getting emotional to the point he almost stretched his wounds open.

“You shouldn’t move too much, Bryce. If you keep doing this, your wounds will…”

Seeing that he was in pain, Gabrielle reached out and wanted to help him, but Bryce pushed her away.

“Don’t even touch me, Gabrielle. Stop pretending like you care and that you’re a good person. Leave me alone!” Bryce was not having it. He had a nasty temper and uttered such cruel words.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Bryce? Why are you taking it out on Gabrielle? You don’t know what she’s gone through just to come here with me! She was worried sick about you! Why do you keep treating her like that?” Lance began to lose his cool and shouted at Bryce.

If he had to be honest, he never liked Bryce at all. He would always say hurtful things to Gabrielle because he knew that she liked him. Lancer onsidered him unworthy of Gabriell

“It’s none of business, Lance. Why did you ever 6e You must feel great pretending like a hero. I’ve always known you ha elings for Gabrielle. Too bad she’d alr d married that devil spawn, Westley Morris.” Bryce’s tone was sharp. E ) word felt like a stab in Lance’s he Bryce thought of Gabrielle as ar veau things always happened to him whenever she was around. Her presence alone was enough to irritate rever once cared for her. Even if he died in B g k didn’t need Gabrielle’s sympathy. “You ungrat,

nad known you’d act like this, I wouldnave wasted my time. I should have just left you alone to die. Let relle. We don’t need to care for him a more.” Lance was furious. He grabbed Gabrielle’s wrist and hwule Vards the door.

Buvabrielle didn’t move. She wanted to Bryce a piece of her mind. ‘You’ve gone too far, Bryce. You should know if it wasn’t for Lance, you wouldn’t be breathing right now. You should be thankful Lance saved your life.” Gabrielle didn’t show any anger, but she felt disappointed. She never thought Bryce would only end up treating them like trash despite all their efforts. They even risked their lives to come here. Maybe he really deserved to die.




“I didn’t beg any of you to save me, did I? It’s all thanks to you and Westley that I’m in such bad shape. I knew you were still holding a grudge against me just because I didn’t return your affection. It was your plan to marry Westley all along, right? You wanted to use him for your revenge. Are you satisfied now? Are you happy seeing me i

n this state? Well, you got me! Congratulations!” Bryce was beyond angry. He didn’t care about what came out of his mouth, he just wanted to vent.

Gabrielle’s eyes widened, the heartbreaking words filling her ears.

“How could you say something like that? If anyone was in the wrong, it would be you and Nellie. You both deceived Westley and you eloped with his fiancée. You knew they were about to get married and yet…”

“Gabrielle, do you even know what love is? Do you know how it feels when two people fall in love with each other? Nellie and I love each other. Westley didn’t like her one bit. He only chose to marry her because she was just a substitute for her sister! Westley only loved one woman and that was Helena. And it’s his fault she died. He only wanted to marry Nellie out of guilt! It’s unfair to her.” Bryce was filled with resentment.

Gabrielle fell silent after hearing his words.

She only knew little of what happened between the Collins siblings and Westley, but she didn’t know that Westley only wanted to marry Nellie to make her a substitute for his sister.

If that was true, then it meant that Helena still held a very special position in Westley’s heart, and no one could ever replace


Nellie and Hea weren’t twins, but they almost had came features. “Non me, was it wrong to save the woman I Was it despicable of me to take Nellie away from that b*****d? langs didn’t go as I planned. He caugh k ed us both. I went through hell in that prison. Did he really want to take Nellie back that much? It’s a sh

, Nellie is pregnant with my child. Westley won’t be able to take her back now. Let alone raise my child for more Bryce vented, the crazier he got. He was laughing maniacally amid his rage. He wanted to make Gah “Westley isn’t

en though Gabrielle’s mind was in am , she firmly believed in Westley. Her husband wouldn’t do that.

G ere. Westley is your husband now, it’s Nous you’re taking his side. What now? You’ve thrown your pride away anera arrying into a high-ranking family like Morris? I pity you. No matter what you do, he would never love you like he loved Helena. That’s even worse than being a substitute.” Gabrielle bit her lip, trying to hold the tears back, but her heart was trembling.

Tell me the truth, Bryce. Did Westley really hurt you? Did you see his face? Was it really him? How do we know you’re not ying? You might really be talking nonsense!” Gabrielle demanded an answer. No matter what he said, Gabrielle would never completely believe that Westley would do such a cruel thing. He was the one who would hold her gently, dote on her and kiss her. It was impossible for him to do such a thing.

It was Bryce who started this mess. He secretly took Westley’s fiancee away. Did he expect the man to just sit quietly? “Why are you yelling now, Gabrielle? It was Westley. I saw him with my own two eyes! Why? Does it scare you now? Even if he killed me, you’d think it was my fault for provoking him, wouldn’t you?!” Bryce sneered. Bryce recalled the day he escaped. While fleeing from Westley and his guards, Bryce intentionally lunged at Westley with a knife, stabbing him in the arm. Westley was so angry that he didn’t show any mercy and beat Bryce to a pulp.



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