Lock You In My Heart Chapter 476

Chapter 476

Bryce felt a rush of awareness. When he tried to open his eyes, he felt heaviness on his eyelids, so he could only open them partly. Just then, a wave of ache washed over him. His consciousness was a little hazy, and his entire body hurt, tormenting every inch of his flesh.

He was in immense pain in every part of his body. It was horribly painful, so he couldn’t help but think that it would be better to die than live in such pain. Then, the voices of people talking came into his ears.

“Doctor Maniac, is he awake?”

“He is awake, but his consciousness is still a little vague.”

“Great! He finally woke up.”

Gabrielle and Lance came to the bedside. They were overjoyed when they saw the man who was lying there motionless before opening his eyes.

“Brother, brother, you finally wake up.” Although she knew she should hate this man and curse him to never wake up, Gabrielle could feel the excitement in her heart as she stood beside the bed. After all, it was because of him that she married Westley.

Also, they were brothers and sisters who had lived together for twenty years. No matter how indifferent she was, she still cared about him. And she couldn’t deny that her heart ached when she saw Bryce lying there with injuries.

Now that he woke up, Gabrielle was relieved. If it wasn’t for her rushing to see Bryce, she wouldn’t put herself in such a dangerous place.

Therefore, she made up her mind to get even with Bryce when they left here safely together.

“Ga…Gabrielle?” Bryce was taken aback when he saw the sight of Gabrielle. His originally half-opened eyes widened completely, and he looked at her as if he had seen a ghost.

For him, Gabrielle’s very existence was his nemesis, his nightmare.

Gabrielle was very well-behaved and likable when she first arrived at the Jones family. However, he later discovered that she was in love with him, and she even confessed her feelings to him, which made him feel disgusted.

Even if he weren’t picky a lout women, he would never like such a disgusting woman like Gabrielle.

Also, it was because of her that Westley tortured him like The more ought, the more his hate for Gabriel Gabrielle deserves to die,’ Bryce cursed in his heart. “Bror, it’s me. I came here to see you u fin. woke up. Thank God!” Gabrielle was really grateful to see Bryce waking up. Because only in this way wo y be able to make things clear between them.


Thank God that I am awake you wish me to die? Ahem…” Bryce shouted so again that he choked on his saliva. “Mr. Jones, paka o your tone and attitude. You just woke, p. You are not meant to be excited. If you pass out from too much later, I don’t know when you will wake again. Don’t keep occupying the ward here.” When Doctor Mani ryce acting so rudely, he couldn’t help bocold him.

ry, Doctor Maniac,” Gabrielle said as o oked at Doctor Maniac apologetically. “Well, let them have a good talk. Go out with me!” Sensing the tense situation, Rose gave Doctor Maniac a sharp glare, signaling him to leave the others alone. “B***h, this is my hospital. Don’t be rude to me…” “Walk out by yourself, or shall I carry you out?” Rose cut him off in the middle of his sentence, no longer patient enough to isten properly. Doctor Maniac, of course, knew Rose meant what she said. As long as she wanted to do something, she would do it without hesitation. Also, carrying him would be a piece of cake for her. “I’ll walk by myself. Who wants to be touched by such a vicious woman like you? Stay away from me!” Doctor Maniac said, disgustedly glaring at Rose.



“Then, let’s go,” Rose rushed him as she led the way out.

“Lance, don’t irritate Mr. Jones.” Doctor Maniac made one last reminder and left the room.

Rose stood leaning against the outer wall of the hospital as she looked up at the sun. When she saw Doctor Maniac coming out, she gave him a cold look.

“Smoke?” she took out a pack of cigarettes and asked Doctor Maniac.

“You are really bad to the core. You kill people, smoke and drink…”

“I only kill people who deserve to be killed. If you don’t smoke, I won’t force you. What kind of man you are who don’t even know how to smoke?” Rose took out one of the cigarettes, and just as she was about to put

the pack back, Doctor Maniac reached out and snatched it from her grasp.

“Who says I can’t smoke? It’s just that I don’t like to smoke. Things like cigarettes and alcohol have an impact on my professional sensitivity.” Doctor Maniac took out a cigarette from the pack he had just snatched. He then pinched it with two fingers and placed it between his lips like a heavy smoker. As he handed the cigarette pack back to Rose, he naturally took the lighter in her hand.

“Well, I really can’t see that. I thought you were just a weak man who only knows how to cure people,” Rose said sarcastically.

Doctor Maniac didn’t bother to care about Rose’s attitude. He just lit his cigarette, took a drag calmly, and put it back in his mouth. Of course, he had his own abilities that he kept hidden from others. He had never been a weak man. He knew that the more he exposed his abilities in such a place, the more danger he would attract.

So, he just pretended to be weak to protect himself.

Doctor Maniac gave the li hter back to Rose, but she didn’t take it back at all. Instead, she held the cigarette in her mouth, grabbed the collar of doctor’s white robe with both har

m e robe with both har led closer, and lit he cigarette in bi


ed closer, and lit her cigarette with the help of his lit


(nonchar en

“Rose su really are…” Doctor Maniac was stured by Rose’s abrupt action and became at a loss for words to finish off

entence. “I know you don’t like women like an also don’t like men like you. I’m going to see Bain. Just stay here yourself.” Rose, who looked nonchala a glance towards Doctor Maniac. After finishing her sentence, she diverted her glance and turned around.

Rose, are yo n ing to stay in the depths of this forest the rest of your life and live a life without seeing the outside coor Maniac suddenly asked curiously.s ” we same? Fate is never something ! noose. I was abandoned. Isn’t it good to live here? I have food to ea d I don’t have to work. I don’t have to by about being chased and killed. If you don’t want to stay here, you can tell Bain. He will let you go.” After saying that, Rose strode out without looking back. On the other hand, Bryce could only digest the scene in front of him after a long time of racking his brain. He did escape from Westley’s clutches with severe wounds. What happened after that? He was taken by someone to this place? At first glance, it didn’t look like a regular hospital. But now, seeing Gabrielle and Lance in front of him, Bryce felt a pain in his head. “What the hell is this place?” Bryce asked as he felt a little anxious.

This is Bain’s turf which is deep in the forest of Bangkok. Don’t you remember anything about how you got here?” Lance questioned as he gave out a serious explanation of the situation. “I don’t lose my memory. I just don’t remember how I got here. So I’m still in Bangkok. I didn’t go back to Antawood? And you two come to Bangkok?” Thinking of this, Bryce felt uncomfortable.

“Brother, I asked Lance to take me to Bangkok to see you. You were saved by his people. Before, you were…” “Yes, I’ve been imprisoned by Westley, that cruel b*****d. And Nellie… by the way, where is Nellie? Where is she? Is she still in Westley’s hands? Gabrielle, what’s wrong with you? Why did you marry a cruel man like Westley? No wonder Nellie ran away rather than marrying him!” Bryce threw out all his questions without giving Gabrielle a chance to speak. His eyes were full of resentment as he stared straight at Gabrielle. “Bryce, Westley is not as bad as Nellie said. He is not cruel!” Gabrielle couldn’t help but argue back, knowing exactly what kind of person Westley was. “Sure enough, you began to defend him like this since you married him. I don’t need Nellie to say anything about him. I saw with my own eyes that he is such a cruel man. He was cruel to me! It’s all thanks to him that I become like this. It took me a lot of effort to get to Bangkok with Nellie. We planned to go back after playing for some time, but he sent people to imprison us two directly. He locked us up separately. He didn’t show any trace of humanity even though Nellie was pregnant…” “Bryce, that’s enough! Don’t talk nonsense!” Gabrielle cut him off since she no longer wanted to hear any of the words he was spitting out.


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