Lock You In My Heart Chapter 475


Chapter 475

Gabrielle was taken aback by Rose’s suggestion. She freed Rose from her arms and looked at her in disbelief. After a moment, she came to her senses. She looked at Rose with uneasiness in her eyes.

“Rose… What are you talking about?”

“Gabrielle, I know you want to leave. Let me help you.” The look of determination on Rose’s face made it feel like she was ready to risk everything. Rose couldn’t bear to think about the possibility of Gabrielle dying in Bain’s hands because she looked like her dead sister.

“But Rose, what would happen to you if you betray Bain?” There was no elation on Gabrielle’s face. Rose’s offer made her feel uneasy.

“Death, I guess,” Rose calmly replied.


That mention of that word stunned Gabrielle. She had expected once betrayal to Bain to be expensive but she did not anticipate that it would cost one’s life.

The price to pay was not worth the return. Gabrielle could not stomach to let Rose go through that misery. Besides, she had no idea why Rose said such a thing. Gabrielle wasn’t sure if it was a test or if Rose really wanted to help her escape.

Confusion ran in Gabrielle’s nerves. She fancied Rose but that was all. If she placed her hopes of survival all on Rose’s palm, she might be caught in a trap. That was why Gabrielle had her reservations when Rose offered to help her.

Rose owed her life to Bain. It was hard to believe that Rose was willing to risk everything she had just to help Gabrielle escape.

“Rose, I don’t have to go. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why would I run away? I’m going back to the village with you,” Gabrielle replied as she tried to regain her composure.

“What are you two doing? The pheasants are here,” Lance called their attention from where he was hiding.

Rose stuck her head out to take a peek at the pheasants.

“Attack! Lance!” Rose did not say anything more. She jumped out and set an arrow on her crossbow. Her movements were spectacular.


Gabrielle did the same thing. She aimed the arrow towards the pheasants.

Gabrielle had no experience with hunting. To top it all off, the pheasants were moving targets so it was even harder to get an aim at them.

Rose and Lance finished the hunting. Gabrielle did not catch anything.

“Put the crossbow away. Gabrielle. We’re done. Let’s grill the pheasants by the river,” Rose said as she turned to look at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle felt sy. She did not even catch one phea S. e carried her backpack and helped them out. Thermaged to kill eight pheasants. That muds enough for dinner. One could say that it was a successful hunting. “Did you have fun?” Rose asked Gohrie. The pheasant that Gabrielle ‘ n and was adorned with majestic feathers. However, the blood in her hands made her feel sick. ‘Let’s go. We ca b ir hands when we get to the river,” Rose said as she took the pheasant in her hand. Gabrielle kay?” Lance took a few pieces of tissue Gom his backpack and wiped her hands. To my first time doing something like this was too slow. Let’s go.” Gabrielle was terrified. She a not want to say anything more. Gah he walked forward with a heavy heart. Gabrielle, did Rose say something to you? Why do you look agitated?” Lance couldn’t help himself from getting worried when he saw how pale her face was. “I’m fine. Let’s go.” Gabrielle wasn’t in the mood to talk about it when Rose had just told her about her dead sister. “Okay.”

Rose put her coat on as she walked forward without a care. When they got to the river, Rose lit up a fire to burn the feathers off of the pheasants. After getting rid of all of their hair, she went to the river to clean them with a dagger. Her movements were as fast as lightning. It was as if she had been doing it her whole life. Finally, she grilled the pheasants on the open fire. “Gabrielle, don’t put too much wood into the fire. You will burn the meat,” Rose warned as she rummaged for spices in her bag. Gabrielle was a little surprised to see that Rose had brought a lot of things with her. It was rare to see someone be so ready that she even brought seasonings with her. “Do you always keep these things with you?” Gabrielle asked in utter surprise.



“I don’t. Unless I know I’m going into the wild.” Rose rubbed some oil onto the meat.

“You know so much, Rose. It’s impressive. You’re very good at survival.” Gabrielle looked up to her hunting prowess. There weren’t a lot of people like her.

“Living in the wild is the norm for us. If we don’t learn how to do these things, we will starve to death,” Rose said indifferently. Her hands were kept busy as she spoke.

Rose rotated the chicken and re-applied some seasonings every once in a while. Not long after that, the aroma of the roasted chicken wafted through the air.

“Gabrielle, I know how much you love chicken. Come have the drumstick.” Rose tore the chicken leg off of the roast and handed it to Gabrielle.

Her actions made it seem like she was a big sister taking care of her younger sibling. Perhaps it was because Gabrielle reminded her of her dead sister.

“Thank you, Rose.” Gabrielle gratefully accepted the drumstick in Rose’s hand and took a bite of it. It tasted phenomenal.

“How is it?” Rose asked.

“It’s amazing! You’re a great c**k, Rose.” Gabrielle did not say those things just to get on Rose’s good side. She meant every word.

Rose smiled at the sound of her words. “If you like it so much then you should have more.”

Gabrielle didn’t refuse. She carried on with her meal. Suddenly, Rose’s offer of helping her escape crossed her mind.

‘Can I really leave this place?’

The thought of it tempted Gabrielle. If she could manage to follow the path of the river, she would be able to make it past the forest. The further she was from the village, the weaker their defense would be. She knew she was right about that.

Gabrielle, why aren’t you eating?” Rose asked when she noticed Gabrielle spacing out. “I am eating,” Gabrielle replied and continued to eat. Out of the Rose’s phone rang. She immediately to ed up. It was Doctor Maniac. The two of them didn’t exactly have the he relationship. Doctor Maniac hated how Rose was. On the other hand, Rose disliked how immersed he was hanedicine and yet, he sucked in real li His call put Rose in an awful “What’s the matter?” Where’s Lance? O in woke up. I went to their place but the weren’t there. Did they leave?” “Alright. M

b ack now,” Rose said and hung up.co GO Lance looked at her anxiously. After take them back’ could mean just about anything.

at Bain?” Gabrielle asked.

“No. It was Doctor Maniac. Bryce is awake. He’s looking for you.” She tore the other drumstick off of the chicken and gave it to Gabrielle. “You should eat more. You will need the energy for when we travel back. Your brother has woken up,” Rose reminded Gabrielle. “He is?!” Gabrielle could not believe what she said. Especially when she was just contemplating whether or not she should run away. It was like fate. Even if she had the opportunity to escape, she had to go back and see Bryce first. After all, she had to hear something from him. “Yeah. We’re leaving after we eat,” Rose replied calmly. Bryce wasn’t related to Rose. She couldn’t care less about him. However, Gabrielle was beyond excited. She quickly devoured the piece of chicken in her hand. She grabbed her backpack and looked ready to head back. “We should leave,” Gabrielle said in a hurry.

You two must have a really good relationship. You look excited,” Rose said as she hastily carried her backpack. Gabrielle couldn’t wait to go back sooner. She was eager to confirm something. It had nothing to do with their relationship. “Let’s go.” Rose extinguished the fire just before they left.



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