Lock You In My Heart Chapter 474

Chapter 474

Lance had his reservations about the people living here. He barely knew them so Lance had a hard time trusting them. His carelessness could cost him his life.

“Lance… Do you remember which way the river flows?” Gabrielle turned to look at him and asked. She wanted to know where the river led. It was the only way to confirm whether or not Rose really helped them out.

“If my memory serves me correctly, the river passes through the forest. I don’t remember much about the upstream but the downstream would lead to a big village.” Lance tried to remember the direction of the river.

In the past, he would come visit this place because he had a good relationship with Bain then. After all, he had been of great help to Bain. Bain was loyal and even treated Lance as his own brother. Lance could remember that there was a time when Bain took him to a bay downstream to go fishing. He told Lance that there was a village just outside the dense forest.

The residents of that village knew that the dense forest was Bain’s territory so they seldom passed by it. The people working for Bain never bothered their village either.

For so many years, the villagers and Bain had lived in peace and harmony.

“Lance, if we follow the downstream, it would lead to the village. Why did Rose put emphasis on the location of the river?” Gabrielle asked curiously.

“Gabrielle, leave it alone,” Lance replied, urging Gabrielle to put a stop to her words. He knew exactly what she was going to say.

“The river is the safest way out of the dense forest,” Gabrielle continued.

Lance was certain that Gabrielle wanted to escape. She was not just poking fun at him. It would do her well if she managed to escape successfully. However, if she failed, she would die in the hands of Bain’s men. Lance couldn’t let Gabrielle take the risk.

“Gabrielle, its safety has nothing to do with you. Don’t even think about taking a risk. There are snakes and crocodiles in the river,” Lance warned. He was speaking the truth.

“I’m just letting you know what I think. I’m not going to do anything stupid. I haven’t figured out Rose’s intentions yet. I can’t tell if it’s a test or if she really wants to help me out. Why would I take the risk when I could just wait for Westley to come save me?” Gabrielle would rather wait for Westley to rescue her than to put herself in danger by acting rashly.

After all, she barely knew anything about this place. If she acted out of impulse, she would only be putting herself in danger. GO “Alright. That good. You should keep on thinking the m i sten to me… Do not take a risk. It’s not worth it. If something happe you …”

Ta impressed that you guys found the e brought the pheasants here.” Rose’s arrival interrupted Lance’s speech. She showed up out of the blue “Rose! You’re here! Is yaan unt?” Gabrielle noticed that Rose had taken her black jacket off. She was now donning a black vest, exposi r ed arm. The blood on her would had dried up.

It’s not that awal. My clothes are hanging someplace ou to scare the pheasants. They can be too clever sometin ‘s ard to lure them,” Rose explained as shook another crossbow out from her bag. She handed it to



you go. Go find

a bush to hide in. I will stay with Gabrielle. Will you be fine by yourself?” Rose asked. “Of course. Look after Gabrielle.” Without saying any more, Lance took the crossbow and left. He hid behind a grove just across from where they were. Not long after that, they heard a noise approach them. “They’re almost here. Don’t move,” Rose warned Gabrielle. “Rose… How did you end up here? How do you know Bain?” Gabrielle couldn’t help but ask. She knew her question was a little out there but she asked anyway. Why are you interested?” Rose eyed Gabrielle suspiciously.



A look of guilt took over Gabrielle’s face.

“I’m just a little curious. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Gabrielle did not want Rose to think that she was intruding.

After all, the things that had happened on Bain’s territory was not something one casually talked about.

“Not really. When I was in Middle East, I got myself into trouble. My enemies came after my family. Bain saved me from my impending death. He’s the reason why I’m still alive. I could never betray him.” There was an emphasis on Rose’s last sentence.

Her story made Gabrielle’s heart sink.

‘What do I say?’ Gabrielle asked herself.

Gabrielle had struck a nerve. Bain saved Rose’s life. He was her benefactor. It was only natural that she stayed by his side like a loyal dog.

No matter what Bain asked her to do, Rose would do it without a doubt.

“Gabrielle, I have a sister. She looks exactly like you. Especially your eyes. There is innocence and kindness in them,” Rose reminisced.

That was the reason why Rose paid so much attention to her. From the very stat, she wanted to be nice to Gabrielle. Ra t ed Gabrielle to have all the love she had to give. However Roll Wouldn’t spare Gabrielle if she ren omething to do with the Campbell Family.

Si Gabrielle was taken aback by thi ever . It was the first time that Rose talke bou family. People like Rose willingly

a g eir past and everything that had ever become part of them when they entered the forest. They had no fa riunds. Everyone in that wretched place started from scratch. That was the onl y could stop longing for the past. “I had a

was five years younger than I was. Urcanunately, she died at a young age. She was only fifteen. There e over her body as she lay in my arms sister was determined to protect me until the very end.” Rose cw on her tears as she narrated her stor Gabrielle.

Gabrielle hated to see such a strong and cold woman suffer. She couldn’t help but reach out and hold Rose in her arms. Gabrielle was, perhaps, the only person in the damned forest to be friends with Rose.

Shhhh… Don’t be upset. I’m certain that your sister is happy in heaven now. She’s lucky to have such a good sister like you,” Gabrielle comforted Rose. She knew that saying those words did nothing. Gabrielle was aware that she did not have the talent of giving comfort to those in need. “Gabrielle… If you want to leave, I can help you go safely.” Rose finally said what she had been dying to say all day. In order to let Gabrielle escape, Rose had to take her out of the village and into the dense forest.



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