Lock You In My Heart Chapter 473


Chapter 473

Feeling even guiltier for what happened, Lance regretted bringing Gabrielle to the forest once again. He didn’t mind putting himself in danger, as long as Gabrielle would be safe. If anything bad would happen to her, he wouldn’t forgive himself.

“I’m sorry, Gabrielle… it’s all my fault. I never should have brought you here.”

“Don’t say that, Lance. All I want now is to go back to Westley safely. Stop blaming yourself.” Gabrielle had to keep herself strong despite being nervous and scared during her stay here.

After all, one wrong move would cost her life. She couldn’t be careless.

”Okay, I will send you back to him safe and sound,” Lance promised.

Since way back, he had always hated Westley for chasing after Gabrielle with no regard for her feelings. He could never think of him as her husband. But now, he could see that Gabrielle really cared for Westley so much. If she truly loved him, then Lance would let her go now and give them his blessing.

He needed to send her back soon, so she could be safe and live a happy life.

“Let’s go hunt pheasants first, Lance. Rose would be disappointed if we don’t join her.” Gabrielle noticed Rose had glanced over her shoulders a couple of times.

She didn’t want to lag behind and whisper, but Rose was able to speak and understand several languages, including Gabrielle’s mother language.

Gabrielle really didn’t know how many languages Rose exactly spoke or understood, but she had to be careful. She had no clue what Rose could be thinking.

“You guys are so slow. By the way, don’t wander too much and stick close. We’re going into the deeper part of the forest, so expect thorny vines along the way. You’ll get hurt if you’re not careful.” Rose reminded them and gestured to hurry up.

“We’re coming.” Gabrielle dashed to speed things up. She was fine with hunting pheasants in the woods. She only hoped to gain Bain’s trust through this.

“We’ll reach the river in about half an hour. If you get thirsty, you can drink the spring water from the mountain,” Rose said, leading the way.

I’m not thirst Gabrielle flat-out refused, not mindinn t was said. Rosayed quiet. After half an hour, they were able to reach the river across the forest. It was large, about ten


ters wide. Up ahead, they could see wooden bridge that looked like it could be only crossed by one person at a time.

“Gabrielle, the bridge is w . You have to go slowly so you won’t fall down. There are poisonous snakes in this river. If you get bitte

die.” Rose warned her. Hearing that G poisonous snakes below, Gabrielle court help but look into the river. To her surprise, the water was ver

to remember the tracks. This is the sce path to the village. If you don’t, you could get lost and it’s much more da rous since there are other animals th: We here. You could get eaten by wolves and no one would know,” Rose explained nonchalantly. It may have sounded intimidating, but she looked like she was talking about the weather. Gabrielle knew about their struggles. The dangerous situations they faced helped them gain courage and power to overcome fear. That was why Rose was so calm. “Okay. I’ll be careful.” She followed in Rose’s footsteps. After they got to the other side, Rose stopped in her tracks. “Rose, is this it?” Suddenly, a cold breeze blew over them. The trees swayed and nowled. Gabrielle looked up to the sky, feeling uneasy. Without Rose and Lance, she would have gotten scared to death in this remote forest. It was deserted and unsafe. But it was a better choice for people on the run.



“Well, this is where we’ll be hunting pheasants today.” Rose placed her things under the nearest tree. After setting up a trap, she prepared the crossbow.

“What do we need to do?” Gabrielle was curious about how it worked. She was inexperienced and lacked knowledge about hunting.

It was also her first time seeing the crossbow. Rose handled it like a professional. Gabrielle was amazed watching her play with it like a toy.

“Don’t do anything for the time being. You should find a place to hide in the bushes. I’ll go lure the pheasants first,” Rose explained.

Gabrielle and Lance just stayed put. Lance was here to assist them, but he was also unaware of what to do.

“Before I forget, don’t run around or make any noise. There are traps everywhere and it’s going to be bad if any of you step on them. I’ll come back later.” Rose had to make sure they were well-prepared.

After all, she was the one who took them to hunt. It was her responsibility to bring them back safely.

“Okay, we understand,” Gabrielle answered firmly.

“Good. Wait for me.” Rose left right away, her figure disappearing into the depths of the forest.

Gabrielle squatted down behind a tree and Lance sat beside her. “Are you scared? Don’t worry, Gabrielle. The forest isn’t as terrible as Rose reikes it to be.” “I can’t calman. What if they set us up?” Gabrielle lo tant to think of the worst, but what would be the reason Rose brouchem here to hunt pheasants? Rose was probably testing them, seeing would get out of the forest by themselves. Once they did, they might get caught in a trap, killed, or get sh o ncone. Gabrielle couldn’t get it on “You’re right, we na riit…s not wise to get ourselves in trouble. We shouldn’t do anything stupid because they still have Bryce” Sand Gabri nintention of running away. If people from the Campbell Family were outside and Westley was coming to

he would find a way no matter what. Bline couldn’t abandon her brother. She even risked her life just to see Br and take him back. Westley was quite a force and she believed in his abilities. All she needed to do was wait for him to come. She shouldn’t do anything that could harm Westley in any way. “Lance… I just realized something.” Gabrielle looked at him. Lance’s eyes widened in confusion. “What is it?” What if… Rose was giving us hints? She asked us to remember every little detail of th go back to the village safely. Was it her telling us that we could leave when we get the chance?” Gabrielle sounded hopeful. Gabrielle thought Rose was just very meticulous at first. She slowly realized Rose could have purposely told her to remember. It wasn’t safe to assume because Rose was still working for Bain, but she seemed to have a soft spot for Gabrielle. She always felt that Rose was helping her.

It does make sense, but why do you think she’d do that? She has no reason to help us. We don’t even know if she’s telling the truth or not.” Lance didn’t want to believe it at all. Rose was unreadable. After all, Rose worked for Bain. No one in the forest was worth trusting right now.



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