Lock You In My Heart Chapter 472



Chapter 472

A rough idea grew in Rose’s heart as she gazed at the confidence and excitement on Gabrielle’s face. No matter what happened, as long as Gabrielle understood what she said, it was enough. Getting along with a woman of intelligence wasn’t difficult. It didn’t take her long to understand things.

“It’s good that you understand. I told you, you’re a smart woman. I can’t be wrong about that.” The corners of Rose’s lips curled with a faint smile.

“That’s because you taught me well.” Gabrielle meant every word. She liked the crossbow the most. With it in her hand, she felt like a gallant hero from the ancient times.

“This one might be a little difficult for you. Have you played with this one before?” Rose took something from her waist and showed it to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle took a deep breath the moment she caught a glimpse of it. It was a grenade. One wrong move and someone would most definitely be killed.

On top of that, getting one wasn’t easy at all. It was even rarer in Antawood. Ordinary people would not have the chance to see it, let alone have the opportunity to use one.

It was way too dangerous. Gabrielle had never laid her hands on one before.

“I’ve taught her how to use one before we came here. After all, I am not in good terms with some of the people here. Self-defense is a must,” Lance answered Rose’s question for Gabrielle.

Rose was reeling Gabrielle in with her aggressive-defensive strategy. She tried to instill some ideas into Gabrielle’s mind as they chatted casually. This way, Gabrielle might unconsciously blurt out the truth if she let her guard down.

The idea of it was quite ingenious. Lance knew it. After all, he had experienced it first hand. He was afraid that Gabrielle might not be aware of it since she had never crossed paths with Rose’s kind before. To her, Rose wasn’t an enemy and it was very easy for her to not be vigilant.

If they took Gabrielle by force, they had no assurance that she would spit out a word. However, this way of persuasion might let them find out some things once she had let her guard down.

“Alright. I guess I don’t have to teach her anymore. Let’s go.” Rose said nothing more. She proceeded to walk with a camouflage bag on her back.

Gabrielle and Lance also ad backpacks with them. In addition to a crossbow, there were a million other things one needed to survive the outdocs “Gabrielle, carry your bag.” Lance took her hat er hands and put it on his back. He had one bag on both of his showers.


fine. My bag isn’t that heavy anvwa a rry it myself,” Gabrielle said. “Come on. We still have a long

before we reach the place we hunt pheasants at. Wild animals are wary of the Village since they know t t es be in grave danger once they get close. That’s why we have to go deep into the woods. Unless we’re

o u gh to meet some by the village,” Lance explained. “I know. It’s won they beat that hare near the fence Gabrielle asked out of curiosity.

Yes avaly happens. We should go further inte be forest today. Stay close so you don’t get lost,” Lance warned.

s rried about Gabrielle. If they got lost deep into the woods, they c**t not be able to find a way out. “Yeah… I know. But I get this feeling that Rose has an

ulterior motive for taking us hunting with her,” Gabrielle whispered. Anxiety filled her veins. Whether it was her sensitivity or intuition, she had always felt like things were not as simple as they seemed. Bain had me under surveillance before. It’s odd for him to let Rose take us out of the village. Is she plotting something?’ Gabrielle thought.



Everything triggered Gabrielle’s anxiety.

If things went on like this, she felt like she would collapse even before Bain did anything to her. It was incredibly torturous.

“Rose isn’t in the mood to hunt pheasants. She won’t even come out of the village if she could help it. Originally, Rose had planned on taking you with her alone. This is her scheme. Be careful. No matter what happens, stay by side. I’m the only person you can trust here,” Lance said in a whisper.

Gabrielle knew what Rose meant even if Lance didn’t tell her.

It wasn’t Rose’s job to hunt pheasants.

“I know. Hurry up. Let’s not go too far behind Rose.” Gabrielle took wide strides to chase after Rose.

“You guys are too slow. We didn’t come here for a walk. We’re hunting. We might not be able to find anything if we get there too late.” Rose turned to glance at them.

“I’m sorry. In Antawood, I travel by car. Very rarely do I walk this much. It’s hard for me to catch up. I’m sorry I dragged Lance with me,” Gabrielle explained as she walked up to Rose.

“It’s fine. I don’t know if you would be able to make it there. It’s an hour’s worth of travel,” Rose reminded.

“It’s okay. I can hold on. It’s not that far.” Gabrielle nodded to assure her. “Let’s go. I know youre not pretentious. If you really can’t st tell me. You two follow me carefully. The path I know is the safest we get there. Bain has set up a lot of t. s round this place. You might get hurt if you take the wrong way.” Rose Manued to walk forward. Gabrielle had expected the traps. However, hearing that the tran r ightened her a little. In an instant, she unders t h ose took them into the woods. It was to remind them not to run away without permission. A death Da awaited them if they acted rashly. Why would’ uisively?’ Gabrielle thought to herself. She was reminded of what Lance had told her yesterday. He want nye her escape. Now, that plan sound siculously impossible.

o bain’s village wasn’t an easy job. O Gabrielle took a cautious glance at Lance le knew exactly what she meant. “Gabrielle… Let’s wait it out. We will come up with a plan once Bryce wakes up.” Lance despised the feeling of being under someone else’s control. It was reminiscent of having a knife against his neck. He could hardly breathe. It made him feel powerless.

After all, as the eldest son of the Carter family and the CEO of the Carter Group, Lance had always had the power over everything.

However, now, his life was in the hands of someone else. His carelessness could cost him his life. “It’s the only thing we could do now. Rose took us out here to give us an idea of the situation. If we leave without permission, we are going to face imminent death.” Gabrielle was not a fool. She knew exactly what was going on. And even if she wasn’t smart, Rose’s hint was too obvious. Nobody could possibly miss her indications.


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