Lock You In My Heart Chapter 471

Chapter 471

Gabrielle lay in bed, sleepless. She tried to call Westley several times with the satellite phone. However, she had to stop trying to contact him in fear of Bain finding out.

The dark circles under her eyes did not come as a surprise. After all, she woke up at dawn.

The moment she opened the door, the sight of Rose welcomed her. She had a bag on her hand.

“Good morning! You went to bed quite late last night. Why are you up so early? I brought you breakfast!” Rose handed Gabrielle the bag as she looked intently into her eyes.

“Thanks, Rose.” She took the bag gratefully. Although Rose was Bain’s spy, she treated Gabrielle and Lance well.

“You’re welcome. Do you want to come hunting with me after breakfast?” Rose asked. She looked at her expectantly.

“Why do we have to hunt?” Gabrielle wanted to know why Rose was asking her to come hunting with her.

“I thought you liked chicken?” Rose asked.

Her invitation was nothing out of the ordinary. After all, Gabrielle did enjoy eating chicken.

It was not Gabrielle’s intention to turn her down. She was just worried that Rose would be suspicious if she constantly turned her down. In the end, Gabrielle agreed to keep her company.

Coming to the forest was like a survival training boot camp for Gabrielle. She even learned how to hunt pheasants.

“Where are we going to hunt pheasants later?” Gabrielle asked as she drank milk.

“What is this talk about pheasant hunting?” Lance emerged from the stairs and asked.

He happened to hear their conversation as he descended the stairs. Curiosity got the better of him. Lance was wary of Rose. He always felt like Rose had a hidden agenda whenever she spent time with Gabrielle. It was only natural for him to not want Rose to spend some time alone with Gabrielle.

‘You’re awake! I’m taking Gabrielle with me to the woods. We’re going hunting. She likes chicken so I want to take her with me. She’s going to ecoy it. Won’t you, Gabrielle?” Rose she winked at her. “Hmmm… J4 KIt’s nice. I want to experience it.”


G e replied. She had a feeling that Rose wanted something else and the wanting was just an excuse to spend so e Tone time with her. She could only find out when they left.

on’t have anything else to do today. ve with. Besides, you’re women. I should be there to protect you and do the heavy lifting,” Lance offered Rose nodded at him. “He’s right. It would a re convenient to have him around. Lance, hurry up and have some breakfast. We’ll leave after you eat,” Roa ere was a sense of urgency in the tongo ler voice. Wher s . was over, Rose waited for the two of ” mi to finish changing into combat clothing. She gave each of them | c istol.

Gaurielle, have you seen this before?” RCS look a crossbow out and showed it to Gabrielle. “Only on television,” she replied. Gabrielle did not expect Rose to show her something like that. She had never laid her hands on a crossbow before. Gabrielle had only seen it on TV. During the olden times, it was a glorified weapon. She did not expect to see one in the forest. The operation was supposed to be simple. After all, using it looked so easy on TV. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll teach you. I swear it’s easy! I’ll show you how to use it once then you can go ahead and try. Don’t worry if you don’t get it on your first try. I can show you how to do it again.” Rose took an arrow and made a shot. It made a thumping sound as it hit a small tree nearby. The powerful force from her aim caused the arrow to pierce through the trunk. “Rose… You’re amazing!” Gabrielle couldn’t help herself from clapping her hands. She was in awe at how precise Rose was.



“Give it a try.” Rose handed the crossbow to Gabrielle. Rose knew that it wasn’t right

to take Gabrielle hunting with her without minimal survival knowledge. It would’ve been deemed irresponsible.

Rose purposefully took Gabrielle to the woods with her. She couldn’t let Gabrielle risk her life.

“You really think I can do it?” Not only did it look easy on TV, Rose also did it without a hint of difficulty. Gabrielle was worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it. After all, it was her first time to try such a thing.

“Don’t be nervous. It won’t be too difficult. Go ahead. Give it a try. I will teach you again if you can’t do it the first time,” Rose encouraged Gabrielle.

The moment Gabrielle saw the crossbow, she immediately wanted to try it. After all it was her first time seeing one in real life. She couldn’t let herself pass up on the chance of learning how to use it.

Gabrielle held the crossbow in her hand.

“Is it heavy?”

“Not really.”

“This one was modified. It’s lightweight so it’s more suitable for women.”

“I guess that’s good.”

Try shooting an arrow.” Pose placed an arrow against the bow and asked Gabrielle to pull it back. With a whoosh, the Crow ripped through the air but misse Lee she was aiming for. Despite missing the target, it was a good shotter first try. Rosi unissed the target.” Gabrielle felt cuite a ointed. “Gabrielle… That was impressive! Yuju pian arrow on your first try! You shouldn’t feel disappointed. I’m sure you would be able to hit the target or i ce a few more times,” Rose said, cheering her on.

Gabrielle was h****d h eard of Rose’s encouragement, Gabrielle burned with determination. She tried shooting a few more times Echom nore precise than the last. It almost made Gabrielle jump with joy. When she able to hit the center of the trunk, she me overwhelmed with glee. “Rose, look! I did it!”

Tha l old you it was easy! Besides, you se e a natural. It wouldn’t take long before you have a mastery for

e raised. Everybody liked compliments. Gabrielle was ecstatic when she heard Rose’s words. A huge smile adorned her face. “Rose, you don’t have to praise me so much. I am quite inexperienced. I’m just happy that I’m able to shoot an arrow. I didn’t expect that I could hit the target.” Gabrielle could not contain her excitement. She didn’t think she could do it.

After all, it was her first time.

“You can exercise your new-found skill when we hunt pheasants later.” However, that was not Rose’s intention for teaching her how to shoot. She wanted Gabrielle to enjoy the experience and have something to defend herself with. “Okay. I’ll try my best.” Gabrielle was eager to practice. She was excited to get into the woods so she could shoot some more. “When we get to the woods, you can just shoot the prey right away. However, we don’t have an unlimited supply of arrows so use them carefully. If you run out of them trying to shoot pheasants, you wouldn’t have anything left to protect yourself with if we chance upon some wolves. Do you understand?” Rose asked as she glanced at Gabrielle. She was hinting something with her words but she was afraid that Gabrielle didn’t get it. After all, Gabrielle wasn’t like them. She was naïve and could very easily be deceived. The moment Rose laid her eyes on Gabrielle, she was reminded of her dead sister. Her sister was as innocent and pure as Gabrielle. They both had gentle eyes. People would always feel the urge to protect the likes of them. “Yeah, I understand.” Gabrielle obediently nodded. She should have taken the hint from Rose’s words. If someone were to look into it, Rose was trying to tell her that the arrow should be aimed at a worthy target. So were her actions. Rose wanted to let Gabrielle know that she should always be vigilant.

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