Lock You In My Heart Chapter 470

Gabrielle was as pale as a sheet of paper after hearing what Rose told her. Could Bain really be suspecting her? If he were, then it was disgruntling that Rose shared the secret with her.

Rose was watching her like a hawk and there were other people nearby. One wrong move and they could send Gabrielle into the afterlife.

Until now, Bain hadn’t confronted her because he didn’t have any evidence of Gabrielle’s relationship with the Campbell Family. He might have hated them to the core, but he would never drag an innocent woman into his revenge plot. He wouldn’t be foolish enough to destroy the peace around the village he made. And besides, she was Lance’s cousin.

But once he found a link between his pursuers and Gabrielle, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her, no matter how much he respected Lance.

Gabrielle scanned her surroundings. Seeing some figures moving under the tree made her spine shiver.

Rose was right. Bain had set his sights on her. But what could she do? She could only hope that the Campbell Family would reconsider before making any rash decision.

Otherwise, the consequences would be serious.

They had Gabrielle by the throat. For her own sake, she knew she had to be very cautious.

“The coffee was delicious, but it’s about time we go to bed. The moon isn’t going anywhere. As long as there’s good weather, it’ll shine brightly every night.” Rose chugged down her cup and gave it to her.

Gabrielle understood. Rose was nonchalantly brushing off the danger.

Was Rose really protecting her? Gabrielle was confused. Rose was sent to spy on her, and yet here she was helping the little girl.

“Rose, why?” Gabrielle worriedly asked.

Rose blinked in surprise, then her eyes turned gentler.

“If I said you look like my sister, would you believe me?” Rose smiled and looked up at the moon in the sky.

Rose’s sister?

Gabrielle didn’t expect this, but even if it was a lie, she somehow felt moved.


The moonlight kissed Rose’s face, marking her sincerity. Gabrielle felt like she could trust her words.

“I believe you,” Gabrielle said calmly.

“Then, get some rest. I think the moon will look just as pretty tomorrow.” Rose patted her head.

“Alright, Rose. Don’t stay up too late either. Good night.” Gabrielle lifted the two cups in hand.

“Gabrielle, are you really from the Campbell Family?” Rose suddenly asked.

Gabrielle’s body stiffened for a moment before she opened her mouth. “My surname is Jones. Good night, Rose.”

Gabrielle immediately went back to the kitchen and closed the door. She leaned on it for a while, her heart pounding. ‘Was Rose trying to test me? Can I really trust her?’

Gabrielle was terrified that she would fall into whatever trap Rose set up. There was no more time to lose. She dashed back to her room only to find Lance standing by the door.

“Lance? It’s so late. What are you doing here?” Gabrielle was curious. Lance might have something to say.

“Speak for yourself. You spent the night away drinking coffee under the moon with Rose.” Lance folded his arms.

Lance knew of her midnight escapade the moment she left her room. He was curious to see what would happen since he saw Rose standing in the yard, along with the few people hidden in the dark.

Bain made quick work o

f things. He didn’t want to spend time thinking. Once he suspecting someone, he’d want the truth as soon as possible.

The boss had their house surrounded while Rose tried to extract information from Gabrielle.

Lance didn’t want to act rashly. Instead, he tried to observe the women. If Rose or any other person tried to harm Gabrielle, he was ready to take action. To his relief, they were only chatting.

“Were you eavesdropping?” Gabrielle thought it was no surprise. Lance had been on edge the past couple of days. And in truth, she had nothing to hide from him. They were on the same side.

“I was watching, yes. But I couldn’t hear what you were talking about. Did Rose say anything to you?” Lance asked sternly. He still had doubts what those people’s intentions were.

Gabrielle was too trusting. She could never fight Rose back.

She was too kind to think of anyone badly.

“Lance, Bain is suspicious of me. Rose came here to spy on me,” Gabrielle answered.

“That’s not good. What did you say to her? Did you tell her about your relationship with the Campbell Family?” Lance asked worriedly.

Gabrielle shook her head. “I’m not that stupid, Lance. I think Bain was trying to test me. He suspects me, but there’s no proof. He’s a reasonable man. If not, he would’ve killed me a long time ago.”

“Good. That’s good. Anyway, you should keep your distance from Rose for a while. We can’t attempt escapes either. If you can’t get in touch with Westley, then forget it. Even if you use the satellite phone I gave you, Bain will just trace the signals back.” Lance sighed desperately. “Bryce isn’t going to wake up soon no matter how much we look after him. You understand, don’t you? I need to get you out of here first. You have to go home, Gabrielle. Bryce and I have nothing to do with the Campbell Family so Bain won’t turn on me so easily.”

He brought Gabrielle to the forest, so he had to find a way to get her out safely. As long as he could do that, he could pacify Bain.

“I should be safe as long as I stay put and keep Westley off the radar. The Campbell Family wouldn’t break in forcibly, would they? So Bain won’t take action first.” She didn’t know what happened between them, but she hoped Bain was no savage.

“Gabrielle, please listen to me. I’ll find someone to pick you up as soon as possible. Promise me you’ll do as I say without questions.” Lance was laying his life on the line. He’d never let Gabrielle die in a place like this.

“Lance, don’t worry so much. Everything’s going to be alright.” Gabrielle tried to smile despite the fear.

“No, Gabrielle. I brought you here and I will make sure you go back home safe. Westley and I don’t get along, but… I know he’ll give you the happy life you deserve. You’ll see him again soon, alright? I promise,” Lance admitted, his voice quivering. “But as long as I’m here, I’ll do whatever I can to keep you safe, alright? Now, go to bed.”

In his heart, Lance knew he was no match for Westley. Be it his riches, his connections, and his love.

If there was one person that could protect Gabrielle, it was Westley, not him. Only a man could know another man so well.

“Alright. Good night, Lance.” Gabrielle didn’t want to say anything more. She went back to her room and locked the door.

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