Lock You In My Heart Chapter 469

After getting dressed, Gabrielle rushed downstairs with the satellite phone. She tiptoed in fear of catching Lance’s attention.

Tonight’s moon was quite enchanting. It was bright and its cold sheen looked ever so mysterious. When Gabrielle opened the door, a person standing in the yard caught her attention.

Despite seeing only the silhouette of a thin and tall woman, Gabrielle immediately knew that it was Rose when she saw her short, golden hair.

She was taken aback by the sight of Rose. Gabrielle wasn’t expecting her to be there in the middle of the night. It was as if she saw a ghost.

“Rose?” Gabrielle called her.

Rose turned to look at her. With a cigarette in her hand, she took a puff and squinted at Gabrielle. There was no hint of embarrassment on her face at all.

“The moon is exceptionally gorgeous tonight, isn’t it?” Rose asked as she squinted at Gabrielle through a puff of white smoke.

Gabrielle had no idea what Rose was up to.

‘Why is she here in the middle of the night?’

Whatever it was, it couldn’t possibly be any good.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful.” Not knowing what to do, Gabrielle decided to just walk out of the house to face Rose.

“You can’t sleep? Is that why you’ve decided to come out and watch the moon?” Rose’s voice was calm.

“Yeah. I thought I wasn’t able to sleep because of the bed. But on my second night here, I’m still having some trouble sleeping. Maybe it’s because this place feels foreign to me. The moon looked so beautiful tonight, I decided to gaze at it for a bit. I didn’t expect to have such an exceptional view of it from here,” Gabrielle replied.

“Do you think the moon in a foreign land is more beautiful than the moon in your hometown?” Rose asked as she breathed another puff of smoke.

She looked more natural and even a little charming when she smoked. Gabrielle had seen quite a number of women smoking but none of them looked as enchanting as Rose.

“No. But it is particularly beautiful tonight,” Gabrielle answered as she gazed up at the sky from Rose’s side.


For some reason, the tension in her mind was eased.

“Do you want one? It helps when you’re in a bad mood.” Rose handed Gabrielle the pack of cigarettes.

“No, thank you. I don’t smoke.” Gabrielle shook her head. She was not a smoker so trying it out was a bad idea.

“Rose, did something upset you? Why are you here instead of sleeping? Did you really just come here to look at the moon?” Curiosity got the better of Gabrielle. She couldn’t help but ask. She knew very well that Rose did not come here just to have a view of the moon. There was no denying that she came here to spy on them. Gabrielle had decided to wait and see what Rose would do so she went along with her conversation.

Luckily, the moon was out tonight. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

If that happened, they would be embraced with awkward silence.

Gabrielle was certain that Rose stood there in the yard, not to watch the moon but to keep an eye on someone.

Despite Rose’s intimidating looks, Gabrielle was not scared at all. Instead, she felt close to her.

“I have no other choice. This place has the best view of the moon. After all, we are in the middle of a dense forest. The trees block the view of the moon and unfortunately, we can’t cut down too many trees,” Rose replied. She sounded relaxed.

However, Gabrielle was quite sure that Rose was here for something els

e. Even if it was the best place to enjoy the moon, she had absolutely no reason to come here in the middle of the night.

“We should make the most out of this moment, then. How about I make some coffee? Do you want some?” Gabrielle asked with enthusiasm.

Yesterday, when Gabrielle rummaged through the kitchen, she found that it was small. Despite that, it had everything they could possibly need, including a can of coffee beans and a coffee machine. She thought of making a cup of coffee since she couldn’t sleep anyway.

Rose was curious about how well Gabrielle could make coffee.

“Alright. I’m looking forward to trying your coffee,” Rose replied with ease.

“Okay. Hold on. Would you like to come in?” Gabrielle asked as she turned to look at Rose.

“No, thank you. I’d like to enjoy the moon from here. Please go on and make me a cup of coffee. I’m excited to have a taste!” Rose smiled as she gazed at Gabrielle’s face intently.

“Alright. Please wait a second.” Wihtout another word, Gabrielle turned to go back to the house.

After warming up the coffee machine, Gabrielle began grinding the coffee beans as she wondered about Rose’s intentions.

‘Was it because of the Campbell Family? Is Bain suspicious of me so he sent Rose to keep an eye on me?

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come here in the middle of the night. It sure doesn’t seem like Rose has any romantic bone in her body at all.’

Gabrielle couldn’t help herself from overthinking. She had to be wary of her emotions. She had planned on leaving the village the moment she saw an opportunity. Luckily, she let go of that ridiculous idea. Otherwise, she would have died from all the traps hidden in the dense forest.

Soon, she finished brewing the coffee. It had calmed her down. She took a cup for Rose.

“Rose, coffee is ready. Give it a try.” People loved the coffee Gabrielle brewed. Even Remy had said that she had a future as a barista.

“Thank you, Gabrielle,” Rose said as she took a sip of coffee.

It tasted phenomenal. Much like the coffee made by her barista in Bangkok.

“How is it?” Gabrielle took a sip. It wasn’t as good as the coffee she made in Antawood. The coffee beans she ordered back home were first-class. The beans here were medium, at most. It was expected that they would taste different.

“It’s good. It tastes like a barista brewed it,” Rose exclaimed as she took two consecutive sips. She loved the way it tasted.

People in that village came from all over the world. All of them liked coffee. The former tenant in the house Gabrielle and Lance were staying at was obsessed with coffee. He was the one who left the machine and the coffee beans. However, his coffee was much more inferior in comparison to Gabrielle’s.

Despite using the same machine and the same beans, their coffee tasted different. It must have been the way the coffee was prepared.

“If you like it, there’s more in the pot. I can get you another cup if you’d like.” Gabrielle was surprised by how much Rose liked her coffee.

“No, it’s fine. People should control their desires. If you indulge in things, you will eventually lose interest in them.” Rose wasn’t a greedy woman. To her, things were more valuable when there was a scarcity of them. If one drank coffee like water, even the best coffee in the world would taste simple.

“Gabrielle, as payment for your amazing coffee, I’ll tell you a secret,” Rose whispered in her ear.

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