Lock You In My Heart Chapter 465

No one would feel good when encountering such a situation.

Moreover, Lance was a man full of pride. Now that he had to live under someone else’s roof and listen to what others said, it was expected that he was in a bad mood.

“Lance, what did Bain say to you? It doesn’t look like you’re in a good mood.” Seeing the obvious change in Lance’s expression, Gabrielle couldn’t help but ask once Rose was far away.

She could tell by Lance’s face that he was in a bad mood. Because he had just talked to Bain not long ago, the only logical possibility would be something related to Bain.

Gabrielle was well aware that Bain didn’t necessarily treat everyone with kindness. So, in most cases, people would not be treated well by him. It was possible that Bain might have said or done something to Lance.

Besides, Lance’s aggrieved face proved that he was in a bad mood. Gabrielle would be blind if she couldn’t see it.

“Nothing. I’ll tell you later,” Lance said as he thought that they shouldn’t talk about it outside.

After all, the people here were all very sensitive when it came to the topic relating to the Campbell Family. Thus, he felt it would be better to talk about it behind closed doors. Otherwise, if their conversation was overheard and spread to Bain’s ears, it would become difficult for them to leave the forest.

Lance’s cautiousness made Gabrielle a little suspicious. And the feeling that Lance was hiding something serious from her grew stronger.

At first, she thought that the village and Bain weren’t so bad. But now, seeing the nervous look on Lance’s face, she couldn’t help but doubt her assumptions.

Even if Bain was not a bad person, that didn’t mean he was also a good person. After all, they were now in someone else’s territory, so it was better to be careful.

“Lance, is it serious?” Gabrielle moved closer towards Lance and asked in a very low voice.

Lance stared at Gabrielle’s face. He knew well that Gabrielle didn’t like it when others hid things from her, so he thought directly telling her would be better.

But now was not the right time to tell her.

Bain was now directing his suspicions clearly at Gabrielle.

“Gabrielle, let’s talk about it at night.” Lance decided to tell Gabrielle about this after the night fell.


“Lance, is it about me?” Gabrielle fixed her eyes on Lance, her expression full of seriousness.

Lance really felt that sometimes being too smart was necessarily not a good thing, just like Gabrielle was right now. Even if he tried, he couldn’t keep what he didn’t want to say hidden.

He had the feeling that whenever he was with Gabrielle, she could see right through him and know whether he was hiding something.

“Gabrielle, I’ll tell you tonight. Let’s go back first. We shouldn’t keep Rose waiting for a long time.” Lance reminded Gabrielle.

His words essentially implied that since Rose was still here, now was not the time to talk yet.

Gabrielle, of course, could grasp Lance’s point and said, “Okay, let’s go back first. Let’s see what Rose is going to c**k for dinner.”

Just like that, Gabrielle didn’t ask any more questions. Being a smart individual, she didn’t need Lance to explain everything. She could grasp the rest of the scenario as long as Lance could explain a part of it.

There had a kitchen in the house they lived in. Although it was not fancy, it was enough to c**k meals.

“I’m sorry for not waiting for you guys’ return. I’ve already started cooking. You two are re

ally close, I envy you.” Standing by the kitchen counter, Rose watched the two come in from the window and couldn’t help but joke.

Both Gabrielle and Lance didn’t look very good. Gabrielle glanced at Rose with a slightly embarrassed look, then went to the kitchen with the vegetables.

“Rose, you must be tired today. Let me help you wash the vegetables.” Gabrielle put the vegetables on the table and started picking them.

“Gabrielle, I was just kidding. If you are upset, I will apologize. I didn’t mean it,” seeing the sullen look on Gabrielle’s face, Rose said.

Rose had a straightforward attitude and would say whatever came to mind without much thinking. But, if she really said something that made others upset, she would apologize and resolve not to make the same mistake again.

“No, it’s okay, Rose. What delicious food are you going to c**k for us tonight?” Gabrielle shook her head, indicating that she didn’t mind, and quickly changed the topic. What Rose said was a harmless joke, so she didn’t take it seriously.

“Thai food. There are curry chicken, curry shrimp, Thai soup, pineapple fried rice, and some vegetables. What do you want to eat, Gabrielle?” Rose listed out the names of the dishes very seriously.

“No, I’m good. I’m glad to have the chance to eat the Thai food you make,” Gabrielle said with a smile.

She didn’t want to tell Rose that she was allergic to seafood. She felt that it was not a good thing to reveal about it here.

“Okay. I’ll have someone deliver the rest of the ingredients right away,” Rose smiled and said.

“Rose, thank you so much.” A sense of embarrassment hit Gabrielle.

After all, it seemed like cooking dinner for them was troublesome work.

“You are welcome. It’s rare to have guests here. Also, I like you, and I’m willing to c**k dinner for you,” Rose said with a smile.

“Rose, here’s what you want.” A man came in with a large bag of ingredients and placed it on the kitchen counter.

“Thank you,” Rose looked at the man with a smile on her lips and said.

“You are welcome, Rose.” After the man finished speaking, he left.

Rose turned her sight at Gabrielle and said, “Gabrielle, you can go out to have a rest after picking the vegetables. I’ll finish cooking soon.”

“Rose, don’t you really need my help?” Gabrielle looked at Rose uneasily.

After all, they were the ones who lived in somebody else’s house, so it should be them who cooked the dinner for Rose.

“I’m good here. You already helped me with the vegetables. Or are you afraid that I will poison you?” Rose deliberately teased Gabrielle.

Gabrielle immediately shook her head in reaction to this question. “Rose, why would you think so? You are such a good person, and you treat us so well,” she added.

“So you think I’m an honest and kind woman?” Rose curled her lips into a smile.

Although she usually had a cold demeanor, that couldn’t mask the fact that she was a beautiful woman.

“Rose, I’ll leave the kitchen to you. I’ll go out first.” Gabrielle didn’t delay any longer and quickly got up and went out.

Rose not only looked beautiful, but her cooking skills were really amazing.

Looking at the dishes on the table, Gabrielle almost drooled. They smelled good and looked delicious.

“Rose, you are really amazing. The dishes look delicious!” Gabrielle couldn’t wait to try the Thai food Rose made.

“Let’s sit down and eat. Have a taste.” Rose urged the two of them to sit down and looked at them with a smile.

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