Lock You In My Heart Chapter 464

Everyone has different goals in life. Some pursue wealth and fame, aspiring to be the greatest. Some choose a quiet and simple life, living peacefully and having the freedom to do anything they want.

Doctor Maniac chose the latter.

After experiencing all sorts of things, he preferred living simply. He didn’t mind spending the rest of his life inside the village. Nothing else mattered as long as he could treat patients and had enough food to survive.

”It’s nothing. Did you know Bain had a problem with the Campbell Family in the past?” Lance asked, staring at the doctor.

He had met a lot of interesting folks in this place. When he first saw the easygoing Doctor Maniac, he didn’t think the doctor was an exception. There were only a handful of ordinary people here and he wasn’t really one of them.

He could have committed a crime or he possessed certain skills that were valuable to Bain.

Lance figured Doctor Maniac must be extremely talented. It was tempting to dig deep into his past, but that would be distasteful. He wouldn’t do that.

“Everybody in the village knew that if goons from the Campbell Family infiltrated the forest, they could never get out of here alive. Bain doesn’t just give empty threats.” Doctor Maniac sneered.

Because of the bad blood that broke out between Bain and the Campbell Family, people in the village became more cautious towards them. Their clan members wouldn’t dare to step in Bain’s turf without any reason.

If anyone dared to break the rules, they would suffer the consequences.

Lance felt cold inside the hospital. The air surrounding them was so grim that he couldn’t stay there any longer. He decided to look for Gabrielle.

“Anyway, Doctor Maniac, I’ll be going now. I have to see Gabrielle,” Lance said, then he headed to the door.

Doctor Maniac was in a daze as he stood by Bryce’s bed, recalling the past encounters with the Campbell Family.

Just like Bain, he hated them so much.

They were the reason why he stayed in seclusion all this time.

Dr. Siren was on a mission to avenge Professor Curt. He could only do that by staying under Bain’s protection and making himself stronger. He would wait for an opportunity to strike. Otherwise, he could never forgive himself.


After Lance left the hospital, he immediately spotted Gabrielle and Rose coming his way. They were holding a handful of fresh vegetables.

”Lance, what’s up?” Gabrielle smiled, a little bit surprised.

She and Lance were undeniably close, like brothers and sisters. They had been best friends since Gabrielle was young. Every time she saw him, she would lighten up.

“I was looking for you. That’s a lot of vegetables you picked. Are you going to eat them for dinner?” Lance quietly reached out to take the vegetables from Gabrielle. He thought they looked heavy.

“Hmm, for dinner. It’s okay, I can carry these myself.” Gabrielle insisted.

“Lance, you’ll be surprised. The vegetable patch was so huge and the garden was very lovely. They grew so many kinds of vegetables and fruits and they’re very self-sufficient. It’s incredible. Also they plant flowers there.” Gabrielle excitedly shared.


he found it amazing how everyone had been diligently working in the fields. Even though they were vigilant against enemies, they still found time to be productive.

But then again, they really had to. It was for their own survival. They couldn’t afford to eat meat every day because they rarely went outside to get supplies. It was wise to plant and grow crops by themselves.

“I know. It’s pretty amazing, huh?” Lance knew too well. He had the same reaction when he first came to the forest.

The village wasn’t entirely filled with men. The women here weren’t only skilled in combat, but they were also good farmers.

But most of these were done for leisure. Bain had other sources from outside the village that would send many other food items like flour and rice. Surely, vegetables wouldn’t be enough.

“I guess you really know much about this place. Well then, we should head back now. It’s almost nighttime. Rose said we’d c**k dinner together.” Gabrielle wrapped the vegetables tightly in her arms and hummed her way back.

When they were picking vegetables earlier, it reminded her of that time when she and Westley went to Miley’s farm. Remembering it made her miss Westley so much.

It made her realize that despite what happened between her and Westley at first, her memories of them together were full of warmth and happiness.

“Lance, can I tag along?” Rose asked.

“Of course, Rose. It’s your house too, we’re only guests here.” Lance smiled.

Hearing this, Rose didn’t hesitate. “You are a true gentleman. If I could, I’ve always dreamed of getting married to someone like you.”

Rose had always been like this, straightforward and unfazed. There was no stopping her from doing what she wanted to do.

She never held her words back.

Realizing that Rose was flirting with him, Lance blushed. He had never seen this coming.

Despite her cold aura, she knew how to flirt. Additionally, she was undeniably stunning from head to toe.

“Rose, have you already been engaged or married? Why did you say ‘if you could’?” Gabrielle asked curiously.

Rose had the freedom to get married if she wanted.

“Marriage is nothing but a pipe dream. As long as I’m a fugitive, there’s no way I could get married. I don’t want to cause trouble for anyone. Especially to men like you, Lance.” After flirting with Lance, Rose walked away with the vegetables in her arms.

“She doesn’t hold back, does she? I hope you’re not angry. I’m sure she means well.” Gabrielle tapped Lance’s back.

Lance shook his head. “Do I seem petty to you?”

“Of course not. You’re very generous, upright, and kind.” Gabrielle meant what she said. To her, Lance was someone close to perfect. He was reliable, trustworthy, and loyal.

”Shall we go?” Lance patted her head and Gabrielle nodded with a smile.

They could only depend on each other right now. The situation took a toll on Lance. As the eldest son of the Carter family, he would always get what he wanted. But now, he was trapped here, unable to do anything.

He thought it was easier for him to leave if he was alone, but he wasn’t. With Gabrielle and Bryce here, he had to take responsibility.

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