Lock You In My Heart Chapter 463

Lance was looking forward to it. After all, if Bryce woke up earlier, they would be able to leave the damned place sooner.

He couldn’t bear to stay in this awful place a second longer. All he wanted was to leave and never come back. And if he had to talk about business with Bain, he wouldn’t want to come here personally.

Lance was willing to try Doctor Maniac’s method. He was desperate. After all, Bryce had been unconscious for quite some time now. Lance was willing to try anything.

“Look for a spot where he doesn’t have any bruising or injuries and hit him hard. That might wake him up.” A deranged laughter burst out of Doctor Maniac’s throat.

Lance rolled his eyes at his insanity. He turned on his heels and walked inside, ignoring the psychotic doctor.

‘Is this man really a f*****g doctor? How could he suggest such a thing? Bryce is unconscious for f**k’s sake!’

Lance had thought of the same thing before.

“Don’t be upset. I meant it. It might help. But the choice to do it is yours,” Doctor Maniac exclaimed as he hurried to follow Lance. He was afraid that Lance would be upset.

“Aren’t you supposed to be a doctor? You shouldn’t joke about those things.” Lance turned to look at him.

Bryce’s injuries were severe. His body couldn’t possibly stand the beating. If he really did wake up after it, he would probably die after regaining consciousness.

“I am a doctor. But my license was revoked by the International Medical Association. The people here aren’t afraid of my treatments. I treat them my way. Besides, I’m the only doctor here.” Doctor Maniac shrugged. He was ignorant of his attitude.

Those were his true colors.

He couldn’t care less about what people thought of him. He was happy despite practicing without a license.

Lance was rendered speechless. He knew that what Doctor Maniac said was true. He really was the only doctor in this wretched place. There was no one else people could possibly go to.

“Is there any way we could bring him back to consciousness earlier? We don’t have much time left.” Lance was in an awful mood.

He was afraid that they would stir up some trouble if they didn’t leave this place soon.


“What’s the rush? It’s not like I’m going to experiment on him,” Doctor Maniac calmly said.

He was a medical genius. His obsession with medicine led him to find a cure even for the terminally-ill. However, his medical prowess came at a cost. He experimented on humans.

Cadavers excited him more than any living human being could.

“Forget it. Let God decide when he wakes up. I’m going to find Gabrielle.” Lance couldn’t stand speaking to the doctor anymore.

“Weren’t you at Bain’s for lunch? Why are you in such an awful mood? Did Bain say something?” Doctor Maniac’s confinement in his hospital made him feel quite lonely. He never left the institution, let alone had lunch with Bain or anyone else for that matter. Social interactions were out of his expertise. He would rather spend time with the dead than the living. Everyone in the village was familiar with the doctor’s temper. Because of this, they never invited him over for a meal.

He would only ever leave the hospital premises when he had to talk to Rose about medical supplies.

She was the one responsible for the procurement. Rose was the only person that Doctor Maniac was quite familiar with. He never saw Bain that often either. They would only ever meet when Bain was injured. But even then, they got along with each other like strangers.

To make matters simpler, the entire village was a mere shelter. Bonds and friendships existed. However, none of them cared enough to put down their guard and show their true colors.

It was the best environment for Doctor Maniac to thrive in.

Even with a revoked license, he could still practice medicine in this place. He didn’t need to work in shifts or run his own business. In Rose’s words, his scalpel was the only weapon Doctor Maniac needed.

Rose was a much better fighter than Doctor Maniac. Her eyes had seen quite a number of b****y scenes. She was endowed with a sharp tongue and was unbelievably talented with assault. As a matter of fact, she was even more cold-blooded than Doctor Maniac.

Nobody could possibly stand a woman like her.

‘I could never be with someone like her. I’d rather stay single my whole life!’ Doctor Maniac thought.

There wasn’t a shortage of women in the village. Although not all of them were gentle and kind, they were way more feminine than Rose could ever be.

“He asked me something about the Campbell Family. Do you know anything about it?” Lance asked. The tone of his voice meant business.

The moment Doctor Maniac heard Lance’s inquiry, the look on his face shifted. However, Lance did not sense anything wrong since Doctor Maniac’s face had always been pale to begin with.

“The Campbell Family? Where are they based?” Doctor Maniac tried his best to keep his composure. He was determined not to reveal his true emotions.

“They’re in Italy. Have you heard anything about them?” Lance looked at the doctor and asked.

“I only know of them being the biggest foreign clan in Italy. They are friends with Count Angus. What about it? Why would he ask about the Campbell Family out of the blue?” Doctor Maniac feigned the calmness in his voice. He sounded so casual, sounding as if he was only casually talking about the weather.

He had always been a firm believer of minding one’s own business. The truth was that, Doctor Maniac knew about the Campbell Family. After all, they were known all over the world. Nobody could possibly miss them.

Doctor Maniac had quite the following as well. A number of wealthy families tried to reach out to him and tried to hire him to be their family doctor. However, he disappeared before they could even get a hold of him.

He was also aware that Bain had some conflict with the Campbell Family but nobody knew why.

The only reason why Doctor Maniac moved to the village was because he liked the serenity that the place provided. Bain had built a small hospital for him to stay at without being disturbed. The rest had nothing to do with him. Doctor Maniac lived in his own bubble, treating patients and examining things in the laboratory whenever there was no one he had to treat.

Doctor Maniac was contented with living that way. He couldn’t care less about other things. As far as he was concerned, he could stay in the village for the rest of his life.

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