Lock You In My Heart Chapter 462

Bain didn’t actually care how much Lance defended Gabrielle. He didn’t care about either of them, period.

Gabrielle was Lance’s cousin, not his. That was why Bain didn’t concern himself about matters that involved her. Whether she lived or died, it was none of his business. What mattered to him were the lives of his people in the village.

“The Campbell Family’s people are spread all over the world. We don’t need to go to Italy for the sole purpose of knowing them, and I’ve heard that Miss Campbell’s husband is from Antawood. His information has been almost completely expunged. But yes, he is indeed the future leader of the Campbell Family,” Bain explained to Lance. His gaze was intense and calculating, never missing anything.

Miss Campbell ended up marrying a man from Antawood. He was simply incredible. What he did was honestly quite a feat.

Bain steepled his fingers in front of him and rested his chin on top. He was thinking of something. Since Lance was also from Antawood, he might have some vital information what the Campbell Family wanted.

Of course, Bain knew it wasn’t that simple. There was more to this than meets the eye.

“Gabrielle has nothing to do with it, Bain. I can guarantee that. She doesn’t know anyone from the Campbell Family; she even has no idea that they exist. We’re ordinary people and regular citizens of Antawood—we don’t have the title nor the power to meet them. We just came here to see Bryce. The moment he wakes up, we’ll go back. We won’t cause you or your people any trouble,” Lance said, holding out his hands to show that they had nothing but good intentions. Lance knew Gabrielle was dying to go home.

Bain was suspicious by nature; that was how he and his people managed to survive. He was sharp and he noticed even the smallest things. He didn’t trust outsiders—at least, not easily. Those who were allowed to enter the forest were either his friends or outlaws. They were of the same kind, more or less, which made Bain put his complete trust in them.

As for someone like Lance, who was neither his friend nor someone running away from authorities, he wouldn’t have any connection to Bain if they didn’t do business with each other.

Even though their interests aligned, Bain still refused to believe everything Lance said. Bain didn’t trust the other man one hundred percent. He had some lingering doubts.

Bain gazed at him steadily and impassively. He leaned back against the chair and crossed his legs, quietly regarding Lance for a few beats. “Forget it, then. It’s true that I’ve sabotaged the business and other ventures of the Campbell Family, but it’s not without reason. Their people also hurt my men and destroyed our businesses. They will have to pay. If any of their people ever make the mistake of trespassing on the forest, I won’t treat them nicely. Just so you know.”

Bain dropped the threat so casually, as though he was just talking about the weather. He exuded callousness and ruthlessness. In that moment, it was clear why he was their leader.

It also made Lance realize how cruel Bain could be—the lengths he would go to for his people. He was dangerous and not someone anybody would dare mess up with.

“I see, Bain. I’ll ask her about it.” Lance stood up and was about to leave. Their conversation was going nowhere, and Lance knew that Bain wouldn’t bend to their requests.

“I don’t mean to scare you, Lance. What I said is true. We cannot afford to have any member of the Campbell Family in the forest. They crossed the line when they wounded my men. My people won’t be so forgiving, which I’m sure you understand.” Bain continued to speak in that flat tone of his. Lance was halfway out of his seat, and he stood up. He gave Bain a brief nod.

“I understand, Bain.”


“That’s it, then. Have some rest, Lance. I hope Bryce will wake up earlier too, so you can leave sooner. It’s dangerous for you to stay here.” Bain dismissed Lance. He already said everything he wanted. And now, the ball was in Lance’s court. It was up to him what he would do with the information Bain gave him.

The forest was Bain’s territory. He took care of everyone living here and considered them as family. He would certainly never treat outsiders the same way. His generosity had a limit. If it wasn’t for the fact that Lance could bring him some favors, Bain would have never let him in—not a chance.

The main reason Bain welcomed Lance and his companion was for money. Bain felt no shame in admitting that.

Bain would definitely not offend the Campbell Family because of it. Even he had to admit that it was just too dear a price. Bain prided himself for being level-headed; that was how he took control of things.

“Thanks for that, Bain. We do want to go back earlier, especially Gabrielle. I’ll leave you to your business now.” Lance left the red house. Thoughts were swi

rling in his head as he walked.

Instead of returning to the place he temporarily lived, he went straight to the hospital to check on Bryce. He was the sole reason why he and Gabrielle were here in the first place.

According to what Doctor Maniac had said, Bryce could wake up in two days. Lance trusted the doctor. He was competent and, quite possibly, a genius too. As long as he promised to treat someone, he would do everything he could to accomplish it.

Once Bryce woke up, they would leave with him right away. This place was not good. Lance had come here alone before, and everything seemed fine back then. But now, it wasn’t just him. There were also Gabrielle and Bryce, and Bryce would still be weak when he woke up. Lance had to take so many things into consideration, especially if either of them was forced to stay by Bain.

Lance thought about what Bain said. If anyone here had some sort of connection with the Campbell Family, would he be ready to kill them?

One of Lance’s main concerns was Gabrielle. Bain was intentionally sending her away. Was that proof that Bain was starting to doubt her identity? Did Bain know more than he was letting on?

If it was true that Gabrielle knew people of the Campbell Family, Lance feared that he might not be able to take her away. He ran his hand over his face in frustration and anxiety.

He had mistakenly thought that it would be safe to take Gabrielle to the forest. Now, Lance realized that he only ended up leading her into this horrible trap. He shouldn’t have brought her here. She might get killed in this place, and his conscience couldn’t bear that.

He should find Gabrielle immediately and talk to her. He was now looking after two people who expected him to take them out of here safely.

Lance terribly regretted agreeing to bring Gabrielle here. If only he could turn back time. Was he out of his mind at the time he said yes? It was the mother of all bad ideas. Even if it wasn’t someplace where criminals and outlaws sought shelter, taking a girl to a foreign country for this type of business was reckless and stupid. What was he thinking?

Lance groaned inwardly, but he stopped himself. It was too late to beat himself up. He shouldn’t dwell on the what-ifs and instead, he should focus on solving their problems.

So far, he was waiting for Bryce to wake up—the earlier, the better. That way, they could get the hell out of here as soon as possible. Lance didn’t want to linger a minute more if he could.

“Lance, you’re here again.” Doctor Maniac was sitting by the entrance of the hospital, eating the roasted chicken leg casually. He didn’t smile or act friendly towards Lance. He simply greeted the other man indifferently.

Doctor Maniac was young and handsome. He was always more interested in his patients than other people, which wasn’t really that surprising. People seldom saw him smiling or getting excited. He was all business most of the time.

“Doctor Maniac, how’s Bryce?” After leaving Bain, Lance fell into depression, thinking of his regrets and the safety of his companions. All he could think of right now was leaving. He would breathe easier if he was out of here.

Lance originally felt that people in the village didn’t cross the line with bad intentions. He used to believe that they simply gathered here because they liked it. But now, he knew he was wrong. The villagers were far from the nice and good people he believed them to be. They were worse, and they were the villains in this story.

“Well, I’ve tried my best. If he doesn’t wake up tonight, he’ll recover tomorrow morning. He has a strong desire to live, so he’ll make it. When he was sent here, he hadn’t completely passed out yet. He’s a really tough man, though. After getting beaten up badly, he’s still alive. Anyway, he’s lucky that I’m attending to him. If he was brought to another hospital, he might not have made it. Worse, his family might have needed to prepare for his funeral,” Doctor Maniac jokingly said. Then, he took another bite of his food, which he finished up in just a few minutes.

“Okay. I’ll go and check on him.” Lance was so anxious that he nearly rushed in and slapped Bryce awake. So many things depended on him regaining consciousness.

Lance bubbled up with so much anxiety. He hated how things had gotten beyond his control. He was used to having most things go the way he wanted, which was why this business in the forest annoyed him. He didn’t like the feeling of not being in control.

“Go ahead, Lance. And if you really want Bryce to wake up sooner, there may be a solution,” Doctor Maniac suggested, giggling. There was a glint of wickedness and mischief in his eyes.

“There is? What is it?” Lance was skeptical, especially with how Doctor Maniac looked when he made the suggestion. Lance felt like he could come up with better ideas.

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