Lock You In My Heart Chapter 461

Gabrielle had a bad feeling Rose was implying something, so she hurried to her side.

“What do you mean, Rose? What trouble?” Gabrielle wanted to think Rose was giving her some sort of warning.

”It’s nothing serious. A person like you who can’t even stand the sight of chickens getting killed wouldn’t be able to stir up trouble. Besides, it was Lance who brought you here. You two aren’t actually blood-related? As in, not biological cousins, right?” Rose curiously eyed her.

Even though Rose looked uninterested in these things, she was still a girl. And girls usually liked to gossip. It was something they couldn’t help.

”Yes, that’s right. Is there a problem?” Gabrielle had a hard time following Rose’s topics. Most of them were random and personal. She would ask about one thing and bring up another.

”No problem at all. I just realized something.” Rose smiled teasingly.

”What is it? I’m already confused enough as it is.” Gabrielle stopped in her tracks.

There weren’t many people she could talk to in this place. She only trusted Lance. As a woman, she thought Rose was also someone she could talk to about all sorts of things.

”The Lance I know isn’t the type of person to take risks. He brought you here, a sheltered girl who can’t even wield a weapon to Bangkok and hid in the forest. Even though he said he took you here to see your brother, I think there’s more to this journey. He wouldn’t risk his life for just a cousin. It’s very obvious Lance adores you very much. He likes you to the point he’s willing to do anything for you, even if he risks his own life.” Rose smiled knowing smile.

Rose’s words stunned Gabrielle. She didn’t think Rose would be very observant.

Lance did in fact, like Gabrielle in the past. However, he suppressed his feelings and accepted the fact that they were only cousins.

She couldn’t believe how sharp Rose was. Gabrielle hadn’t been here that long and Rose seemed to notice so much about her.

”Did I surprise you, Gabrielle? I’m such a smartass, but it has nothing to do with my wits. If a person loves someone, it really shows,” Rose firmly explained.

”He’s my cousin. It won’t be possible for us to have that kind of relationship. Let’s move along.” Gabrielle didn’t want to talk about it anymore and continued to walk forward.

Rose knew she crossed the line with her question, so she dropped it quickly and caught up with Gabrielle.

“Gabrielle, you can see the vegetable field from here.” Rose was fast to change the subject so she could clear the tensed atmosphere.


Lance sat, staring seriously at Bain. He was waiting for the boss to say something and wondered what they could be talking about, but she was too far away.

”You called me because you have something to say right? Get straight to the point, Bain.” Lance looked him in the eye.

“What’s your relationship with Miss Jones?” Bain asked.

”My relationship with Gabrielle?”

Lance raised an eyebrow.

He didn’t know why Bain would ask him this, but it was probably because he was curious about Gabrielle’s identity.

She was new to this place and Lance brought her here on such short notice. If Bain didn’t trust Gabrielle, that means he found Lance suspicious.

”What do you mean?’ ”Gabrielle is my cousin. She’s like a sister to me. Didn’t I tell you before? Or are you starting to doubt me?” Lance tilted his head.

He was carefully choosing his words. They were still in Bain’s turf, so he had to keep Gabrielle from harm.

Seeing that Lance was getting tensed, Bain calmly smiled. ”If I didn’t trust you, why would I take Bryce in? I did it because you asked me. We help each

other out, remember?”

”I know, but why the sudden question? You even asked Gabrielle to leave with Rose. Has she done something wrong? She is Bryce’s sister. She came to Bangkok with me because I called and told her about him. She wouldn’t have come with me if it wasn’t an important matter.” Lance defended Gabrielle.

“Have you heard of the Campbell Family in Italy?” Bain changed the subject.

“The Campbell Family, you say? I’ve heard rumors about their clan but I’m not really familiar with them. All I know is that they’re supposedly the biggest foreign clan in Italy. Didn’t you have a beef with them? I thought you already settled it. What’s up with them now?” Lance’s jaw tightened and he crossed his arms.

He felt the heaviness of the air when Bain brought up the Campbell Family. Everyone knew Bain was a very cunning man, and he wouldn’t have survived for so long if he wasn’t capable.

”Yes, the small conflict between me and the Campbell Family was resolved long ago. We agreed not to interfere with each other’s businesses. As long as we follow this condition, we can both live in peace, and they have no reason to come here again,” Bain explained.

Bangkok was a big city and everyone was welcome to come. Even the Campbell Family. They knew the forest was Scarlet Scar’s territory, and yet they still sent their men to this place. They weren’t here for a vacation. They were after something.

Bain had heard they didn’t specifically come for him or his men.

It made him skeptical. Bain didn’t recruit anyone recently. The only thing he did was give shelter to Bryce. And because of that, Lance and Gabrielle came to the forest.

”You’re telling me the people of Campbell Family came here with an unknown motive? Are they looking for a fight?” Lance had heard some bad rumors about the Campbell Family.

“The clan was vicious and arrogant. If they raided the place, they would leave no stone unturned. As long as anyone targeted them and messed up their plans, they would fight back and destroy their enemies, leaving no one alive.”

It wasn’t just a myth, it was a fact.

With such a force, it was undeniable that this little village would be burned to the ground.

No wonder Bain would be bothered by this.

”Bain, did something happen between you and the Campbell Family? Have you offended them in some way?” Even though Lance was a bit clueless about the Campbell Family, he knew what kind of person Bain was. This man didn’t seem to be someone who would enjoy being too cruel to others. He was more like an old administrator. He knew how to act appropriately depending on the situation. But of course, someone who had done something against the law couldn’t completely be a good person.

Given Bain’s history of business and transactions within different industries, it was no surprise he would encounter problems like this.

”The Campbell Family has no business with me this time. They were looking for someone else. Do you have any idea who could it be?” Bain asked Lance again, eyes narrowed.

Lance couldn’t think of anyone that might be related to the Campbell Family, but he knew this was a serious matter.

”No, I don’t. I’ve never met them since they’re too far away. I had no chance of meeting them at all,” Lance answered without hesitation.

”Even if you don’t know them, your cousin might.” A hint of disdain appeared in Bain’s eyes.

”Bain, that’s impossible. Gabrielle has never set foot in Italy since she was born. She couldn’t have established that kind of connection, especially with such a dangerous clan. There’s just no way.” Lance was ready to protect Gabrielle at all costs.

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