Lock You In My Heart Chapter 460

Nobody dared refute Lance’s words. After all, it was nothing to be ashamed of.

“That’s totally fine! You don’t have to eat rabbit meat if you don’t want it. You can have chicken instead. It’s pheasant and tastes amazing. Here, have the drumstick.” Rose tore the leg off of the chicken and placed it on Gabrielle’s bowl.

“Thank you, Rose.” The chicken leg on her bowl made Gabrielle’s stomach rumble.

However, it wasn’t enough to whet her appetite. After all, they were confined in a dangerous place.

Gabrielle wanted to get out of there.

“If you don’t like chicken, there’s soup and vegetables.” Looking at her hesitation, Rose laughed.

“I’m fine. Thank you so much.” Gabrielle gave Rose an awkward smile. She was trying hard to keep her composure.

“Just eat. These are what we usually eat here. It’s your first time here. Have some more,”

Rose explained.

“Alright.” Not a word escaped Gabrielle’s lips after that. She wanted to leave as soon as lunch was over.

The others started drinking and sharing stories with each other.

Gabrielle thought Bain looked easy-going, but who knew what kind of person he really was.

Everyone in this place had a façade. No one dared to expose their true colors.

One could only assume that Bain must be the same way. Gabrielle couldn’t bear to think about who he really was. There were kind and amiable people who were capable of killing. There were also ferocious-looking individuals who had kind hearts.

Gabrielle didn’t want to think too much about it, she just needed to keep it low. When Bryce woke up and she asked him what had happened, they could leave this place.

This place did not feel like home.


When they finished lunch, Bain turned to look at Rose and said, “Rose, show Miss Jones around. There are gardens and vegetable plots near the village. I’m sure Lance hasn’t taken her there.”

“No, I didn’t. We just walked around,” Lance replied calmly. He knew that Bain had something to talk with him and wanted Gabrielle to leave.

“Alright then. We’re leaving.” Rose stood up and was willing to be the guide.

Not a hint of objection was shown on her face. After all, Bain had once saved her life.

Even if she had to sacrifice her life, she wouldn’t hesitate.

“Come, Gabrielle… I’ll show you our vegetable garden,” Rose looked at Gabrielle and said.

It was out of Gabrielle’s expectations that a murderer on the run such as Bain had the talent to tend to plants.

It was really strange. They knew how to grow vegetables?

“Lance, I’m leaving, you two have a nice talk.” Gabrielle bid her goodbyes.

Rose led her to walk along the outside of the village. Without saying a word, Gabrielle followed Rose with her head down. Sometimes she looked at the trees, and sometimes she looked up at the sky, it seemed that she felt bored.

“Gabrielle, why are you here? Why did you come to the forest with Lance? This place isn’t a place of relaxation. Did you really just come here for that Bryce guy? Is he really your brother?” Rose’s tone was as light as the passing breeze. It was as if they were having a casual chat. However, e

very word of hers had some weight on it.

“Bryce really is my brother. I came here for him. The forest isn’t as terrifying as you make it out to be.” Gabrielle couldn’t figure out Rose’s intentions.

Everyone in this place was wearing a mask. No one knew what they were thinking. Every word of theirs might be a trap.

Gabrielle had no idea who Bain was.

She didn’t know much about Rose either.

“Really? Of course you’d say that. I’ve always thought that people who grew up privileged are innocent and naïve. I like playing with people like you,” Rose said with a smile.

“Are you suspecting me of something?” It was clear to Gabrielle the moment she heard Rose’s words. She was suspecting her.

Gabrielle had a clear background. She was an ordinary woman. However, her arrival with Lance was suspicious.

She looked like the typical ‘girl next door’. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Rose would accuse her of something. Especially when she came into the forest fearlessly.

Besides, Rose was a criminal and lived among criminals. For the sake of their own safety, they would doubt it.

“Why would I suspect you? It’s just that Bryce and you don’t look like siblings. I’m just concerned for our safety. People like us live on the edge every day.” The corners of Rose’s lips rose with a faint smile.

“We really are siblings but I was adopted. I’ve been living with the Jones family for twenty years.” Gabrielle had decided not to keep that information a secret. After all, she really was the adopted daughter of the Jones family.

“Ah… I see. You’re not related by blood. I get it now. That’s why you don’t look alike. You like Bryce, don’t you?” Rose smiled. Her doubts seemed to have disappeared.

“I used to like him. He dislikes me and thinks that it makes him sick that I liked him,” Gabrielle replied. She sounded helpless.

Although she used to have feelings for Bryce, she was now Westley’s wife. Gabrielle was loyal to her husband. Nothing and nobody could possibly destroy their relationship.

“I see. Unrequited love is sad, indeed,” Rose sneered with disdain.

Gabrielle did not want to utter any more explanation.

She was worried that she would get in trouble if she said any more.

Sometimes, too much talking could cause trouble.

“I was wary of you because I was worried for the safety of our people. After all, there had been people who sneaked into this place with ulterior motives. Bain killed them all and fed them to the wolves in the forest. That’s the price they had to pay,” Rose said. The tone of her voice was as cold as ice.

Gabrielle had perfect knowledge that Rose’s words were meant to warn her. She really had to keep a low profile. If she ever caused trouble, Gabrielle would pay with her life.

Those were the rules in this place.

“Rose, I only came here with Lance because I want to take Bryce home. We’re leaving the moment he wakes up. We’re not here for anything else,” Gabrielle explained. She felt anxious.

“Sometimes, even if you don’t mean to do anything, trouble just comes after you,” Rose said, and then walked straight forward.

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