Lock You In My Heart Chapter 459

To make Gabrielle feel at ease, Lance showed her around the village and went outside, keeping in mind not to leave the safety zone.

“Lance, let’s go back.” They had been strolling for a while, and Gabrielle didn’t want to keep going on.

After all, the people of the forest weren’t kind. They had been living on the brink of life and death, battling every day, after all.

They weren’t the ones to mess with.

“Let’s go to the red house to find Bain.” Lance looked at his watch: It was almost twelve.

Bain was a punctual man. He hated when people weren’t on time.

Therefore, Lance decided to meet him earlier.

“Okay.” Gabrielle nodded and followed him.

She wanted to end everything here as soon as possible and go home with Bryce.

The trip would end by then.

When the two arrived at the red house, Rose was already waiting for them downstairs. She looked at them and smiled.

“Bain said you would arrive early and asked me to wait for you here. He was right; come in with me.” Rose smiled and led them inside.

They wouldn’t have dinner in the red house now. The two followed Rose through the living room and went to the backyard.

Bain sat on a deck chair; several bodyguards in black stood beside him. There was a barbecue grill not far away from them. A rabbit and chicken were roasted in the fire.

The delicious fragrance of meat wafted in the air. Gabrielle’s mouth began to water.

She knew that everyone in the forest cooked game well.


“Bain, we are here.” Lance walked to Bain with Gabrielle.

“Lance, Miss Jones, please have a seat. I thought you would arrive at twelve, so I had the meat roasted in advance. But you are early. The food isn’t ready yet. Are you afraid of this, Miss Jones?” Although Bain looked apologetic, he still looked calm with a glint of coldness in his eyes.

He looked like a merciless man.

‘The ones who say that Westley is a ruthless man should meet Bain.

Gosh, I have never met anyone like him before!’ thought Gabrielle.

Bain had no choice but to be brutal. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to lead all the criminals.

Gabrielle was a little scared of him but didn’t dare to exhibit it. She tried her best to suppress the fear and uneasiness in her heart and forced a smile at him.

“Bain, it’s okay. I’m not afraid,” Gabrielle said, trying to sound confident.

“I’m glad to hear that, Miss Jones. I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to sleep after witnessing such a horrific scene. Let’s have a barbecue later. You look too frail, Miss Jones. You should eat more when the food is ready,” Bain said intently.

“Thank you, Bain. I will,” Gabrielle answered.

Now that she was already here, she had to follow the rules to survive in the place.

After all, this was someone else’s territory; she had to be careful.

“Rose, bring the drink for Miss Jones,” Bain called to her.


Rose strode into the house and soon came out with a large bottle of red drink.

Gabrielle once liked red color drinks, like watermelon juice, garnet juice, and tomato juice. She loved the flavor. However, she had just seen a b****y scene. Her stomach lurched at the sight of the red drink.

She couldn’t suppress th

e growing fear in her heart.

Her mouth went dry.

The scene was etched in her memory; she didn’t know how long it would take to forget it.

“Gabrielle, this is garnet juice. It tastes delicious. I have chilled it to make it tastier.” Rose filled a glass with the drink and handed it to her.

Gabrielle looked at Rose and back at the drink. She was hesitant to take it.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like it? Or do you think the juice is poisoned?” Rose said half-jokingly.

However, Gabrielle didn’t want to offend her in any way. Therefore, regardless of the growing unease in her stomach, she took a sip. “This is delicious. Thank you, Rose.”

“This drink is made of rose, so it obviously tastes good. I’ll pour you another glass later.” Rose smiled.

Gabrielle looked at the drink in her glass and frowned. She couldn’t bring herself to drink it.

“Lance, what’s your plan?” Bain asked.

“Bryce is still sleeping. We will leave after he wakes up,” he said.

“Their men have been guarding outside the forest. You can’t leave even if you want to,” Bain said coldly.

“I know. But I don’t want to get you into trouble.” Lance had never thought that his arrival would wreak havoc in their lives.

If they had known it earlier, they wouldn’t have bothered coming here at all. Bryce was safe in this territory, after all.

But he had already caused a lot of trouble.

“It’s not a big problem. If they dare to break into the forest, I will make sure no one steps out of our territory. But if someone else is out there, I can’t guarantee.” Bain’s face turned cold.

Lance was stunned. ‘Would someone else come?’

“Bain, what’s going on? Who do you think would come? Tell me so that I can be prepared.”

Lance searched the man’s face for answers.

If he was the reason behind all the problems, he wanted to try and solve them.

“No one. The meat is ready. Let’s have lunch first.” Bain had been watching Lance’s reaction. He didn’t bother explaining.

It seemed that the men of the Campbell Family hadn’t come for Lance and Gabrielle. He couldn’t tell why they were here.

The Campbell Family was the largest foreign family in Italy, with its business all over the world, especially in South Asia.

He had heard that the daughter of the Campbell Family had married a man from Antawood. But no one could find any information about him. People said he was a mysterious, ruthless man.

It looked like he would soon take over the Campbell Family. Bain felt the man was more powerful than the current leader of the clan.

“Miss Song, please have some more. We freshly hunted these animals for you,” Bain reminded Gabrielle.

“I know, Bain. Thank you.” She had seen them hunt right in front of her. Moreover, the sight of the meat on the plate made her stomach churn. But she didn’t dare to complain.

“Gabrielle, don’t you want to eat? Or don’t you have the heart to eat because you think rabbits are cute?” Rose joked.

“It’s not that, Rose. Gabrielle doesn’t eat rabbit meat. Don’t worry. I’ll eat hers.” Lance picked the meat on Gabrielle’s plate and began to eat it.

He knew Rose’s guess was right. Gabrielle loved rabbits and didn’t have the heart to eat them.

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