Lock You In My Heart Chapter 458

Gabrielle set the bowl down and calmly looked at Lance after forcing herself to swallow half a bowl of porridge.

“Lance, I don’t have the habit of treating strangers as friends and telling them everything. Maybe Bain and Rose are your friends, but they are not my friends yet.”

Gabrielle spoke in a calm tone.

Lance naturally could understand the meaning of Gabrielle’s words, and he also didn’t want to push her to be friends with Rose and be honest with her.

To be honest, everyone here was good at playing double-face.

Because for them to survive in such an environment, they had to learn to live with a lot of masks.

“Gabrielle, I don’t mean to blame you. I just want to tell you that this place is safe. Yes, people’s hearts are complicated, and we are not familiar with them. So, it’s normal for us to hide our true feelings. I don’t blame you. I just care about you. I’m the only person you can rely on here after all.” Lance’s tone conveyed his seriousness.

Hearing this, Gabrielle felt a little relieved. Then a thought flashed across her mind, and she hesitated for a moment before speaking out. “Lance, there is no signal here, right?”

Hearing the sudden question, Lance was slightly taken aback. But he naturally knew what Gabrielle was thinking by asking such a question.

“Gabrielle, do you remember the satellite phone I gave you before?” Lance asked.

“Yes, I remember. It’s in my bag upstairs,” Gabrielle answered. The satellite phone was in her coat pocket before, but she took it out after taking a shower.

“So, you mean, there really is no mobile phone signal in this place, only satellite signal, right?” Gabrielle said as she comprehended what Lance was trying to clarify with his question.

Lance nodded in response and added, “That’s right. You have to keep your satellite phone with you all the time. If we lose contact, I can find you through it.”

“I see, Lance.”

Only then did Gabrielle understand that it wasn’t that the mobile phone signals were blocked here but that there was no signal at all.

“Do you want to call Westley?” Lance voiced his guess, and it was correct.


Gabrielle decided to follow here with Lance without giving it much thought. She even passed up the opportunity to spend her first Christmas with Westley. She couldn’t help but feel a stab of regret in her heart now that she was stuck in this situation.

“Lance, I’m very upset.” Gabrielle spoke out her feeling.

The moment uneasiness grew in her heart, the first person she could think of was Westley. Because he was like a tranquilizer for both her heart and soul. She would feel at ease whenever she heard his voice.

“Gabrielle, don’t worry. Eat breakfast first. After that, let’s go to the hospital to see Bryce.” Lance comforted Gabrielle.

That was the only thing he could do for Gabrielle right now.

Gabrielle gave her thoughts a rest, knowing there was nothing they could do at this moment. After the two of them had breakfast, Gabrielle packed her things in her bag, and they went to the hospital.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, they went straight to the ward. Inside the room, Bryce was still lying, motionless.

Seeing Bryce in that state right in front of her eyes, no matter how hard she tried to keep her calm, Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel worried.

“You two came so early. Have you had breakfast?” Gabrielle was immersed in her thoughts, so when she heard the voice of Doctor Maniac behind her, she was startled. When she looked in the direction of the sound, she saw the presence of a young doctor.

“Good morning, Doctor Maniac. We’ve had breakfast. Rose specially sent us the food. They’re delicious,” Gabrielle responded simply.

Doctor Maniac’

s lips curled up when he heard this. “Delicious? Be careful. She might poison you.”


Gabrielle’s mind became a jumbled mess after hearing Doctor Maniac’s words. She couldn’t help but be frightened because she had already eaten the food. She started to worry if they were really poisoned.

Doctor Maniac burst out laughing when he saw Gabrielle’s face turn pale with nervousness.

“Are you scared? Why are you here if you don’t have the guts?” Knowing his trick was successful, Doctor Maniac’s mood brightened.

Hearing what Doctor Maniac said, Gabrielle felt a pang of embarrassment.

“Gabrielle, don’t worry. Although the people here aren’t considered good outside, they dare not mess around in Bain’s territory. Don’t listen to him.” Lance quickly comforted Gabrielle. He didn’t expect Doctor Maniac to say such nonsense.

“How is Bryce’s situation? When will he wake up? We can’t stay here for too long. I don’t want to get Bain into trouble,” Lance said seriously.

The sooner Bryce woke up, the sooner they would be able to leave.

Getting Bain involved in the mess was the last thing Lance wanted.

“Don’t worry. If he doesn’t wake up today, he will definitely wake up tomorrow. It’s lucky for him to meet me,” Doctor Maniac said with a blank face.

In his tone, it could be sensed that he was confident in his own skills.

“Doctor, I believe you,” Gabrielle responded.

“Well, Gabrielle, you look tired. You have black circles under your eyes. You must haven’t slept well last night, right? Do you need me to prescribe some sleeping pills for you?” Doctor Maniac glanced at Gabrielle’s face and said seriously.

“No, thank you, Doctor Maniac.” Gabrielle immediately rejected Doctor Maniac’s kindness.

Hearing this, Doctor Maniac didn’t insist. Instead, a smile formed on his lips and he said, “Gabrielle, don’t be so formal with me. You can come over whenever you need it. I’m in charge here. I can give you any medicine you want.”

Noticing that Doctor Maniac was about to act flirtatious again, Lance interrupted him.

“Doctor Maniac, please take care of Bryce. Since he is still in a coma, I’ll show Gabrielle around first.” Lance quickly made up an excuse to take Gabrielle away.

“Okay, it’s good. You can show her around here. But don’t go out of the protection area. It’s nothing if you get lost. But if you meet large animals, you may lose your lives. Gabrielle, don’t run around, okay? The beasts won’t show you mercy, and someone in the forest may shoot you,” Doctor Maniac reminded.

“Thank you, Doctor Maniac. I understand.” Gabrielle nodded in response.

Rose mentioned that once, and Doctor Maniac just said the same thing. So she naturally could understand how scary it would be outside of the protection area.

“That’s good. You can go. I’ll inform you if anything happens.” Doctor Maniac didn’t ask them to stay longer.

So, Gabrielle and Lance came out, stood on the open space outside the hospital, and looked up at the sky.

The sky was blue, and the sun was bright, but they couldn’t see a large area of the sky.

Although many trees had been cut down, a few trees that had been there for more than a hundred years were kept. So the area was a bit shady.

“Gabrielle, what do you want to say?” Lance asked as he cast a glance at Gabrielle.

“Lance, can you help me contact Westley?” Gabrielle simply quit keeping her thoughts to herself and stated openly.

Since last night, she had been thinking of contacting Westley. But she didn’t know what to do to get in contact with him.

“I’ll try my best. But don’t get your hopes up.” Lance reminded Gabrielle in advance. After all, he didn’t expect they would be in this situation in the first place.

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