Lock You In My Heart Chapter 457

Gabrielle and Lance returned to the white house arranged by Rose for them to live. Along the way, they saw people walking back and forth holding guns in their hands, like they were on patrol. Even so, they completely ignored both Gabrielle and Lance.

It wasn’t an oversight. The guards didn’t find the need to check the pair because the only people who were allowed to enter the village were those Bain trusted.

At first, they were curious about Gabrielle and Lance, but it only took them a few minutes to adjust to the presence of the two.

“Lance, they’re not doing anything. Does that mean these village people already trust us? Don’t they consider us as outsiders anymore?” Gabrielle asked curiously, her eyes scanning the unfamiliar surroundings.

Bain already checked their backgrounds and found out that they were clean and hadn’t committed any crime. That went without saying that they didn’t fit in with the rest of the residents of this village.

“Well, it’s not a matter of being outsiders or not. In their eyes, strangers are classified into two groups—people who are recognized and trusted by Bain, and those he did not. We belong to the former—same as them. Besides, the people here have seen and experienced a lot, and they can adjust pretty quickly. No one will really make a fuss about strangers, so you can rest easy. Okay? Go to bed early. Don’t think too much about it. Have a good sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Lance sent her to her room, closed the door for her, and left.

Gabrielle carefully locked the door from inside, satisfied with the click she heard. She sat on the bed and stared at her phone long and hard. After some consideration, she breathed deeply and turned it on. She couldn’t do it anymore—not contact Westley or at least let him know she was fine.

But luck wasn’t on her side. There was no signal at all. She stood up, walked around the room, and raised her arm in a futile attempt to get even just one bar.

A few minutes later, she realized that the signal was blocked. They weren’t allowed to communicate with the outside world.

Gabrielle tapped her phone on her forehead. She couldn’t get in touch with Westley. He might be worried sick by now.

She threw her phone on the bed and lay down with one arm over her eyes. Right now, her phone was just like a piece of scrap metal.

It was completely useless!

Gabrielle felt her rising frustration. She was so upset! Bryce’s injury was far more serious than what she initially thought. He was still in a coma, and she didn’t know when he would wake up.

Now that there was no way to contact Westley, Gabrielle got scared. She knew it was pointless to wallow in regret because she already reached this point, but she couldn’t help but panic. She tamped it down with slow breaths.

There was nothing she could do except pray that she would remain safe and sound.

She didn’t want to dwell on the fact that she could neither call nor text Westley, so she stood up and grabbed a set of clothes next to her. She then headed to the bathroom to take a shower.


She had a rough check of this place and found that it had everything she basically needed. She was actually surprised to learn that.

She felt cleaner and more refreshed after. But as she lay back down on the bed, she found that she couldn’t fall asleep.

Gabrielle took out her phone and swiped the photos she had taken before. Although Westley seldom appeared in the pictures, she still naturally thought of him whenever she came across images taken at places where they went together.

Her mind went back to what happened in the past few months—all those moments and memories with Westley. She recalled them one by one, as if each memory was something she didn’t want to let go of.

“Westley, I really regret coming here on impulse.

I hope you won’t be angry, and I hope I can still go back safely. When I get home to you, I’m willing to accept whatever punishment you will impose on me. I promise,” she muttered to herself, tears gathering in her eyes.

She clutched her phone tightly until she fell asleep.

When she heard a knock on the door, Gabrielle jolted awake and opened her eyes. It was already past nine o’clock.

She had slept for three or four hours, but she felt exhausted and uncomfortable. She thought that it might only be because she didn’t sleep well.

“Gabrielle, are you awake?” It was Lance’s voice outside. Gabrielle rubbed the sleep from her eyes and got up groggily.

“Lance, I’m getting up. What’s the matter?” Gabrielle’s voice was still hoarse, and she cleared her throat.

“Rose woke me up and brought us breakfast. Come and join me when you’re ready,” Lance told her.

“I see. I’ll go downstairs after washing my face.”

Gabrielle hurriedly got out of bed. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. Th

en, she grabbed her phone to check and saw that the battery was running low. Gabrielle didn’t bring her charger, and she wanted to save whatever power was left. So she turned it off and went downstairs.

In the small dining room, Lance and Rose were waiting for her. Rose looked beautiful even this early in the morning, but her coldness remained. She smiled when she saw Gabrielle coming down.

“Gabrielle, did you sleep well? You look pale. Did you have a nightmare?” Rose asked with concern even if she still looked apathetic and indifferent. Gabrielle slowly made her way to her chair.

“Well, I guess I’m picky about beds. That’s why I didn’t sleep well because of the first night effect,” Gabrielle explained calmly, not meeting Rose’s eyes.

Gabrielle was extra wary of the people here. She didn’t know them. And even if they were nice, they were still strangers. So, Gabrielle opted not to speak too freely to them.

It wasn’t the bed, obviously. She didn’t sleep all night because her thoughts consumed her—thoughts of Bryce’s condition, her future, and Westley.

“That’s not a good habit, you know, being picky about beds. Your bed isn’t that bad; you’ll get used to it in a few days. I especially come here to bring you breakfast and see if you like it.” Rose smiled. However, her piercing gaze was so intimidating that Gabrielle had to look away.

It was obvious that Gabrielle had her walls up and was extra cautious around her, but Rose wouldn’t expose it or even mention it.

Gabrielle and Rose were still virtually strangers, so it was perfectly normal for Gabrielle to be on guard. She was surrounded by people she didn’t know in a place she was unfamiliar with.

“It’s good. Thank you for sending us breakfast, Rose. I appreciate it.” With a gentle smile, Gabrielle scanned the breakfast spread before her. There were slices of white bread, porridge, and pickles. She found it a weird combination, but it was enough for her. She wasn’t here for a feast, after all.

Gabrielle didn’t know how she went from being Westley’s wife to living like an outlaw. Just days ago, they were eating at restaurants. Still, she had food. She couldn’t afford to be choosy about it.

“Then you can eat first; I won’t disturb you. By the way, you can take a stroll in the village, but don’t go beyond the safe area. If you get lost in the forest, you may end up encountering beasts and other creatures. It’s dangerous. Lance, you should know this too.” Rose reminded both Gabrielle and Lance. She couldn’t repeat it enough, especially to Gabrielle who didn’t know much about the place.

“I know. I’ll remind Gabrielle. I won’t let her get in trouble,” Lance promised. He gave Rose a brief nod and stared seriously at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was about to take a piece of bread when Rose spoke of the dangers outside the village. Gabrielle gulped. They were in another person’s turf, and they had no choice but to obey the rules.

“Bain is sending his invitation for lunch. You can go there at 12 o’clock. That’s it, I guess. I hope you have a good meal.” Rose didn’t wait for either of them to respond. She turned her back and left, leaving Gabrielle to stare at her.

Gabrielle helped herself to a small bite of the bread, but she realized that she had no appetite. She didn’t have the heart to eat. She looked at Lance from the corner of her eyes.

He was eating the bread and porridge calmly and almost heartily. It was as though he didn’t have a care in the world, as though they were eating breakfast normally.

Gabrielle’s mouth hung open. She was shocked by how he was taking it all in stride. Was he really not afraid of anything happening to them? Did he truly believe that Bain could ensure their safety?

“Gabrielle, why aren’t you eating? Don’t you like it? The food supply in this village is limited, and so are the chefs. So we’re fortunate enough to have these dishes for us. You have to make do with it and not starve yourself,” Lance warned her in between eating and swallowing. He looked at her as he drank a cup of water.

With new resolve, Gabrielle bit the inside of her cheek. She had to remind herself that it was all about survival here. Nothing else mattered. She didn’t have the luxury to pick her food, her bed, or her room.

“Lance, I know. It’s just that I’m not hungry right now. I’ll keep the bread, though. I’ll eat it when I’m hungry.” Gabrielle mechanically spooned some porridge into her mouth. She ate it without tasting the food. She knew she had to keep up her strength.

“Gabrielle, do you have something on your mind? Tell me. I noticed that you’re not acting friendly to Rose. She’s trying, you know.” Gabrielle’s spoon was arrested halfway to her lips, and she put it down. How could Lance not see through Gabrielle’s attitude towards Rose? It was so obvious.

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