Lock You In My Heart Chapter 455

Soon after, a large white iron house came into view, which was four or five times larger than theirs. Looking all the way, it was the largest building that stood out the most, with a clear red cross on the front.

One could tell it was a hospital just by a glance.

“This is Doctor Maniac’s hospital, a freak who is wholly devoted to his job. Don’t be afraid when you see him later, Gabrielle, because he is crazy only when it comes to his patients. He has no interest in normal people.” Rose briefly explained the situation to Gabrielle as she pushed the hospital door open.

Immediately after, a strong disinfectant smell rushed out of the open air and pierced into Gabrielle’s nose.

This place was indeed a hospital, but the smell of disinfectant was stronger than any other ordinary hospital she had been to. ‘Is this how a doctor wants his hospital to be?’ Gabrielle couldn’t help but ponder.

“Rose, the doctor you are talking about, is he also a freak in science?” Gabrielle asked as she thought of some doctor characters in science fiction movies. All of those characters share common personality traits, such as being highly intelligent, yet they were also unsociable and independent. They had a mindset that no one could possibly understand, and they preferred to be locked up in a room to do some scientific research alone.

“Haha, a freak in science? Almost. You’ll know when you see him…” Rose answered with a chuckle after hearing her comment.

“Who is a freak in science? Rose, you vicious-mouthed woman! You are speaking ill of me in my hospital!” The loud voice filled the air, and a tall white figure appeared in front of them.

Gabrielle saw a clean and handsome face as she raised her eyes and looked over. But his complexion was obviously very white, like that of a vampire who lacked the color of blood for long-time restraint from sunshine.

If it weren’t for his white doctor’s robe, Gabrielle would not really think he was a doctor. After all, he looked like a patient who had been in the hospital for a long time.

“I didn’t say that. Lance and his cousin came to see Bryce. My duty is done here, and next is all your hospital’s business. You should be responsible for their affairs here.” Rose didn’t show any politeness and directly handed Lance and Gabrielle over to Doctor Maniac.

“Alright, you can get out now. I’ll take care of them,” Doctor Maniac answered in the same indifferent and unfriendly manner.

Gabrielle observed the interactions between the two, free of formality and honey-coated behavior. She felt that the two of them were very good friends to some extent.

“Lance, Gabrielle, Doctor Maniac will take care of you here. I’m leaving. Can you find the way back to your dwelling places?” Rose looked at the two of them and asked.

“Yes, we can. Thank you, Rose.” Gabrielle expressed her gratitude.

“Okay then, see you tomorrow. I hope you can have a good memory here.” Rose left after saying that.


“Doctor Maniac?” Gabrielle questioned, shifting her gaze from the departing figure of Rose to the young man. The man in front of her looked so young that she couldn’t process the fact that he was the medical freak everyone was glorifying. Although Doctor Manic was not necessarily a grey-haired geezer in her estimation, she assumed he would be at least in his forties. In contrast to her assumption, the young Doctor Maniac in front of her amazed her.

“You don’t think I’m a doctor?” seeing the look of disbelief in Gabrielle’s eyes, Doctor Maniac asked.

His face was pale and had an indifferent expression, which prevented people from probing into his true emotions.

“No, of course not. I’m just a little surprised. You are so young,” Gabrielle didn’t hesitate and responded directly.

“You think I should be a weird old man in his late years? How ill did Rose speak of me in front of you?” The young doctor spoke out his curiosity.

“Rose didn’t say ill about you. Can you take us to see Bryce now?” Gabrielle went straight to the point

since she wanted to meet Bryce as soon as possible, which was her sole reason for coming to Bangkok.

“Let’s go. He’s on the second floor. Please come with me.”

The doctor led the way, followed by Gabrielle and Lance.

The nervousness on Gabrielle’s face grew more visible with each step she took. She was being so cautious that she didn’t even dare to take a deep breath. She didn’t want to waste any time in meeting with Bryce.

“Are you okay, Gabrielle?” Sensing Gabrielle’s uneasiness, Lance reached out and grabbed her arm. He felt the coldness of her skin as soon as he touched it.

She was only wearing a camouflage coat with short sleeves on the inside, which did not seem to be warm enough for her. After all, it was a bit cold in Bangkok in nights of December.

“Lance, I’m not cold. It’s just that the hospital normally makes me feel a little gloomy,” Gabrielle said briefly.

“Only people with vile secrets feel gloomy. I’ve been in the hospital all the time. I’ve never had such a feeling before.” Doctor Maniac didn’t agree with Gabrielle’s words.

Hearing that, Gabrielle couldn’t think of anything to refute either. As a doctor, he would never feel the hospital as a gloomy place, of course.

Along the way, Gabrielle didn’t say anything anymore. She just quietly followed Doctor Maniac upstairs and along the corridor to the innermost ward.

“Okay, the patient you want to see is here.” Doctor Maniac pushed open the door and let the two in.

It was a small ward in which Bryce was the only occupant. He was lying on the bed, with tubes inserted into his body and an oxygen mask on his face.

It could be seen that he was seriously injured. There were many visible wounds all over his body as he lay unconscious on the bed. It was a heartbreaking sight to behold.

Gabrielle hadn’t seen Bryce for months, but she didn’t expect to see him in this way.

She couldn’t even think of a word to express the numerous emotions that were racing through her mind.

“Doctor, how is he?” Lance asked the doctor.

He had only heard about Bryce’s severe injuries over the phone. He had also seen a few photos. He was well aware that the situation was serious, but he didn’t expect it to be this bad.

“The situation is a little complicated, but it can still be rescued in my hands. As for whether he will be able to return to his former condition, it depends on his luck. After all, I am just a doctor, not a God. I will try my best.” Doctor Maniac gave out a brief explanation.

“Doctor, I believe in you,” Lance stated since he was aware of Doctor Maniac’s exceptional skills. His “maniac nature” was not in his personality but in medical skills. He was a very talented doctor. Otherwise, the Scarlet Scar wouldn’t have kept him here.

Those who could stay here were all talented and valuable people.

“Doctor Maniac, do you know how he got injured so badly?” Gabrielle asked anxiously.

“A fierce fight, a fall from a high place, and a sharp weapon wound. He is so unfortunate to get hurt so badly. Death is considered a blessing for him. But he is luckier that I’m the doctor to treat him.” Doctor Maniac gave a brief explanation of what he could observe.

“Thank you so much, Doctor Maniac.” Gabrielle looked at Doctor Maniac and expressed her heartfelt gratitude.

“That’s what I should do. You don’t need to thank me. If there’s nothing else, I will leave first. By the way, I also stay in the hospital overnight. If anything happens, just ring the bell, and I’ll know.” After finishing his words, Doctor Maniac prepared to leave.

“Thank you for your hard work, Doctor Maniac.” Gabrielle sincerely thanked the doctor. Doctor Maniac looked so young, yet his medical skills were exceptional. She even thought it was a pity that such a talented person stayed in such a remote village in the forest.

“Gabrielle, I see sympathy for me in your eyes. Is that so?” The young doctor asked, looking Gabrielle in the eyes.

He was especially sensitive to this kind of look.

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