Lock You In My Heart Chapter 454

No matter how well-prepared Gabrielle was, the scar-faced man terrified her.

The man had a ferocious look, a scar extending from his chin to his forehead. His European features made up for his flawed face, making him both intimidating and handsome at the same time.

“Gabrielle, this is our boss, the Scarlet Scar. We call him Bain,” Lance introduced.

‘Scarlet Scar?’

Gabrielle had finally figured out why his house was painted in a bright crimson color.

“It’s nice to meet you, sir… I’m Gabrielle Jones.” She calmly greeted the boss, thinking of why he had attached the word scarlet to his name.

He appeared like a villain from the movies and story books. Lance told her he could make real criminals obey his orders. The dense forest was full of them.

But after meeting and speaking with a more powerful individual like Wilson, Gabrielle wasn’t so surprised anymore.

“Miss Jones. Hello.” Bain gazed at Gabrielle with his dark brown eyes, with an amused expression.

”I like your guts, Miss Jones. Most people would be afraid just by looking at me. It’s no surprise that Lance is fond of you.” Bain praised Gabrielle for her bravery.

He had a face that scared not only women, but also cowardly men.

Since all the villagers here had rap sheets, the were not afraid of anything and would do whatever they wanted.

So he didn’t faze them.

Gabrielle obviously came from a prominent family. It surprised him that she had the courage to come all this way when she looked like she couldn’t even hurt a fly.

He couldn’t help but stare at Gabrielle again.

“Bain, Gabrielle is my cousin, and she’s Bryce’s sister. We have come for him. How is he now?” Lance felt uncomfortable as Bain stared Gabrielle down. He couldn’t tell what the boss was thinking.


“Lance, do you think it’ll be safer to take him to your place than to leave him in my care? There’s no safer place in Bangkok than here. Am I right? It’s also why you guys came here. To seek refuge so those men can’t follow you anymore. But if you insist, I certainly won’t stop you from taking him away.” He didn’t try to persuade them; he simply reminded Lance of the situation they were in.

And he was right. It was so much dangerous outside the forest.

Especially since Lance had been hunted down before.

“I know, Bain. But I have to let Gabrielle see Bryce first and we can decide what to do next.” Lance was well aware of the danger they would face when they left the forest.

Staying here would be the best option for now.

“Well, he’s with Doctor Maniac. You can go without me. Your rooms are ready too and Rose will take you there later.” Bain had prepared everything for them.

“Thank you for this, Bain.”

“Don’t be. After all, you got in trouble because of me last time. We’re here to help each other out.” Bain spoke with loyalty.

That was the foundation of their brotherhood, loyalty.

Men who are faithful and loyal to their allies would always receive respect and more followers. And this strengthened their bond as a gang.


A woman with short golden hair and a seemingly cold aura walked in. She looked at Lance and Gabrielle, and then faced Bain.

“Bain, you called?”

“Take Lance and his cousin to their room and then lead them to Doctor Maniac’s. They want to see Bryce,” Bain ordered.

“Alright, Bain. It’s been a while, Lance. And you, pretty girl, come with me.” Rose smiled a bit as she stared at Gabrielle.

“Hello, Rose.” Gabrielle greeted her politely.

“Let’s go. Doctor Maniac’s ward is on the other side.” Rose turned around and headed towards the exit.

“We’ll be on our way now.” Lance spoke and Bain nodded shortly after.

“Go ahead. See you in the morning.”

The two visitors followed Rose. Gabrielle had been keeping a close eye on the surroundings. They would get glares from some villagers sitting outside their homes.

It made her feel unwelcome. It was like walking accidentally into a secret base. People were unfriendly.

“Are you scared, Miss Jones?” Rose teased.

”Everything’s fine.”

”You don’t have to hide it. It’s normal for you to feel nervous around here. One time, there was a girl who had entered the place by mistake, she got terrified and cried right away. You’re actually a tough one. As expected of Lance’s cousin.” Rose recalled.

Hearing this, Gabrielle gave her a faint smile. ”Thank you for saying that. To be honest, I’m not really that tough.”

“I don’t usually say good things to people, but you deserved it.” Rose coolly smiled.

”Even though we’ve killed people once or twice, rest assured, there’s no need to be scared. The killings have ended and there are no more fights. It’s Bain’s rules. If they ever break the rules, they’ll be evicted. This place is their final refuge, after all. Most of them are internationally wanted fugitives and if they go outside the forest, they would be captured or worse, get murdered. A lot of people here have criminal records, but they’re not exactly bad guys. I don’t know if you understood what I meant, but please, don’t judge a book by its cover. They have their own reasons. You’re absolutely safe here,” Rose explained in detail.

Gabrielle believed she had understood. People like them were prone to acting in ways that were against their will. But they still killed people. She wouldn’t feel sympathy for them.

“Rose, I get what you mean. I won’t think less of them.” Gabrielle knew she didn’t have to say anything more.

On top of that, she disliked interfering in other people’s businesses. The people here were definitely not to be messed with. She didn’t want to cause any trouble.

”This will be your room. Don’t expect too much though, it’s not cozy like the city. Only basic necessities are provided. You can call me if you need anything.” Rose led them to a white iron building, where they were going to spend their following days.

”It’s okay, we can manage,” Gabrielle replied. They were on the run so they couldn’t ask for more.

“I like that you’re quite sensible, Miss Jones. Now that you’ve seen the room, we can head to the ward.” Rose grinned. The two followed her again towards where Doctor Maniac was.

“Rose, I haven’t told you my name. It’s Gabrielle Jones, please call me Gabrielle.” Gabrielle felt like she and Rose would get along.

”Gabrielle…what a lovely name.”

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