Lock You In My Heart Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Nearly Die Young

After listening to Lance’s words, Gabrielle’s mood worsened. She was so nervous that she couldn’t bring herself to lose the grip of the handlebar.

The driver was skillful enough to handle the car that it was moving at an unbelievable high speed as if it were a racing car.

However, this did not guarantee their safety at all. They just had no choice but to put their lives at risk in the “racing car.”

“Gabrielle, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that the situation was much more serious than I expected. I thought they wouldn’t find us since we came here in such a low-key way. Besides, it has been two or three years since the last accident happened. I didn’t expect them to try to kill me again. Sorry for putting you in danger, Gabrielle.” Lance gave out a heartfelt apology, and it was apparent that he felt deeply responsible for Gabrielle.

“Lance, you don’t need to apologize. I don’t blame you,” Gabrielle responded in a serious tone.

Lance was the one who cared for her the most throughout her childhood to adulthood. Thus, even if she really died because of him in the end, she would never blame him.

“Gabrielle, when we return safe and sound, no matter what your request is, I will grant to you, okay?” Lance said as he was already thinking about making up for it.

Gabrielle was completely taken aback when she heard Lance’s words and then shook her head vigorously. “No, I don’t need any compensation from you. Westley can give me whatever I want as long as we can go back safely this time.”

Gabrielle was never afraid of death. As an orphan raised up by the Jones family, she was already very grateful for the 20 years of parenting by the Jones family. She had never cared much about life. And she didn’t mind, even if she died by accident.

But things were no longer the same, and she no longer had that perspective. It was because she now had Westley. She had to survive no matter what.

“Gabrielle, do you fall in love with Westley? Is he really a good person who deserves your love?” Lance couldn’t help but ask since he could sense Gabrielle’s earnestness in her words.

Lance knew well that the person Gabrielle could think of even in such a situation was not an ordinary person. This simply indicated that that person was the only one attached to her heart and soul. And it was Westley.

This made Lance feel very unfair. After all, he had loved and cared Gabrielle for nearly twenty years, ever since he was a child. He planned to confess to her after she officially graduated from university. But, because of Westley, all of his carefully prepared plans had been thrown out the window.

Westley had not only married Gabrielle but also made her fall in love with him.

Lance got nothing, nor did he have the qualification to take her off Westley since she had been in love with that guy.

There was nothing he could do right now except to bring Gabrielle back to Westley safely and wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.


‘However, how would Gabrielle react if what happened to Bryce is indeed related to Westley?’ A thought flashed across his mind.

There only had a thin line between love and hate.

Lance was well aware of how powerful a single sentence could be in changing the balance between love and hate.

“Lance, he is my husband. Of course, I love him.” Gabrielle admitted boldly.

She felt that there was nothing to be ashamed of in admitting her love for her husband.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she said.

“I see. Hold on, Gabrielle. We’ll arrive at the dense forest soon. We’ll be safe there.” Lance offered some words of comfort.

In fact, even if they really arrived there, they could only be safe for a while. After all, as long as they were still in Thailand, their safety could not be secured.

“Well, we are now in dan

ger. Shall we inform Westley? He will…”

“I can handle this without him, Gabrielle.” Lance cut Gabrielle off before she could finish her sentence and flatly rejected her idea.

He would never let Westley get involved in his business. It would make him look really incompetent.

Besides, asking for Westley’s help would be embarrassing given that he knew what happened to Bryce was related to Westley.

Therefore, he couldn’t let Westley come here.

He would never let that happen.

“Lance, I know you don’t like Westley. I’m just giving you an idea. Maybe Westley would be able to help us.” If it weren’t for the current situation, Gabrielle would not advise Lance to look for help from Westley. She was suggesting so because she didn’t want the matter to get worse.

“Gabrielle, don’t you trust me now? Or do you think I’m not as capable as Westley?” Lance questioned. There was no need to be jealous, nor did he want.

But it still hurt his self-esteem to ask Westley for help.

“Lance, don’t think too much. I didn’t mean like that. We are almost in the dense forest.” Gabrielle quickly changed the subject.

If they continued talking about Westley, she was afraid Lance would blow up.

Moreover, she didn’t really want to ask Westley for help. Now was not the time, anyway. After visiting Bryce, she might consider that.

Meanwhile, Lance conversed with the driver in Thai.

“At this speed, we may arrive in less than ten minutes. Don’t worry too much, Gabrielle. We will be safe soon.” He informed Gabrielle after obtaining the information he needed from the driver.

Gabrielle felt a bit relieved upon hearing that.

Gabrielle then looked out of the window. It was pitch black outside, with no light at all. It seemed that they had arrived at a place deep in the suburb.

The environment was really gloomy and terrifying. She would be scared to death if someone showed up abruptly.

“Gabrielle, close your eyes. We’ll be there in a while.” Lance reminded her, noticing a trace of discomfort in Gabrielle’s eyes.

He was afraid that the more Gabrielle looked at the scene outside, the more scared she would become.

“Lance, I am fine. Didn’t you say we’ll be there in a while? Then, I can just wait.” Gabrielle was still anxious, afraid that the second group of people from that gang might show up.

Bang! Bang!

The sound of gunshots filled the air.

Although the sound was from a distance, Gabrielle couldn’t keep her fear at bay.

She nervously looked at Lance and asked, “Lance, are they catching up to us?” Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel anxious. She had no idea how many people or guns they would have to face if the second group of people rushed over.

“Gabrielle, don’t worry. There is a thick forest in front of you. See? Do you see a large stretch of woods?” Lance said as he pointed to the direction ahead.

Gabrielle’s eyes shifted to the direction Lance’s finger was pointing. With the faint moonlight, she could hardly see the scene in front of her.

Indeed, they were in the dense forest.

Did that mean their lives would be spared?

However, the gunshots were getting closer and closer.


“Gabrielle, don’t worry! Ahead of us is another gang’s territory. Trust me, they don’t dare to come there too presumptuously.” It was only after passing a road sign, Lance could feel relief.

Sure enough, the approaching gunshots suddenly stopped.

Only then could Gabrielle reasonably assume people behind would not chase them anymore.

They were out of danger.

“Lance, are we safe now?” Even though Gabrielle knew she should be at ease, she couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.

“Yes, Gabrielle,” Lance said as he let out a sigh of relief.

What a dangerous night! If they had arrived even 10 minutes late, they would have died young.

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