Lock You In My Heart Chapter 449

As soon as Gabrielle saw the shoe-sized gift box, she wanted to refuse.

Gabrielle had already stood Westley up and followed Lance to Thailand. If she would accept his present, she’d feel even more guilty for disobeying her husband.

“Lance, I…”

“Just think about it first. You can open it later when you’re alone and see for yourself. I think this is going to be useful for you.” Lance was quick to cut Gabrielle off because he knew she would probably refuse him.

Gabrielle gave him a hesitant look, even as she took the box from him.

“T-Thanks… I’m sorry I didn’t prepare a gift for you.” Gabrielle apologized.

“Well, you’re having dinner with me now. I think this is the best Christmas gift I can get.” Lance smiled. “And let’s go see Bryce after you get changed.” “Huh?”

Gabrielle looked up, eyes wide.

“Lance, what did you say? Are you taking me to see Bryce after dinner?” ‘Hadn’t he decided to meet him tomorrow? Why the sudden change?’ Gabrielle suddenly felt uneasy.

She knew Lance was a perfectionist when it came to meetings and schedules. He wouldn’t move fixed dates just for something minor. There had to be a big emergency.

“Aren’t you eager to see him? You’ve been in a good mood this whole time, so I figured we can go meet him today. So, eat up because we’ll be on the road for more than three hours.” Lance instructed. “I’m afraid you’d be tired on the way.”

Gabrielle heaved a sigh of relief. The sooner she met Bryce, the sooner she could go back home and apologize to Westley.

It was all in her favor.

“I’ll be fine, Lance. A three or four-hour drive isn’t going to hurt.” Gabrielle assured him.

She would meet Bryce and solve the problem as fast as she could. After that, she’d go home and explain everything to Westley.

Rather than feeling tired, she was looking forward to it.


“Alright, but let’s not keep the food waiting.” Lance placed different kinds of dishes on Gabrielle’s plate.

Anticipating her reunion with Bryce, she worked up an appetite.

After dinner, Lance handed her a black bag.

“There are clothes and shoes in here. Go get dressed, and don’t forget to unwrap my gift.” Lance looked at her expectantly.

Even he couldn’t control what kind of situation warranted the sudden change in their plans. In such a short time, all Lance could do was prepare tighter security and strengthen his defense. Protecting Gabrielle was the most important thing to him.

“Lance, what’s wrong? Why are you being so serious?” Gabrielle was a bit naive, but she could sense something was wrong. It felt like they were running away from something.

Did they offend anyone?

Lance ruefully smiled at her question. He knew she had always been smart and sensitive.

It seemed like he was making things obvious. No wonder Gabrielle tho

ught something was off.

“Everything’s fine, Gabrielle. I just want you to be comfortable in your clothes. You know how it’s like in Southeast Asia.” Lance patted her head.

Hearing his words made Gabrielle relieved a little bit.

“Alright, then, I’ll go get changed.” Pushing the doubts away, she went back to her room with the bag in hand.

When she opened it, she found a set of camouflage clothing, a bulletproof vest, military boots and a mask… It was a complete get-up for a special operative.

Gabrielle was frozen in shock, the uneasiness she felt earlier creeping back. She only hoped to see Bryce again, but what was all of this?

Tensed, she opened the gift box. At first glance, it looked like a normal set of jewelry, but as she picked a piece up, she found out the truth. She knew by then that it was a mini tracker.

She carefully removed the middle compartment and saw a small silver pistol with twenty special bullets.

Gabrielle was speechless. The situation was quite clear now.

It was not only for self-defense, but a definitive fight was brewing.

How could Gabrielle know anything about shooting a gun? Lance overestimated her.

Gabrielle hurriedly stuffed all the things back inside the box and thought to ask Lance about the whole situation. She didn’t expect this could be dangerous.

‘Did Lance bring me here to see Bryce? Or did he have another motive?’

When she opened the door, Lance was standing outside curiously playing with a sharp Swiss Army knife.

“…Lance, what…” Gabrielle was taken aback by what she’d seen.

“I was supposed to give this to you.” Lance said.

“Wait, I have a question. What are we doing here exactly? Why did you prepare all these things for me? Why would I need such things just to meet Bryce? This is insane!” Gabrielle roughly shoved the box into his stomach.

Lance swiftly caught the box in his hands and pulled Gabrielle into her room.

“Gabrielle, listen. The jewelry is equipped with a satellite tracker. No matter where you are, I will always find you. There’s also a satellite phone. It’s important that you keep it with you at all times.” As Lance spoke, he took out the gun. “And most of all, I’ll have to teach you how to shoot.”

Time was running out, so he had to teach Gabrielle quickly. Having a gun always came in handy in dangerous situations.

They had about two hours and that was hopefully enough.

“Lance, you’re not answering my questions! Please stop scaring me. Let’s go back. I don’t want to see Bryce anymore.” Fear had taken over Gabrielle. She was at a loss what to do.

She only came to Thailand for the chance to see Bryce again, but who knew things would turn out this way? ‘Who’s the enemy? Why do I have to fight?’ Gabrielle had never felt so terrified in her whole life

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