Lock You In My Heart Chapter 447

Gabrielle was silent through the long flight. She was evidently caught in a somber mood.

She felt deep remorse after she hopped on the plane to Thailand to be with Lance. She should have bid goodbye to Westley, at least.

‘Will Westley be upset if he found out?

I think he would be happy when he gets the cake I baked for him.’

“Gabrielle, are you feeling under the weather?” Lance asked as he handed her a glass of warm water.

Gabrielle reached for it and took a sip. The lubrication in her throat seemed to have made her feel more comfortable.

“Thank you. I’m fine. It’s probably just because I haven’t been on a plane for quite some time,” she explained.

Lance was an intelligent man. He could tell that there was something on her mind. If it had only been because of the plane, she wouldn’t have reacted that way.

“Gabrielle, it’s going to take a while. You should get some sleep. I’ll wake you up when we get there,” Lance said as he handed her a blanket.

Gabrielle put her glass down and cozied up under the blanket. She wanted to sleep for a bit to stop herself from making more speculations.

“Lance, can we bring Bryce with us? It’s a private plane after all,” Gabrielle asked.

“It depends. We haven’t even found Nellie yet.” Lance was worried about the situation.

They weren’t sure if Westley was on their side. Even though he was Gabrielle’s husband, they were still wary of him.

“Alright, then. I’m going to go get some rest.” Gabrielle turned on her side so she could take a nap.

She wasn’t sleepy at all. Gabrielle just did not want to talk to him for fear of saying the wrong things.

Despite that, she dozed off anyway. Either her exhaustion or the comfortable seat drew her to the world of sleep.


They had already landed when Lance called her. It was dark outside.

“Gabrielle… We’re here. If you want to get some more rest, you can sleep at the hotel.” Lance didn’t expect that Gabrielle would finally fall asleep.

Initially, he knew that she wanted to sleep because she didn’t want to talk to him.

She had a frown on her face as she slept. Lance was worried that she felt terrible.

When the plane landed, Lance received a call from the housekeeper. The cake had been sent to Westley. He seemed irate over Gabrielle’s absence and asked where she had gone.

Lance did not utter a word about it.

Eventually, Westley would find out that Gabrielle had gone to Thailand. Lance just did not want him to find out too soon.

He should worry a little more about Gabrielle.

“Oh… We’re here. Are you waiting for me?” Gabrielle sat up. She looked out the window to gaze at the sky.

It looked quite late. The plane had landed at a private airport. A bright luminescence for a number of lamps surrounded them.

Gabrielle felt like she was treading on an unfamiliar land.

“We just arrived. You were fast asleep. I didn’t want to disturb your slumber. Did you sleep well?” Lance asked in a gentle voice.

“I feel great. Should we go see Bryce now?” Impatience

filled Gabrielle’s insides.

She had a nightmare about Bryce. There was blood all over his body. He didn’t look back no matter how loud she called out.

In her dream, Wendy was hysterically crying.

It was nothing but a dream. However, it was enough to upset Gabrielle.

The important thing was that Bryce was still alive. That was what mattered the most.

She wanted to see him as soon as possible.

“He’s not awake yet. We should go have dinner at the hotel first. You should rest as well. I will take you to him first thing in the morning. How does that sound?” Lance suggested.

With his words, Gabrielle felt at ease. As long as she knew that Bryce was alive. It was alright for her to see him a day later.

“Alright. Let’s go to the hotel.” She proceeded to walk out of the plane.

There was a car waiting for them. From the airport, they travelled for over thirty minutes to get to the hotel.

Gabrielle couldn’t bring herself to enjoy the majestic scenery.

“I know you want to see Bryce as soon as possible but I don’t think you should. You are not doing well mentally. I can’t afford to stress you out even more. Especially when you get to see him tomorrow.” Lance voiced out his concerns.

“Lance, I…

Okay. I see. Thank you for always looking after me. I should listen to you.” Lance was the only person she knew in this foreign country. There was nobody else she could rely on.

When they arrived, Lance led Gabrielle to her room. He had asked someone to prepare everything she possibly needed. Even if she came here empty handed, Gabrielle had nothing to worry about.

“Go take a shower and get some more sleep. If you need anything else, I’ll have someone fetch it for you,”

Lance said.

“Thank you, Lance.” Lance’s actions filled Gabrielle’s heart with warmth.

He had always been so nice and accommodating.

“Feel at home. I’ll have someone prepare dinner.” With those final words, Lance left the room.

Once Gabrielle had finished cleaning herself up, she went out to the balcony. She took a deep breath as she gazed into the night sky.

‘Was coming here the right thing to do? I should be at Half Moon Bay, celebrating Christmas and Westley’s birthday with him.

Westley… I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for your birthday.

I hope the cake I baked makes you happy,’ Gabrielle whispered in her heart.

‘Would the cake be enough to replace my presence?’ she asked herself. Gabrielle had perfect knowledge that it wasn’t. But she had no other option. She had to leave.

She couldn’t go back to sleep so Gabrielle decided to head downstairs.

As she stood by the stairs, Gabrielle caught a glimpse of Lance whispering to several men in the living room. They were speaking in Thai so she had no idea what they were talking about.

It was new found knowledge to her that Lance knew how to speak Thai.

Gabrielle turned on her heels to go back upstairs for fear of disturbing them. She had decided to stay in her room until dinner was announced.

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