Lock You In My Heart Chapter 445

Even though she wasn’t sure if Westley would like her gift or not, Gabrielle’s heart was overflowing with sweetness.

She would personally bake him a birthday cake in the evening. ‘I wonder how Westley would react.’

Gabrielle was thrilled, thinking of her own surprise.

Although she was still worried whether her cake would be pretty enough and taste delicious, it was more important that it would suit Westley’s taste or not.

She would greet him happy birthday after making preparations.

His birthday was also the anniversary of his ex-girlfriend’s death. Years passed, but there’s still heaviness in their hearts.

But Gabrielle knew that Helena was dead, there was no need to feel jealous.

She needed to respect Helena. After Westley took her to Helena’s grave that day, she didn’t feel bothered about their past anymore.

After all, Westley was with her now. She just needed to cherish the present.

Let bygones be bygones.

Helena had been a great part of his life.

And she, herself, had been in love with Bryce before.

”Gabrielle, I have prepared a gift for you. But you have to wait until tonight. This is our first Christmas together, and I want it to be perfect.” He kissed her forehead gently.

Gabrielle felt excited after hearing about the gift Westley prepared for her.

She hoped the night would fall soon.

After all, she was very ecstatic to spend her first Christmas with her husband.


Back then, she liked celebrating festivals because she would have excuses to prepare gifts for Bryce.

Bryce, on the other hand, was aware of her actions and began to avoid her. Festivals were the same again after that.

Bryce would spend the festivals with other women, which upset her, and she stopped celebrating them since then.

But now she really looked forward to her first Christmas with Westley.

”I’m looking forward to our first Christmas, Westley. Where are you taking me tonight?” Gabrielle asked with knowing smile.

”It’s a surprise. You’ll see later,” Westley said, caressing her hair.

Gabrielle didn’t pry anymore. The surprise made her day more special.

”I can’t wait!” Her mood instantly got better too.

They went around the reserve area after breakfast, and then Westley drove Gabrielle back to the studio.

In the afternoon, she went to Alice’s bakery to start on her surprise for Westley.

Macy’s mother, Alice, had invited Gabrielle to come over and bake the cake there.

Gabrielle happily agreed and prepared two Christmas gifts for Macy and Alice before coming.

Macy was busy handling customers since it was Christmas, so Gabriell

e didn’t bother her and headed for the stairs.

“Gabrielle, my mom told me that you’d come. If you need anything, just tell me.” Macy came up during her free time and saw Gabrielle preparing the ingredients.

“I know. Thank you so much for letting me bake here. By the way, I have gifts for both of you.” Gabrielle handed the pretty gift boxes to Macy.

“Gabrielle, this is so sweet. You didn’t have to,” Macy said, surprised.

“It’s just small gifts. Besides, it’s Christmas today, I couldn’t come empty-handed. Please accept them.” Gabrielle insisted.

Macy happily accepted her gifts with a smile.

“Thank you, Gabrielle. Good luck with the cake. I’ll be downstairs. If you need any help just call me.” Macy cheered.

”Thank you, I’ll be okay.” Gabrielle assured her.

Macy headed downstairs after putting the gifts away.

She rolled up her sleeves and started working on her cake.

The elation was clear on her face.

Every cup was filled with love, every sprinkle was a touch of gratitude.

Gabrielle finished the cake and couldn’t wait for Westley to tell her where they should meet.

It was only four o’clock in the afternoon. Perhaps Westley thought it was too early, so he hadn’t told her yet.

Gabrielle couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to send him a message.

But before she could, Westley texted her, asking her to return to Half Moon Bay.

Gabrielle was stunned for a moment. She expected Westley would take her out to a more romantic place.

But on second thought, spending the night at home made more sense. It would be cozier there than somewhere outside.

Gabrielle replied cheerfully, telling Westley she would be home soon.

Then, she wrapped everything up.

“Gabrielle, are you going already? How’s the cake?” Macy was relieved to see her done.

“I think it turned out well. It’s the best one I’ve made so far. Probably because it’s for a special occasion,” Gabrielle answered with a smile.

Macy realized that Gabrielle was happy not because she had prepared the cake well, but because she made it for someone special to her.

“Congratulations, then. I wish you a very happy and unforgettable Christmas today,” Macy sincerely told her.

“Thank you, Macy. I think it’s going to be the best Christmas ever.” Gabrielle’s heart was racing. How she wished she could fly to Westley right away!

With the cake in her hand, Gabrielle hurried to the roadside to call a taxi. Suddenly, she got a call from Lance. She assumed he called to wish her a Merry Christmas, so she answered the phone calmly. “Lance, Merry Christmas!”

“Gabrielle! It’s Bryce, he’s… “

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