Lock You In My Heart Chapter 443

The Morris Group had been doing charity work for so many years. Westley’s grandfather was the initiator.

Nature was the focus of their advocacy. If humans were determined to continue growing, they should coexist with nature and avoid its deterioration.

For over ten years, the Morris Group had been working with the nature reserve.

That was why the leaders of the nature reserve were extremely grateful to their company.

With full knowledge that Westley had arrived, Mr. Tom Chow, the leader of the nature reserve personally greeted him at the door.

“Mr. Morris, your room is ready.” A bright smile adorned Tom’s face.

“Thank you, Tom.” When Westley got off the car, he walked around to open Gabrielle’s door for her. Carefully, he held her hand.

His affection showed through his actions.

Everyone could tell at first glance just how much Westley cared for her.

On top of that, it was the first time that Westley had brought a woman to the nature reserve. Tom was sure that this fine lass held a special place in Westley’s heart.

“It’s my pleasure, Mr. Morris. You haven’t dropped by in so long. I’m so glad you had the time today.” Tom looked at Westley with a smile. He couldn’t help but cast a glance at Gabrielle.

“Tom… This is Gabrielle, my wife.” Westley knew exactly what was running through Tom’s mind so he took the liberty to introduce Gabrielle.

Her husband’s sudden announcement made Gabrielle blush.

“Mr. Morris’s wife?” It was beyond Tom’s expectation. After all, Westley never announced that he was married nor engaged. Shock washed over Tom when he found out that Westley had a wife.

“Hello, Tom. I’m Westley’s wife, Gabrielle. I’m pleased to meet you,” Gabrielle greeted Tom.

“Good day, Mrs. Morris. Tom Chow, at your service, I am in charge of the nature reserve,” Tom replied when he regained his composure.


‘So this woman really is Mr. Morris’s wife. He never fails to surprise people.

Nobody had even heard of him having a girlfriend and yet, out of the blue, he announced that he was a married man.

It was exactly like something Mr. Morris would do,’ Tom thought. He was in awe with how private yet shocking Westley could be.

“Tom, we’re heading back to our room. Don’t let us bother you.” Westley held Gabrielle’s hand, as he led her to his villa.

There was a large lawn surrounding a lake at the heart of the nature reserve. The lake was adorned with an abundance of wild flowers that bloomed all year round. The view was breathtaking.

For it to not go to waste, several glass viewing rooms were situated in the area for visitors.

They specially reserved one for Westley so he could enjoy the view whenever he wanted to.

Westley thought that Gabrielle would appreciate the view so he took her out for the night.

“Please, give me the honor of walking you there. I could go back to work later.” Tom had a flashlight ready in his hand.

The land was large and was very rarely opened to the public. There were even less visitors at night. To save energy, there were no street lamps installed.

The people who lived there, like Tom, could walk there at night even with their eyes

closed. However, Westley and Gabrielle did not frequent the place.

“Tom, thank you for that,” Westley said as he held Gabrielle’s hand.

Tom led the way with a flashlight in hand. He told Gabrielle about some special places that they passed by.

Throughout their walk to the glass room, Tom talked about the history and everything one needed to know about the nature reserve. Gabrielle had a new understanding of the area.

When Gabrielle was in junior high school a couple of years back, her school organized a spring tour at the reserve. It had been a long time since then but the place was still embedded in her mind.

She had always been so fond of plants.

Westley knew her very well. He was certain that Gabrielle would love the place.

“Mr. and Mrs. Morris, we’re here. The room has been prepared for your arrival. Please don’t hesitate to call the front desk if you need anything.”

Tom opened the door for the couple.

The house was adorned with walls of glass. It wasn’t too big but its warmth felt welcoming.

Gabrielle loved it the moment she laid her eyes on it.

Westley really did know her well. It was apparent in her expression that the place had won her heart over.

“Thank you, Tom.”

“Do you like it, Mrs. Morris?” Tom looked at Gabrielle with curiosity in his eyes. After all, it was her first time coming here.

In addition to that, she was Westley’s wife. Her satisfaction bore a heavier weight than Westley’s.

“Yes. I am in love with this place. I didn’t know something like this existed in the heart of the reserve,” Gabrielle replied with sincerity.

The glass room hadn’t been built yet when she first came to visit.

“That’s great! Then… I’ll leave you two alone. Mr. Morris, call me if you need me,” Tom said. He sounded worried.

“Good night, Tom.”

“Good night,”

with these final words, Tom bid his goodbyes and left the room to give them privacy.

Once the door was closed, Gabrielle looked around in awe.

The house was cozy.

Since the walls were made of glass, the breathtaking view of the outside welcomed her when she opened the curtains. It was mesmerizing.

“Do you like it?” Westley asked as he led her to the sofa.

Since they went inside the tiny house, the smile on her face never left. It was obvious how much she liked it.

“I love it. It’s beyond my wildest dreams. Back in junior high school, our school organized a spring tour here. I don’t think this glass house existed then. This is just gorgeous!” Gabrielle couldn’t say enough pleasantries.

It was indeed, beautiful. Especially now that the stars and moon shone brightly from up above. A view of the lake and the sea of flowers could be seen even from the confines of the glass walls.

The place had won Gabrielle’s heart over.

She wanted to spend the rest of her life here.

“Yeah. It was built only three years ago. This is only for the people who had connections with the reserve,” Westley briefly explained the reason behind the glass house.

“I think it has the potential to be built into a hotel. Much like tree houses. It’s great if people and nature could be integrated,” Gabrielle agreed.

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