Lock You In My Heart Chapter 440

The arrogance on Mia’s proud face made Austin want to teach her a lesson.

He had never come across a woman quite as annoying as her. She even dared to meddle with his business.

Austin hated this self-righteous woman with all his heart.

“It’s none of my business. I have no right to get in the middle of it.” The corners of Mia’s lips lifted up into a wicked grin as she raised her eyebrows.

Her smile frightened Austin to the core.

He had always adored Gabrielle’s smile. She donned the most gentle smile he had ever laid his eyes on. No matter how unhappy he felt, her smile never failed to bring him joy.

However, with Mia, all he felt was utter disgust.

He wondered how a woman as annoying as Mia ended up existing in this world. To make things worse, she was one of Gabrielle’s friends. He was worried that one day, Mia would poison Gabrielle’s mind.

“Well then… Just like what you told me, you better leave me alone.” Austin threw Mia a cold stare.

“Do you really think I’d want to get involved with your business? I’m not wasting my precious time for that. However, if you dare to destroy Gabrielle’s happiness, I will do everything in my power to stop you from doing so. I’m leaving. If you still want barbecue, you’re free to come follow me.” Mia left Austin without casting another glance at him.

Austin badly wanted to scream profanities at her receding figure. He couldn’t believe that she left with her arrogant attitude intact.

‘Why the f**k is she so annoying?!’

It was his first time meeting a woman like her. Austin was enlightened.

His new-found knowledge taught him that there were not only gentle and thoughtful women in the world. Infuriating ones also existed.

He would never settle for a woman like Mia. In his eyes, she was utterly horrible. Austin was afraid that she would be the death of him.

Austin did not want to be in her presence. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to help himself from blurting out nasty words towards Mia. After all, she was exceptional when it came to pissing him off.


However, he could not let the opportunity of seeing Gabrielle slide through his fingers. Finally, he decided to walk to the restaurant.

Gabrielle chose a milk tea shop that wasn’t too crowded. After ordering some drinks, she found an empty corner and sat down with Westley. Every once in a while, she would uneasily glance at Westley.

“If you want to stare at your husband, just do it. Every inch of my body belongs to you,” Westley said when he saw how his wife was looking at him.

Gabrielle couldn’t help the smile from escaping her lips. “Of course, my husband. Every inch of him belongs to me.”

Westley rubbed her head with utmost gentleness. “You don’t have to be so wary. You can stare at me whenever you want.”

“My love, aren’t you upset?” Gabrielle asked as she held his hand.

“Why would I be angry? Do you think I’m that petty?” The tone of Westley’s voice was full of amusement.

Although their date was so rudely interrupted by Austin and Mia, he was relieved that Gabrielle had a loyal friend like Mia. Her company was welcome to the dining table. Besides, he had a lot of time to be with Gabrielle.

His jealousy was unnecessary.

“Of course not! You’re absolutely generous and authoritative. I could never accuse you of being petty. I think of you as the most giving man in the world!” Gabrielle exclaimed as she threw him a flattering smile.

‘The most giving man in the world? My wife really has a wa

y with her words.’

“Wow! You really put me on a pedestal. I am, without a doubt, your true love,” Westley replied. He couldn’t help but smile.

No matter how awful he was feeling, Gabrielle had a way of putting him into a better mood.

“Of course. We are each other’s true love, aren’t we?” Gabrielle asked in all seriousness.

Gabrielle didn’t care about defining the kind of love they had before. After all, love was elusive.

To top it all off, she had secretly loved Bryce for so many years. Gabrielle had exhausted all of her emotions and energy on loving him. In the end, all she got in return was hatred and disgust.

Gabrielle no longer had hope for love.

She could not even bear to mention it. Especially not in front of Westley. After all, their marriage was not built from love.

Now that they were talking about love, Gabrielle’s heart felt quite uneasy. She felt as if her question was unnecessary. Gabrielle regretted just blurting it out.

“Of course we’re each other’s true love. There’s no need to doubt it,”

Westley answered. The tone of his voice was serious. After all, the two of them had fallen in love and known each other pretty well. There was no reason to deny it.

“Alright.” The sweetness that she felt spread into her heart.

The couple brought the tea to the barbecue restaurant. Instead of passing by the main street, Gabrielle and Westley took a different route at a small alley. Westley was quite confused.

“Gabrielle, we could go by the main street,” Westley reminded her.

“No. It’s quieter here. I want to walk with you in silence. This way, I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone recognizing you in the street.” She shook their hands that clasped tightly together.

The spaces between their fingers were filled with each other’s. Westley enjoyed their lovely stroll even more because of it. Her hands felt tender and small. They were so soft that it felt as if they had no bones. Holding her hand filled him with a majestic feeling.

He wanted to hold her hand forever.

“You don’t really have to worry about people calling me out on the streets. Whenever I have photo shoots, I only let them capture the side of my face. Besides, the world is ginormous and there are a lot of people who look alike. If someone recognizes me, I could easily say that he had mistaken me for someone else.” Westley seemed more relax now. He wasn’t as agitated as Gabrielle when it came to their relationship being exposed.

Gabrielle was terrified of publicizing their marriage. However, Westley wasn’t. He could hardly wait to show their relationship out in the open.

If he was to be spotted on the street, Westley was ready to tell the whole world about the truth between the two of them.

“You really think that would work? You have a lot of fans. If you decide to make a blog, I bet you would get more than a million hits!” Gabrielle felt a tinge of jealousy on her spine.

Westley couldn’t help himself from feeling amused. “If my wife demands it, I will consider making a blog. A lot of people are into blogs these days. Especially people from our company.”

A lot of people visited the Morris Group’s blog to urge Westley into creating his own. Some of his fans even requested updating the company’s blog with his personal information.

That was proof of just how popular he was.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Gabrielle smiled and shook her head. The couple continued to walk to the restaurant with their fingers intertwined.

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