Lock You In My Heart Chapter 439

Gabrielle had known Westley well enough to have a good grasp on him. Without even looking, she could detect his presence once he got close to her.

Therefore, even right now, figuring out who was hugging her from behind was not a hard process. She could tell who it was without even looking back.

It was just that she didn’t understand why Westley had come out so soon. He should still be in the barbecue restaurant.

“Westley, why are you here?” Gabrielle asked, a sense of guilt still lingering in her heart.

She sneaked out to buy a gift, yet she still got caught. But luckily, she had already put the gift in her bag, so Westley couldn’t see it.

Additionally, her encounter with Austin was purely a coincidence. If Westley didn’t believe her, it might cause a misunderstanding between her and Westley, leading him to think she was secretly seeing Austin.

Thinking of this, the guilt in her heart grew even worse.

“If I didn’t come out, my wife would have gone somewhere. I thought you were lost. It turns out you went shopping. What did you buy?” Westley rubbed her head and spoke very earnestly.

There was no sign of anger or jealousy, which made Gabrielle feel a little relieved.

“I… I just want to go out and buy milk tea. Barbecue and milk tea are a perfect match. I haven’t found my favorite milk tea shop yet, and I came across Austin.” Gabrielle hurriedly gave out an explanation.

Even though Westley didn’t look angry or jealous now, Gabrielle was willing to explain to him and didn’t want him to have any misunderstandings.

After all, honesty and trust were what kept a couple’s relationship stable and strong. Those were the foundations that held the connection alive. Without those, the built relationship could easily go wrong.

Gabrielle was well aware that Westley really didn’t like Austin, let alone seeing him with her.

So, she felt that it would be better to take the opportunity to explain first.

“Let’s go. I’ll accompany you to buy milk tea.” As he said, Westley naturally held Gabrielle’s hand.

Gabrielle subconsciously tried to avoid his action and reminded him, “No. Many people are watching.”


They were on a commercial street, so there were many people coming and going.

“It’s very dark. No one will pay attention to us,” Westley responded since he knew what Gabrielle meant. Instead of letting go of her hand, he gripped it even tighter the next second.

Gabrielle looked up at the sky as she heard that. Unlike his claim, it was very bright that everyone could see his face clearly.

It just proved that the words Westley spoke were all false. At that moment, Mia rushed over and held Gabrielle in her arms right in front of Westley’s face.

“Gabrielle, it’s really you,” Mia shouted happily.

“You didn’t know it was me until you hugged me? What if you really hugged the wrong person?” Gabrielle said as she looked at Mia helplessly.

‘This girl is always carefree,’ she thought to herself. Anyway, she understood it was pointless to be worried about her.

“It doesn’t matter. We are all girls. It doesn’t matter even if we hug each other,” Mia said casually.

“Hi, Mr. Morris, Mr. Foster.” Mia waved at the two men next to Gabrielle.

“What are you three doing standing here? Are you shopping? Have you eaten? If not, I’ll treat you. I haven’t had dinner yet.” Mia did all the talking and warmly invited the three of them.

Gabrielle cast an uneasy glance at Westley. She knew that the two of them had already agreed to have dinner together. But now, not only did they come across Austin, but Mia was also inviting them.

Gabrielle could refuse Austin. But she felt uneasy about refusing Mia, so she tried to come up with some words to express her disapproval.

“Mia, well…”

“Let’s go, Gabrielle. Let’s have dinner together. I know you want to spend time with Mr. Morris alone. After dinner, you guys can continu

e. Tomorrow is Christmas. I can’t invite you out for dinner, so let’s celebrate Christmas today. Mr. Morris, what do you think?” Before Gabrielle could start her sentence, Mia held her hand and stated this with anticipation on her face.

Hearing that, Westley kept silent and looked at Mia with a cold expression.

“If you really don’t want to, then forget it. I just want to have dinner with Gabrielle because I like her very much. Mr. Morris, are you jealous?”

From Westley’s cold expression, Mia could see that he was not willing to accept her invitation. This man was even jealous of a girl. He’d been too protective of Gabrielle as if he was afraid that others would steal her away.

Mia knew her invitation was difficult for them to accept. But it was just that they happened to come across each other and had the opportunity to have dinner together. Besides, there was nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas in advance.

“We have booked a table in the barbecue restaurant. You can go first. I’ll go with Gabrielle to buy milk tea.” Westley finally gave in after he heard that Gabrielle and he could spend time alone after dinner.

“That’s great. Mr. Foster, how about we go over first?” Mia said as she turned to Austin.

Mia understood the situation right away when she saw the reluctance in Austin’s eyes, showing that he was unwilling to look away from Gabrielle.

It was apparent that Austin had feelings for Gabrielle. He didn’t try to hide it, even daring to look at Gabrielle affectionately right in front of Westley’s eyes. He didn’t seem to mind being skinned by Westley at all.

Only then did Mia realize that the person Westley didn’t want to have dinner with was Austin. As a husband, who would be happy if his wife was so liked by another man?

“Mr. Foster, let’s go first. Gabrielle can help you buy some milk tea if you want.” Mia, being a good friend of Gabrielle, helped protect Gabrielle and Westley’s happiness.

“I don’t need milk tea. Let’s go.” Austin was reluctant at first, but he eventually caved and decided to go with Mia.

Gabrielle hurriedly told Mia about the restaurant and seats so that they would not be mistaken.

“I know, Gabrielle. You and Mr. Morris can take your time to go buy milk tea. Just bring me one. I’ll go ahead and roast the meat first. You can eat it when you come back,” Mia said thoughtfully.

“Okay, we’ll be back soon.” Gabrielle nodded in agreement.

After the two of them reached an agreement, Mia grabbed Austin’s arm and dragged the other person along with her.

“Miss Robinson, please behave yourself. Don’t you know that it’s improper for a woman to touch a man? Who taught you to hold a man’s hand?” Austin was completely dissatisfied with Mia’s action.

Austin appeared to be a nice gentleman on the outside, but he had a cold attitude on the inside. Especially, he didn’t like being touched by women he didn’t know.

Right now, the relationship between Mia and Austin was nothing more than a total stranger.

Hearing that, Mia shook off his arm and looked at him coldly. “Do you think I like to hold a man’s hand? Besides, you are not my type. I wouldn’t take the initiative to hold your arm for a man like you. I just held your arm to get you out of Gabrielle’s face as soon as possible.”

“Miss Robinson, I didn’t expect you to be so nosy,” Austin retorted coldly.

“Mr. Foster, Gabrielle is my good friend,” Mia stated in a serious tone.

“So, what do you want to say?” Austin’s attitude became more openly hostile, and it was clear that his patience had reached its limit.

“What I want to say is very simple. I will protect the happiness of Gabrielle and Mr. Morris. I won’t let go of anyone who tries to destroy their relationship. Please keep in mind what I said, Mr. Foster.” Mia expressed her seriousness.

“Miss Robinson, don’t go too far. It’s none of your business,” Austin said angrily.

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