Lock You In My Heart Chapter 438

A person who held a high position was liable to be attacked! The more powerful one was, the more enemies one was bound to have.

Indeed, it was a universal fact. Gabrielle wasn’t naïve about society and knew this very well.

If one was the best, beautiful and powerful, others would definitely begrudge and hate him. It did not matter if he provoked them or not. They had their own reasons, theories and justifications.

Gabrielle too had borne the brunt many a time. She was born with a fair complexion and perfect features. These had brought her a lot of trouble ever since she was a teenager. A boy, who would confess his affection for her and ended up being rejected, would turn to smear her. And a girl, who was not as pretty as her, would get envious and plot things to get Gabrielle in trouble.

Indeed, Gabrielle knew how it felt to be the object of someone’s jealousy.

Besides everything, it was a fact that the Campbell clan was such a big name that its business and profit was guaranteed to make many people jealous.

It was not uncommon to hear the news about the assassination of the person who was in charge of such huge enterprises or who owned them.

“Bonnie, thank you for everything. You’ve really had rough day today.” Wilson came over with Tammy in his arms. He stepped closer to Bonnie and kissed on her forehead affectionately.

“Not at all! I’m glad to see that you arrived on time. It was a long flight. You must be tired, right?” Bonnie gently kissed him on the cheek and smiled warmly.

Gabrielle was touched at the sweet display of affection. She really believed that the couple loved each other very much.

“I am not tired when I have you and Tammy around me!” Wilson smiled at Bonnie. There was such warmth and gentleness in their interaction.

Only then did Gabrielle notice that the handsome man, who resembled Westley in appearance, had a very gentle face. She wondered if it was a trait of his great personality, or because he had his little daughter in his arms.

It is often said that it does not matter how serious and hard a man is, he becomes soft and gentle after he has a child, especially if it’s a daughter.

“Mr. Morris! Well, I must say that I didn’t expect you here. Being such a busy bee, it surprises me that you came to pick me up in person.” Wilson smiled at Westley.

“Well, you are wrong there. Westley didn’t come for you. He came because of his wife, Gabrielle.” Bonnie mercilessly exposed Westley’s intention of coming to the airport. She just blatantly gave Gabrielle the credit.

“Oh! Hello, Gabrielle! It’s really nice to meet you. I’m Wilson, Westley’s brother.” Wilson looked at her tenderly. There was such gentleness and warmth in the man that Gabrielle felt like she had met a member of her own family.


He really looked like a kind brother who would always be around to look out for you. At the same moment, Gabrielle felt that except for the hereditary characteristics and features the two brothers shared, they were completely different in their personalities.

“Nice to meet you too, Wilson!” Gabrielle greeted politely and smiled nervously at him.

“So, does Westley treat you well, Gabrielle?” Wilson asked her directly about his brother’s behavior.

On hearing his words, Gabrielle laughed out aloud. “Oh yes, Wilson! Westley is very kind to me, indeed.”

“You too! You asked her this as soon as you return and meet her. Well, you are the being like Bonnie instead of being my brother. I’m starting to think that both of you don’t want me to lead a happy life, do you? Well, you don’t have to worry about my relationship with Gabrielle. Since you are reunited with your family, you may go back home by yourself. I’m leaving with Gabrielle!” Westley retorted instantly.

‘Are they envious that my relationship with Gabrielle is going good?

They are making me look like I am a scumbag. Do they think of me like that? Is that the place I have in their hearts? Didn’t they go too far?’

“I’ve told grandma that we will all come home for dinner today. So, I was thinking, can we go together?” Wilson glanced at Westley and asked.

Westley didn’t response but just looked away. Gabrielle felt a flutter in the pit of her stomach. What were these men doing! The two brothers hadn’t seen each other for such a long time. And now that Wilson had come back, they were behaving like strangers. She felt that it would be good for them to have dinner together.

“Well, I want to spend more time with Gabrielle!” Westley bluntly said and refused the invit


Wilson was not surprised. But he quickly turned his eyes towards Gabrielle. “Gabrielle, wouldn’t you like to return to Morris Mansion to have dinner with us?”

“Wilson, I…”

“Gabrielle, let’s go!” Westley quickly held her hand. He was just ready to walk away and leave them all.

Who wanted to have dinner with them?

“Okay! Since you are reluctant to have dinner with us, I won’t force you. Have a nice candlelight dinner!” Wilson was not aware of the affairs of the couple, but he knew very well about Westley’s temper. It was known to him about how Westley would do what he wanted. So, Wilson didn’t want to worry about him anymore or put Gabrielle in any difficult position.

“Of course, we will have a nice time. Come on, Gabrielle, let’s go.” Westley held Gabrielle’s hand firmly and started walking.

“See you guys later!” Gabrielle could hardly say a goodbye to them. She was abruptly pulled and taken out of the airport by Westley.

After Gabrielle sat on the passenger seat, Westley fastened the seat belt for her.

“Westley, why are you mad at your brother?” Gabrielle asked cautiously after he sat down before the steering wheel.

“There’s nothing like that. I’m not mad or angry at him. I don’t know why, but his question about my love and behavior with you made me unhappy. It’s still necessary to stay away from him. We need to keep away unless I’m sure that we are completely safe and protected!” Westley said in a flat tone.

“Do you mean, Wilson might be in danger?” Gabrielle was quite curious about that now.

“He’s relatively safe as long as he is in Antawood. I just want to be with you alone. Do you want to spend time with the three of them?” Westley asked in a weird manner.

Gabrielle finally realized that there was nothing much on his mind. He had just wanted to stay with her alone.

“So, tell me what do you want to eat tonight?” Gabrielle asked him. She was curious now.

“Whatever you want to eat! We will go with your choice today.” The decision was totally on Gabrielle now.

“Let’s have some barbecued dishes. The barbecue restaurant located at the downtown is very nice. Let’s go there and try something.” Gabrielle set the location on his GPS.

She chose that place deliberately. There was a commercial street nearby. She could make an excuse to visit it and buy a Christmas gift for Westley. After sending off Melissa at the airport in the afternoon, she didn’t get time to go shopping.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, they were guided into a private room. A few moments later, Gabrielle excused herself saying that she needed to go to the bathroom. Seeing the chance, she rushed towards the commercial street.

After walking and seeing the items on display for a while, she finally found the lighter shop. Without hesitation, she picked up the lighter which had number 12 engraved on it. She found it apt since the number represented the month of Westley’s birthday.

She quickly paid for it and got it packed. As soon as Gabrielle stepped out, Austin suddenly appeared outside the shop. Catching a sight of her, Austin strode towards her with a big smile on his face.

“Hi Gabrielle! What a coincidence! Are you here for some shopping?” Austin glanced at Gabrielle and asked casually.

The gift she had bought was already in her bag, so he hadn’t seen it.

“Hi Austin! Well, I was out on a walk. How about you? Doing some shopping?” she asked as if she was curious to know what he was doing there.

“Oh! I just came back from a business trip. Tomorrow is Christmas, so I came here to hang out. I really didn’t expect to meet you here, Gabrielle. Are you busy? How about we have dinner together?” In fact the truth was that Austin had come there to buy a Christmas gift for Gabrielle.

Earlier, he used to get a Christmas gift for Gabrielle and invite her for a special Christmas dinner.

But this year it was quite different. Gabrielle had become Westley’s wife and his cousin-in-law. Besides, Christmas was also the day of Westley’s birthday. So, he knew there was no chance that she’d celebrate Christmas with him.

Nonetheless, he still wanted to spend some time with her. And he wanted to get her a meaningful Christmas gift.

And he had never expected that he’d meet her there.

Although they couldn’t have dinner together tomorrow, he wanted to see if they could have one tonight.

“Sorry! But Gabrielle is not free tonight!” A big hand came up to hold her by the shoulders. Before Gabrielle could react, she was swiftly taken in his arms.

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