Lock You In My Heart Chapter 437

Knowing that Westley wasn’t joking, Bonnie regained her composure at once. She sat up straighter.

“Now that you’ve already been made aware that it’s much easier to manage the businesses of Morris Group than those of Campbell Family, you have to take good care of it and not involve Wilson in any way. He’s in charge of our company and always will be,” Bonnie articulated rudely, her gaze unflinching.

“Gabrielle, you have to keep an eye on Westley and let him handle all the Morris Group’s ventures. That way, you can always be Mrs. President. Stop talking about things like this, and Wilson is ours. He’ll never leave the company, much more the Campbell Family.” Bonnie was becoming bolder and more aggressive.

Surprisingly, Gabrielle only laughed softly at Bonnie’s words. Her eyes glinted with amusement. “Nicely done, Bonnie. But calling me Mrs. President is actually…”

“Gabrielle wants to be a jewelry designer, so I think it’s not that important to address her as Mrs. President. That position doesn’t really excite her,” Westley interrupted calmly, exchanging a look with Gabrielle.

Westley knew what Gabrielle wanted to say. For her, their marriage wouldn’t stop her from fulfilling her dreams. She was going to pursue them no matter what. Besides, she was still considering the divorce.

‘You dumb, dumb woman. You think you can get away from me just like that,’ Westley thought smugly.

“Right. Gabrielle is a future jewelry designer. So, from now on, I’ll only wear jewelry of your design. I’ll buy every single collection you make.” Bonnie beamed at her. She approved happily, and Gabrielle knew she would be true to her word.

“I’m not that good, Bonnie. Please don’t say that. It’s embarrassing.” Gabrielle shifted in her seat. It made her feel awkward because she hadn’t even started designing her own jewelry yet. She still had a long way to go.

And what Bonnie said made her uncomfortable, and it only served to pressure her more.

Gabrielle couldn’t bear so many flattering remarks. She felt like she didn’t deserve them—at least, not yet.

“Anyway, I’m happy that you now know about my family, Gabrielle. Although most of our businesses are mainly located in Italy, we have branches all over the world. If there’s anything you find difficult to manage or if Westley ever bullies you, just call me. I’ll definitely take your side—no matter what.” Bonnie reached out and held Gabrielle’s hand, squeezing it. The two women smiled at each other.

Gabrielle was deeply moved. It was nice to have someone who cared this much about her, even it was probably fake. Gabrielle would take what she could get.

“Bonnie, it seems to me that you’re sabotaging our relationship on purpose. You don’t have to worry about it, though. Nothing will come between me and Gabrielle. And I won’t purposely hurt her.” Westley realized that Bonnie just made a vow to take Gabrielle’s side in anything. He almost smiled because he didn’t agree with what Bonnie said—at all.

He was always going to be with Gabrielle—now and forever. Bonnie’s comments were unnecessary, and there was no need to ask Bonnie for help. Even if Westley and Gabrielle fought, they would make up at the end of the day.

“Wow, I admire the determination.” Bonnie smiled at Westley, then her eyes landed on Gabrielle.


Bonnie wasn’t mocking or making fun of him; she was just happy for Westley. She could see it—anyone could—that Gabrielle turned his life around.

He was once a man who seemed incapable of love. He was cold and distant, and he never attached himself to anyone—at least, emotionally. Now, he was an entirely different person. He became a passionate and attentive husband, doting on his wife in full view of others. It was such a wonderful thing.

“I just want Gabrielle to know that if there’s anything I can help with, she can always come to me. I’m more than happy to do the favor, except when it comes to matters between you two, of course.” Bonnie treated Gabrielle as her own sister. Bonnie already decided that whatever Gabrielle needed, she would do her best to help.

“You don’t need to concern yourself with any of that. All the troubles Gabrielle may get involved in in the future, I think I can take care of that.” Westley shrugged and turned to look at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was his wife, and it was his job to look after her. He didn’t need help from others. He could do it all on his own.

“Have some cake, little daddy.” Tammy slice

d another spoonful of cake and handed it to Westley. She was beaming at him.

Westley briefly stared at the piece of cake before opening his mouth to eat it. He chewed slowly.

“I’m full, Tammy. Why don’t you give some to little mommy? She likes cakes.” Westley couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t particularly enjoy stuffing his face with sweets.

He could eat two bites at most, only for Tammy’s sake. He didn’t want her to be disappointed. But now, he could no longer pretend he liked eating the cake.

“Okay, sure!” Tammy was delighted to share with Gabrielle. So she slowly sliced a big piece with her spoon and fed it to Gabrielle.

“Little mommy, it’s delicious. Here, try it.” Tammy happily moved it towards Gabrielle’s lips.

Gabrielle didn’t even hesitate. Unlike Westley, she enjoyed desserts. She ate it and smiled with her mouth closed.

“How does it taste, little mommy?” Tammy looked at Gabrielle expectantly. She leaned on the table and waited.


“Little mommy, how about one more bite?” Then, Tammy sliced an even bigger piece to hold up to Gabrielle.

“Please stop doing that, Tammy. It’s you who wanted the cake, so you have to eat it all. You don’t need to force it on them. We’re going to pick up your daddy later. Are you coming with me or not?” Bonnie appreciated how Tammy shared her food, but she didn’t approve of not eating what was on her plate and letting others finish it for her. Bonnie didn’t want to spoil her like that.

“Of course, Mommy. I’ll come with you, and I’m going to eat it all now.” Tammy bowed down her head obediently and finished the cake quickly. She grabbed the paper napkin and wiped her mouth with it.

They went straight to the exit to wait for Wilson. As soon as they arrived, they saw him separate himself from the crowd and walk towards them.

“Daddy!” Tammy ran to Wilson excitedly and threw herself into her father’s arms. Wilson responded with a hearty laugh.

Gabrielle was a little surprised. Now that she knew how important Wilson was, she assumed there would be security or bodyguards surrounding him. But, apparently, Wilson traveled like an ordinary person.

Even as the vice director of the Campbell Family, he only had one companion who carried his luggage. That was totally unexpected.

“Gabrielle, is it a bit different from what you expected?” Looking at the slightly disappointed expression on Gabrielle’s face, Bonnie smiled. She touched the other woman’s arm to get her attention.

Bonnie knew what was on Gabrielle’s mind. She just found out what they did and what position Wilson held in the company. Bonnie understood that Gabrielle thought there would be more pomp and open display of power than she had expected.

“A little bit.” Gabrielle didn’t try to hide it. It was written all over her face, and she was genuinely curious why it was so.

“Ah, I see. You thought that Wilson would appear with a dozen people behind him, right?” Bonnie grinned kindly. She looked at Wilson and Tammy.

Gabrielle stole a peek at Bonnie. ‘She’s right. I expected more than this.’ Gabrielle bit the inside of her cheek. She felt a little awkward and uneasy.

“Sorry, Bonnie. I’m overthinking it.” Gabrielle smiled sheepishly. Bonnie easily saw right through her.

Gabrielle should’ve known it from the start. Bonnie—despite her wealth, power, and status—was a simple woman. She usually stayed low-key, unlike celebrities who always had an entourage of people following them wherever they went—from bodyguards and assistants to stylists and drivers.

“Being important members of the Campbell Family, we do have a couple of bodyguards when going out. However, they don’t normally show themselves. They try to stay back and blend in so as not to look too obvious. We’re not going to fight anyone, silly girl.” Bonnie liked Gabrielle so much. She was so innocent, pure, and cute. There was something about her that was untainted.

“Oh. Is that so?” Gabrielle didn’t know what to make of it, and she found it fairly confusing.

“Of course. I don’t have to lie to you about this. Members of our family don’t go out and do things alone. It’s dangerous. After all these years as we continued to expand our business, we accumulated our share of enemies. Detraction pursues the great. Even though we don’t go out of our way to provoke these people, they seem to always find a reason to get pissed off at us.” Bonnie smiled sadly and shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

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