Lock You In My Heart Chapter 436

Westley took Gabrielle’s hand as they sat down. Luckily, there weren’t a lot of people in the airport café so nobody paid attention to them.

The tension in Gabrielle’s nerves seemed to have relaxed. At ease, she sat next to Westley. Her eyes were overwhelmed with admiration when they travelled towards Bonnie’s direction.

After all, Bonnie was the daughter of the Campbell Family, one of the most powerful names in their circle.

It was Gabrielle’s first time being this close to a well-known figure from a powerful gang. Excitement filled her nerves.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you looking at me like that?” The way Gabrielle stared at Bonnie felt familiar.

It was exactly like how her gang members would look at her. There was reverence and fear in their eyes.

“Bonnie… I didn’t know you were…” Gabrielle did not finish her sentence. She turned to look at Westley.

Tammy was feeding Westley mouthfuls of cake. He did not fancy desserts very much. However, he gave in since it was Tammy feeding him.

Only one thought crossed Gabrielle’s mind. Westley would be a great father. He would do anything for his daughter.

Just like what Bonnie said, the men of the Morris family treated their daughters like princesses.

Gabrielle couldn’t help herself from wondering if Westley would spoil their daughter if they ever had one in the future.

Somehow, she was looking forward to that moment.

‘Why the heck would I want a daughter with Westley?! I need to stop thinking about weird things.’

“Ah, I see. Did Westley tell you about our family’s business?” A faint smile lifted the corners of Bonnie’s lips. She finally understood why Gabrielle looked at her that way. Because of Gabrielle’s new-found knowledge, she regarded Bonnie as the daughter of the Campbell Family.

“Yeah. I just found out about it. Quite frankly, I have been ignorant of your powerful background.” Gabrielle felt a little embarrassed.

After all, she knew nothing about Bonnie until now.


“Don’t think too much of it. What my family does has nothing to do with who I am. Although I am part of the Campbell Family, they are all the way in Italy. In Antawood, I am merely the Morris family’s daughter-in-law. You could just treat me like how you would treat any other sister-in-law. If you keep looking at me like that, I don’t think we’d get along well,” Bonnie said as she gazed at Gabrielle with calmness in her eyes.

She was extremely fond of Gabrielle. Bonnie did not want to burden her with her family’s background.

As the daughter of the biggest foreign clan in Italy, Bonnie had been incredibly spoiled growing up. Her identity brought the jealousy and insecurity out of the people around her. On top of that, her social status also brought her trouble.

The higher she was on the social ladder, the less likely it would be for her to make a true friend.

The first time Bonnie saw Gabrielle, she already knew that she wanted to be close to her. She was the woman Westley wanted to marry. Naturally, Bonnie would want to be friends with her.

For that reason alone, she didn’t want Gabrielle to treat her differently just because of who she was. If that happened, it would only create a barrier between the two of them. Bonnie was determined to be friends with her.

“I get it. I just think it’s awesome. I’ve always thought that mafias only existed on TV. I didn’t expect to be this close to someone whose family runs a mafia. It’s beyond amazing!” Gabrielle did not mean to flatter Bonnie. She merely gave a voice to the words in her heart.


know you have the urge to feel like you want to worship me. But honey, we are in Antawood. If you want to show your reverence, do it when we’re in Italy. Here, I’m merely your sister-in-law,” Bonnie explained.

“Alright. I understand.” Gabrielle nodded with obedience.

“Gabrielle, just do as she says. She is the daughter of the Campbell Family but their influence only goes as far as Italy. We’re in Antawood. You are equals. Besides, you are the wife to the president of Morris Group. You are on an even higher pedestal in comparison to Bonnie,” Westley said. His voice felt calm.

With her mouth agape, Gabrielle glanced at Westley. She was rendered speechless.

‘Wife to the president of Morris Group? How could he just proudly blurt it out?!’

“That’s quite offensive. Wilson would have been in the Morris Group as well if he didn’t choose to give up everything for me. He is, after all, the eldest son. He would have been the first in line to inherit the shares. You would have just been the vice president so don’t be so proud in front of me! You’ve beaten Wilson’s efforts when it comes to protecting a woman,” Bonnie said flatly.

Despite the tone of her voice, she was ecstatic. She was in awe at the fact that a man who was much colder than Wilson had the ability to love and care about a woman so much.

Bonnie’s happiness overcame the surprise she felt.

After all, it was a great achievement for such a cold-hearted man to fall madly in love with someone. As her sister-in-law, Bonnie was teeming with joy.

She had always been worried that Westley would spend the rest of his life being lonely.

“Bonnie…” Westley calmly called her attention.

“Yes? Did I say something wrong?” Bonnie looked back at him with cold eyes. There was a hint of provocation in her eyes.

“I was going to say that you were right. I really have to talk to my brother. He should take over the company so I would be at ease. I hope he can let go of the Campbell Family now. If he can, let him come back and take over the Morris Group. Then, you will have the throne of the president’s wife,” Westley solemnly said.

It didn’t sound like he was joking at all. Bonnie knew exactly what he meant.

Westley was never one to go back on his words.

He must have been serious about handing over the company.

“There is no way in hell that that’s going to happen. Wilson and I are living the dream. Don’t you dare destroy our happy life!” Bonnie exclaimed as she shot Westley an angry look.

Before she married Wilson, Bonnie had him promise that they would live with the Campbell Family. As the daughter of such a powerful family, she was bestowed with a responsibility. Bonnie could never abandon their family for the rest of her life.

Wilson knew it as well. He willingly promised to live with Bonnie’s family. After all, his business in Antawood could be passed on to Westley without breaking a sweat. With Westley’s capable hands, Wilson did not have to worry about the future of the Morris Group.

“I’m serious, Bonnie. Can you think it over? My brother will be back in a few hours. You two can talk about it. It would be much easier to manage the Morris Group than your family’s affairs.” Westley was determined to persuade Bonnie. It sounded like nothing to him but he was serious about the matter.

Since he had acknowledged his affection towards Gabrielle, he had wanted nothing but a good life with her. Westley wanted to free himself from the responsibilities of the Morris Group. He desperately wanted to spend more time with his beloved wife.

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