I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 36

Chapter 36

There Was No Way Out Realizing that the one who rejected her request three years ago was the same person who put her down every single day for forcing a marriage with him just for money made Leanna’s heart ache. It was as if someone was using a rusty blade to pierce her heart little by little. It was bitter and painful.


Thankfully, they had divorced for good. Otherwise, she might suffocate Aidan with a pillow someday while sharing the same bed at night when emotions got the best of her. It was probably due to pregnancy that had worsened her mood swing; it took her a long time to recompose herself. She woke up at midnight only to find her pillow sodden with tears. The more she thought about it, the more vexed she was. Impulsively, she took her phone out to post something on her social media account. ‘*** is the most disgusting man in this world!!!’ The three exclamation marks indicated how furious she was.


identity. Even if he assumed that she was insinuating him after reading it, she could not do anything about it. After sleeping for long hours for the past few days in addition to the fuming rage, she was completely awake. Thus, she figured that it would be better to use the time to sketch another design. On the other side, Daphne was on Twitter and stumbled across some hilarious content by chance. She screenshotted it before forwarding to


Does that mean this evil sponsor has been watching me talk sh*t about him this whole time? Feeling the cold sheen behind her back, Daphne checked Leanna’s post again before reconfirming with Aidan. ‘President Pearson, are you sure you wanna know?’ ‘Take a screenshot for me.’ He was rather cool about it. Soon, the insinuating statement was displayed on Aidan’s phone. In order to let Leanna’s post stand out in the picture, Daphne cropped out the irrelevant information such as the ‘Jonathan liked this Tweet’ banner as well as her own reply below. She personally thought that


the accused person saw it, he would not be able to find anything wrong from it unless he himself admitted that he was the so-called spiteful b*stard. Receiving zero responses from Aidan, Daphne thought that he would not reply anymore. Yet, the moment she placed her phone aside to sleep, her

Then, she apologized to Leanna for betraying her under her boss’ coercion. She was obliged to screenshot every update on Leanna’s Twitter account to Aidan from today onward. Leanna, the victim, was at a loss for words. How can he be so shameless! Therefore, she wrote for two days straight in her Twitter Circle, consisting of only Daphne, with insulting content directed at Aidan, allowing her to relay the messages so that he could digest things on his own. Just the mere thought of his expression after reading the content made Leanna feel refreshed as though she had successfully taken her revenge. Right when her mood had reached its full swing, she received a call from Lux Jewelry. The boss’ secretary stated that there was a problem with the contract and hence the need for her to stop by the company. Noel Whitlock, who was the boss of Lux Jewelry, poured Leanna a cup of tea with a smile. “Leanna, Harvey told me that you’ve been hospitalized a while ago. How are you feeling right now?” She smiled in return. “I’ve fully recovered. Thank you for your concern, President Whitlock.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’ve heard so much about your performance on the showcase. If it wasn’t for you, the sweat and tears poured in to make ready for it might’ve gone down the drain. You’re truly our savior.” “You’re flattering me, President Whitlock. I just did what I could.” They were running out of time back then. Besides, all she did was walk the runway once and Daphne did the rest. As the straightforward person he was, Noel opened a kraft paper envelope before proffering a document in front of her. “This is the contract that we both had signed earlier, but let’s terminate it. I think it’ll be better to just have the one you’ve signed with us from the beginning.” Leanna was surprised. “But I…” She had not expected the company to end the contract just because she helped to walk the runway once, much less when she had already received two hundred thousand. Needless to say, the termination fee was a large sum of money. Noticing her doubts, he explained, “I know what you’re thinking. Actually, the original plan was to repay you with other means, not like this.

But… now that I’ve received the termination fee, I can’t just let it be, can I?” Confusion crossed her features. “You’ve received the fee?” “Yeah, it’s been a week.” Noel took a sip of coffee before exclaiming, “I was enjoying my holiday in Cazkavia when President Pearson came to visit me out of the blue to pay the termination fee. Given how you’ve helped the showcase, I figured that it’s alright to receive the money.” Silence engulfed her as she did not know how to respond to that. Leanna had basically sold herself to Lux Jewelry by signing that contract in order to get two hundred thousand to clear her debt with Aidan. Yet, he returned the money back to Noel in addition to the termination fee, which was worth almost a million of dollars. Her head hurt at the thought of this plot-twist. As soon as she stepped out of Noel’s office, Harvey approached her to inform that Pearson Group had selected their winning candidate. Considering that she was free from any constraint, she had the choice to contact Pearson Group and get any resources that she needed. Leanna pursed her lips into a thin line without uttering a word as her intuition said that Aidan was merely making fun of her.

Does he hate me this much? It’s been so long since we’ve divorced, but he’s still not done with his revenge yet. It’s turning brutal as time passes. Back then, there was no way out and she did not wish for her baby to suffer with her… That was the only reason why she decided to discard her pride and seek help from him.

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