I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Throughout the Three-Year-Marriage With Him I seriously don’t get her. In a cold voice, Aidan spoke over the intercom, “Contact Lux Jewelry to know how much Leanna McKinney’s termination fee is.” “Understood.” He received a report from Jonathan in no time. “Madam has previously signed the contract with their boss in person, so he’s the only one that knows the details.” However, the boss of Lux Jewelry was currently on vacation in Cazkavia.


Without hesitation, Aidan grabbed his coat and rose to his feet. “Book the latest flight ticket to Cazkavia.” Jonathan did as he was told at the drop of the hat. The contradicting sight of his boss’ impatience reminded him about the person who scolded him for mentioning Lux Jewelry and the so-called collaboration that had ended years ago just ten minutes earlier. A week later, Leanna was being discharged from the hospital. Although she had almost recovered, Zoe and Louis advised her to rest for a few days longer. Still, she could feel her limbs degenerating after spending days in bed in the hospital.


words to me. Ever,” Zayn replied. She sighed as the awkwardness lingered in the air, making her want to flee the scene as soon as possible. “If there’s nothing else important, I—” “Leanna, I have something to tell you. Do you know who was the sponsor for The Emerging Designer Competition three years back?” Before she could even answer, he recounted, “Koyote Group is a subsidiary of Pearson Group.” She


We could’ve—” “Zayn, it looks like I haven’t straightened things out with you. Even if I didn’t get married to Aidan, we wouldn’t have lasted till the end anyway.” She removed his hands calmly. “Why not?” “I was too innocent back then. I failed to see the huge gap between us.” His brows creased tightly. “Leanna, that’s not a problem.” Still, she insisted. “It is a problem and a very big one. I might still have hope for the future


the face. “Leanna McKinney, you shameless b*tch!” The metallic taste spread across Leanna’s mouth as she prodded the bleeding area with her tongue and returned the slap. Anna, who had not foreseen Leanna’s counterattack, paralyzed in shock before attempting to fight back, only to be stopped by Zayn. He warned sternly, “Anna Pearson, behave… or else, I don’t know what I’m


that he himself was oblivious of. Resultantly, Anna presumed that they would get married on her own volition, therefore, pestering him more as days passed. Leanna did not bother her and bid him goodbye,


I pre-ordered a bag a few days ago. It should’ve arrived—” “Anna, you’re a girl and I don’t wanna say nasty things to you. But I don’t like you and have no intention of marrying you either. If you keep acting up like that to Leanna’s face, don’t blame me for not warning you when the time comes.” He shoved her hands in the meantime. She glared at him in resentment. “It’s because of Leanna, isn’t it? You don’t like me because of her! If it wasn’t for her, you… I should’ve pushed her harder and killed her back then!” He frowned. “What did you just say you did?” At that moment, her gaze skittered around frantically upon realizing that she had made a blunder with her words before pushing him away. “Nothing! I did nothing to her. She had it coming! It’s because she got married to Aidan without knowing her place and now even flirting with you. That’s why.” Having said that, she scurried away, leaving him standing alone with tightly fisted hands. … On the way home, Leanna leaned against the window while staring at the view outside. The glint in her eyes simmered, rendering her thoughts undecipherable.


Zoe endeavored to enlighten the mood, but Louis stopped her in figuring that it would be best to leave her alone for the time being. As Leanna herself had told Zayn, Aidan did not owe her anything. Hence, it was reasonable for her appeal to be dismissed. Still, no matter how much she reminded herself that sometimes life would not work out as one wished, her reasoning would diminish little by little as time passed. It’s not even a hard request. What’s wrong with trying to ask for the things I need when I’m the winner? I doubt that it’s an unreasonable request. It’s not like I don’t wanna go to Aeras. Reality doesn’t allow me to do so.


Due to that, Leanna’s action that was deemed valueless had become the reason to label her as someone lacking a dream. Had it not been the cruel reality, everyone would wish to have the chance to embark the journey to achieve their dreams. Throughout the three-year-marriage, she had familiarized herself with Aidan’s aloof and cruel disposition. Never once had she wished something from him. Not at all.


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