I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Leanna Blocked Aidan on Twitter After hearing that, Zoe recalled the scene she witnessed in the ward by chance last night and she was hesitating whether to tell Leanna about how that b*stard kissed her while she was fast asleep. As such, she decided to test the waters first. “I saw Aidan yesterday. Did he say anything to you?” Leanna felt helpless at the mention of him. “It’s nothing. He told me to return his money and that Zayn will never marry a divorcée like me.” “Has he lost his mind?”

“To be honest, I think he’s been acting strange after the divorce.” Knock. Knock. A knock resounded on the door, interrupting the conversation and drawing their attention. Standing by the door was a woman carrying a bouquet while wearing a pair of sunglasses and a mask. Zoe stared at the unknown woman for a while before recognizing her identity. “Daphne?” Daphne took off the mask before closing the door and waving at them. “Hey guys. I’m here to visit.” She and Zoe had worked together before for a few cover shoots and advertisements. Although they were not that close, they could be considered as acquaintances. Even so, she had nothing to do with Leanna, which confused Zoe as to why she would visit. Daphne arranged the flowers into the vase while explaining, “I heard that the designer of Lux Jewelry has been hospitalized, so I decided to pay her a visit as I have some free time today. How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. Thanks.” Leanna nodded as she was well-informed of how Daphne had lent a hand for the last two rounds of the runway last night. In actuality, Daphne was only doing someone a favor. Jonathan spent the whole night racking his brain in order to come up with a solution. Yet, the employees, including Leanna, had totally mistaken that Aidan’s feelings were directed to Mia instead of Leanna. Therefore, Jonathan had to explain the situation to Leanna before leveling with his boss. Otherwise, he might be pushed off the building by a furious Aidan from the president’s office. Thus, Daphne, who was merely roaming around in the company before her vacation, became his last strand of hope.

Given how she would retaliate against Aidan at times, Jonathan reckoned that she and Leanna would manage to get along well. Moreover, Leanna would definitely treat her with courtesy due to her contribution last night. As for Daphne, Aidan’s sudden yet confident statement of how someone was peeking at him in addition to the call for help last night had successfully piqued her interest. Her purpose of stopping by was to simply quench her curiosity. “Don’t be such a stranger. My schedule is quite lenient today anyway. By the way, I heard that the Pearson Group had chosen the designer as the winner. Did you receive anything?” She grinned. Leanna and Zoe were equally baffled by the question.

to the designer?” “I’m not sure either. I heard it by chance.” “You must’ve got it wrong. That bast—President Pearson has been offering a lot of benefits to Lux Jewelry because of Mia. He’s not that generous.” “True.” Daphne nodded approvingly before saying implicitly, “But he did help Lux Jewelry through sending the PR team as help. It’s proof that he’s kind-hearted and he knows how to make up for his mistakes.” Her abrupt assertion had successfully made both Leanna and Zoe speechless. Still, she could not find a better


It’s obvious that Aidan is the one sending the message. Meanwhile, Leanna kept silent for a moment before veering the subject. “Would you like some grapes?” No matter what kind of feelings Aidan had for Mia, she was not curious in the slightest as both of them were


that sensitive topic. Yet, she was not a professional negotiator; she did not have the ability to convey the message properly without straining the atmosphere. Besides, Leanna’s avoidance was not helping at all. Thus, Daphne figured that it would be tactless of her to rub salt to the wound as a mere visitor. A couple of minutes later, a burdened Daphne was full because of the grapes. “I gotta go now. Wishing you a speedy recovery.” Leanna smiled. “Thanks for dropping by.” Zoe rose from her seat. “I’ll send you off.” After leaving the room, Daphne could not smother her curiosity any longer. “Does Miss McKinney despise President Pearson that


cry after talking to him for two seconds.” Knowing that Daphne would talk bad about Aidan behind his back, Zoe spoke up for Leanna, “Not only that, he only has his eyes for money. I’ve never seen someone as thrifty as him. I can’t wait to see his son calling another man ‘daddy’.” Daphne was surprised by the sudden news. “Huh?” It was not until then did Zoe realize that she had almost let it slip through her tongue at the spur


She’s not the reason to why he’s been favoring Lux Jewelry these days, but—” “I know. He’s trying to drive Leanna out of Lux Jewelry, isn’t he? That explains why he’s so eager about it.” Zoe was serious. Why can’t he just let her go even after the divorce? Ridiculous. At that, Daphne laughed half-heartedly. Is it such a traumatic experience to be with President Pearson? It seems like… the plan of dropping by has backfired, though. She relayed the disheartening news to Jonathan, who had the urge to jump off the building from the president’s office by himself without dirtying Aidan’s hands. After a whole thirty minutes, he mustered the courage to knock on the door to the president’s office. He reported today’s work before informing very gingerly, “President Pearson, about the Lux Jewelry—” “Why do you keep bringing up a collaboration from a few years back?


If you like that place that much, I’ll be glad to receive a resignation letter from you.” Jonathan zipped his lips immediately. President Pearson is in a bad mood today. When the poor Jonathan left the office with careful steps, Aidan placed the pen down and tore the paper, which had his name wrongly written on, before crumpling and tossing it into the trash bin. Leanna McKinney, do you think that the score is settled after returning the money? How dare you block me on Twitter!

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