I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 33

Chapter 33

How Much Did He Borrow? Leanna froze. He knows everything… Peering at her, Aidan lowered his cold and solemn, “In order to marry me, you used every trick possible in the book; when it comes to our divorce, you did the very same. Leanna McKinney, do you feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I fall for your trap… over and over?” “I’m sorry. I never thought of it like that. I just…”

She lowered her head in response. “Just want to be with Zayn now that he’s back?” “What?” He crossed his legs and continued, “I think you’re dreaming, Leanna. Did you really think that the Barnetts would approve of him marrying a divorced woman?” Before she could even think of a reply for his last question, she sneered at his verbal attacks, “I don’t really get what you mean, President Pearson. So what if a woman is divorced? Does that mean she should be looked down upon? If so, how can a divorced man be so shameless as to cheat his wife even before they were divorced?” “I dare you to repeat that,” Aidan answered. Not foolish enough to argue with him, Leanna only blinked innocently. “Of course, I’m not talking about you, President Pearson. That was just a mere example.” He pursed his lips while trying to suppress his anger. “Did you want to ask me about this, President Pearson?” she asked.

“What else do you think I wanted to ask?” he questioned. “Then… Can you leave after your question? I’m a bit sleepy now.” Why is this b*stard asking so many weird questions? We’ve already divorced for so long now. Does he want to frame me for something else? He’s acting so weird. After Leanna finished, she was taken aback at his emotionless expression. Just as she was about to direct her gaze elsewhere, he held her chin and warned her, “Leanna McKinney, quit thinking so highly of yourself. You should be grateful that I’m not bringing up your past deeds. If you really want to play me for a fool, you’re welcome to try.”


Good news was, she could not sleep in peace knowing that the two million she owed him had been cleared within the time limit. She took her phone and tapped on Aidan’s profile before pressing the delete button with no hesitation. Since we have settled all our differences, let’s consider ourselves even from now on. Setting her phone down, she went back to sleep. The next morning, she opened her eyes to the sight of Louis reading by the window. “Louis, why are you here?” Leanna asked him. Turning his head, he replied, “Miss Hart told me that you were sick,


night shift today. I’ll leave when Miss Hart comes.” Massaging her temples, Leanna knew just how stubborn her brother could be, so she did not persuade him any longer. He then helped her to the toilet to wash up, “I’ll be waiting for you outside. Let me know when you’re done.” “Okay.” After she opened the packaged toothbrush and toothpaste Zoe bought for her yesterday, she looked in the mirror only to notice the corner of her lips

just the right temperature for her when she exited the toilet. A nurse came for her checkup just as Leanna finished her meal. After the checkup, the nurse reminded her to rest properly for a few days and not leave the bed unless she needed to go to the toilet. As the nurse was administering IV for Leanna, Louis took a look at her


this!” As soon as he took his first step, she grabbed onto him and uttered, “Louis, it is me who wanted the divorce. I didn’t tell Aidan about my pregnancy because I don’t want him to know.” “So, you’ve already


The debtors would then come knocking every two to three days inevitably. However this time, he seemed like he had struck gold daily as he stopped drinking and gambling recently. Instead, he slicked his hair back and even carried a briefcase, looking like a professional. Yesterday, when Louis came back to retrieve some clothes, Jethro threw a pile of money onto the table. “Louis, your father’s rich now. Take this and buy some branded clothes for yourself. You better not embarrass me and your sister.” Louis ignored him and left after packing his things. Then, he continued, “He even bought a car valued over half a million. I asked around and he paid them all upfront.” “Where did he get so much money? Did he borrow it from loan sharks again?” she asked with a frown on her face. Pursing her lips, Leanna knew that this possibility existed too. She recalled that before the one million debt incident, Jethro also lavishly spent for a period of time and their home was filled with stuff he purchased. Still, it was not as exaggerated as this time. How much did he borrow?


Leanna stated, “Louis, you should pack everything away once you head back today. Don’t ever return there.” He nodded in agreement as he also had planned to sever his ties with Jethro once he started attending university; for the past two months, he had been slowly moving out his belongings in preparation. In the afternoon, Zoe arrived. Before Louis left, he told Leanna that he would visit again after his night shift. During this period, Jethro had been acting peculiarly, so Louis was afraid that Jethro might go into hiding when the loan sharks came knocking to target Leanna. On the bright side, Zoe brought some good news to Leanna. After yesterday’s show had ended, Mia left silently.


Even though it was her own idea to add in a speech for the award, she canceled it without any omen and became the **** of everyone’s joke. At that, Leanna stated, “Since Aidan threw so many resources at her, this show is nothing but a public announcement to show their support. In the end, they’ll still provide her with what they have promised.”

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