I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 32

Chapter 32 The Reason for Our Divorce For the first time in his life, it felt like the hardest task ever for Aidan to communicate with her. The worst thing is… she looks like she doesn’t even know what she did wrong! This had only fueled his anger more. With zero ounce of patience remaining, he stood up and left.

Leanna sighed helplessly as she watched his outraged silhouette departing. As expected, I was too late in repaying him… A short while later, Harvey entered the room with Zoe. Since there was still lots of work pending at the show, he did not stay for long as he merely chatted for a short while and told Leanna to rest up before leaving. Sitting by her side, Zoe sighed, “You’re finally awake, Nana. You scared the life out of me. What happened? Why were you poisoned?” Unsure of the source of poisoning, Leanna shook her head. After she arrived at the fashion show, she did not ingest anything and her stomach was cleared after puking everything she had for breakfast and lunch. If she had to take a guess, then it must be the water that she had ingested. But, everybody was drinking from the same source. So, why am I the one with the problem? Zoe quickly took her phone out to text someone.

“Oh right, Zayn told me to inform him once you wake up.” Closing her eyes, Leanna knew that if it was not for Zayn, she would have been in big trouble and her baby would be endangered. After Zoe sent the message, she patted Leanna on the shoulder. “Okay now. You shouldn’t carry any burdens too. Regarding the two of you…You should just let fate decide and not force anything. But, don’t escape from it either.” In reality, she and Zayn should have been together way back then, yet fate had other plans for them. Noticing that Leanna had a heavy expression, Zoe added, “The doctor mentioned that the baby is safe. But, they will still observe you closely for the next few days, so just rest up. Do not, and I repeat, do not let this happen again.” The woman in bed slightly nodded and uttered, “Just head back and rest. I’m fine now.” Her voice was rather hoarse. Although her throat was sore, it did not mean that she could not speak; she just merely did not want to talk with Aidan.


hand, Zoe had not gotten some shuteye for quite a long time now. After thinking it through, she conformed. “Okay, then. I’ll come tomorrow. Remember to press the bell if you need anything and don’t try to stand up.” Leanna smiled. “Don’t worry.” After Zoe left, Leanna


stabilizing herself, she licked her dry lips and stated, “I’m hungry.” Shooting a glance at her, Aidan replied, “Go lie back down.” From his gaze, she could tell that he found her troublesome. Still, she lacked the strength to argue with him right now, so she could only use the wall and slowly retraced her steps. “Stay there. I’ll be back soon,” he reminded before

Just as she was entering deep sleep, the blanket covering her was tossed aside. “Eat before you sleep.” Looking up, she was shocked to see the food located beside her. Did he buy food for me? “Do you need me to mouth feed you?” he asked sarcastically after receiving no reaction. Leanna’s mouth twitched as she did not want

Gripping the bed sheet involuntarily, she became alert after hearing that he had consulted the doctor. “You consulted the doctor? What… did he tell you?” “What else is there besides mild poisoning?” His words relieved her as she laughed awkwardly to disguise her true concern. “It’s nothing. Since my stomach is sick, I thought that the doctor would forbid me from eating.” Aidan looked at her before retrieving a box of food from the bag and placed it in front of her. “It’s nothing too serious. Eat up.” Truth was, he went straight to the doctor’s office after he exited angrily from her ward. It might have been because Zayn was alongside Leanna when she was admitted to the hospital, so the doctor had assumed that he was the husband and father of the baby. Therefore, when the actual baby’s father had come to ask about her condition, the doctor assumed that he was merely a co-worker who was assigned to visit, based on his cold look. Hence, he only stated about her mild poisoning while withholding the information that she was pregnant. While staring at the box of food before her, Leanna found her stomach rumbling again. My baby must be famished too.

At that, she stopped hesitating and picked up the spoon to eat. However, she noticed that not only did Aidan not leave, but he sat back down on the couch and started sifting through documents on his phone. Confused by his actions, she accidentally choked onto her food. “Am I affecting your appetite here?” The commotion had him looking up and asking. “That’s not it. It’s so late now, though… Aren’t you returning home, President Pearson?” “What home?” After mocking himself, he then directed his gaze at her. “After your meal, I have something to ask you.” What he meant was that she should be eating quicker and not waste his time. In actual fact, Leanna did not catch on to what he said in the former part of his sentence as he was speaking too softly though what she did hear at the end of his sentence had made her lose appetite for her meal. What is he going to pin on me this time? Did I forget about anything else besides owing him money?

This inherently caused Leanna to eat her food in a sour mood. When she finished, she put the spoon down and asked, “What do you want to ask about, President Pearson?” “The reason for our divorce.” Not this again… After all, this was the last thing that she expected him to ask after all the effort he spent to stay out late and buy food for her. Still, she was just ready to speak when Aidan interrupted, “I don’t wanna hear any excuses. I’ve known everything.”

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