I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Do You Think That I’m Here for Money? “What? Right…” “Thank you for taking care of her.” Zoe laughed awkwardly without knowing what to say. Back when Leanna told her that she had met up with Zayn to clear things up, Zoe assumed that he had already moved on from the past. However, it seemed to be the opposite case after what she had witnessed. Rather than saying he had let go, it would be more appropriate to conclude that he had sunk deeper than before. For half an hour, they remained as they were until Zoe took notice of Zayn, who seemed to have no intentions of leaving.


“I think you should head back first. I can accompany Nana by myself since the doctor said that it’s nothing major. She just has to rest up after this.” In actuality, she and Zayn were not really well-acquainted as she had only met him through Leanna a few times. However, it was just too awkward for Zoe to stay in silence with someone whom she had not seen for three years. Zayn, who wanted to reject her notion, could not find a suitable reason to stay, so he stood up and replied, “Please inform me when Leanna awakes.” “No problem. I’ll tell you the moment she wakes up.” Nodding, Zayn was about to leave when Zoe whispered to him, “About that…


I think you know about Nana’s circumstances, since she should’ve told you everything. She just escaped from a failed marriage; so if you can’t give her a future, I would suggest you stop contacting her…” Although Zayn understood her words, how could he just give up on the one he had loved all these years? He could persuade himself to treat her marriage as something that never happened, but as a man, he could not get over the fact that Leanna was pregnant with Aidan’s child. Yet, he could not withstand the desire to be by her side.


her again.” It was after Zayn left that Zoe finally breathed a sigh of relief. At that moment, Harvey’s call came to ask which ward Leanna was in, so she went down to meet up with him. Two minutes after she exited, the door to the ward was


you still think about him when we were married for three years? Where have I done you wrong?” Her wardrobe was always filled with the latest fashion items; the chauffeur would always drive her to any where she wanted and she could send anything she bought to his tab. Aside from giving her money, he did not spare any expenses on her. At that moment, Aidan’s gaze landed on her pale lips which reminded him of the gentle scene where Zayn took care of her. Pursing his lips, he felt a wave of anger washed over


make a sound. Leading her away, Harvey only asked Zoe upon making sure they were a distance away from the ward. “What is the relationship


Finally, everything makes sense now. It makes sense why Pearson Group would send out a PR team after McK’s incident; why they would send gifts to the photographers and designers of Lux and give out an outstanding award at our fashion show… This all had absolutely nothing to do with Mia. In the ward. Aidan, who was still angry after biting her lips, pried it open and bit it even harder until Leanna frowned out of pain; only then did he let go of her and sat back down. Because of his actions, she woke up soon after. Opening her eyes, Leanna woke up to find a ceiling before her eyes while still battling with her dizziness. Yet, before she could determine where this was, she saw a cold-gazed Aidan sitting not too far away. Immediately, she sat up and


Since she had promised to return the money to him after the show, she would not delay this even if it was a second. It’s already dark outside. No wonder he’s here. However, Aidan assumed that her immediate action of grabbing the phone upon awakening was to message Zayn, leading him to be instantly furious. “Leanna McKinney, are you ignoring my existence here?” Of course, I see you. I’m not blind, so I’m returning the money to you as fast as I can. After inputting her password, the money was then transferred before she raised her phone and showed it to him, motioning that she had already repaid him. Yet, Aidan took this series of actions as a means to show off her capability and that he should not come between her relationship with Zayn. With that, Aidan stared back at her coldly.


Seeing that there was no reaction, Leanna was still thinking about how to clear her name when he uttered impatiently, “Talk.” Due to the excessive puking just now, her throat was too sore for her to speak. She then opened WhatsApp and wrote him a message, ‘I have a sore throat right now. The money has been transferred to you.’ The phone in his pocket vibrated as he took it out to read it, only for his face to turn even more solemn. At that moment, another message came. ‘You’ve worked hard, President Pearson. If the amount is correct, you should quickly head home and rest.’ She then followed up with a ‘thank you’ emoticon. “Do you think that I’m here for money?” The man’s icy voice echoed in the ward, which shocked Leanna to raise her head at him. Isn’t he here for that? I don’t buy that he’s here for my well-being.


The doubt in her gaze intensified the veins on Aidan’s temples as he roared out her name, “Leanna McKinney!” Helpless, she did not know when and how she offended him. Fortunately though, she managed to escape answering him, thanks to her terrible sore throat. Just leave. You have your money now. Why are you still hanging around here? What an eyesore.

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