I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 30

Chapter 30 You’ve Got The Wrong Person The support of Pearson Group meant that she could better expand her horizons and ideas, yet Lux Jewelry was a freshly established brand. As she was also the designer of ‘First Love’, there was no way that the company was about to let her go. Besides, this contract was one where they were obviously out to squeeze all they could from her current reputation and inspiration.

Thus, the moment she could not produce any more designs, the company would proceed on finding the next famous designer while McK would be casted away. Even though Harvey argued with his boss for quite a long while, it was his superior who said McK agreed to this herself. Naturally, businessmen valued profits more than anything, so there was no space for negotiations. Seeing his hesitation, Aidan thought about Leanna’s ability to repay her debt now. As his expression darkened, he spoke in a cold tone, “How much did she want?” Although Harvey did not want to disclose such private information, the situation did not permit him to hide this fact any further.

Finally, he said, “McK only asked to pay her two million first. As for the others—” “Mr. Mancini. Mr. Mancini!” A personnel came running toward them and stated in between breaths, “This is not good. McK has been hospitalized!” Frowning, Harvey wanted to leave when he remembered that Aidan was still here. Yet, before he could greet him, Aidan was already heading for the exit. Jonathan, who followed Aidan, quickly turned back and whispered to Harvey, “Mr. Mancini, everything that the president did was not for Miss Clark. He did this all for… Anyway, I hope I can clear this matter up to you the next time you’re free.” … After an initial checkup at the hospital, the doctor confirmed that she had been poisoned, so he instructed the nurse, “Prepare for gastric lavage.” At that moment, the unconscious Leanna grabbed onto the doctor’s arm and mumbled, “No…

stated, “She’s pregnant.” The doctor immediately changed his mind. “Do a blood test.” After ten minutes, the report was out. Fortunately, she was only mildly poisoned, so the gastric lavage procedure could be held off. However, the toxins had to be purged through vomiting, otherwise it might harm the baby in her womb. Between the lines of consciousness, Leanna heard the doctor and hardly sat up. Since she had already vomited her breakfast, all that was left in her stomach was water. Yet, she forced herself to puke no matter how hard it was. Zayn was right by her side as he gently patted her back with a face of uneasiness. When Aidan rushed to the hospital, this was the intimate scene that he witnessed. Standing on the spot, he was completely emotionless yet immense bloodlust

she finally could not withstand it anymore and fainted. Yet, just as Aidan closed in, Zayn discovered his presence and frowned without bothering to disguise his enmity whatsoever. “What are you doing here, President Pearson?” “Do

can’t believe that I absurdly believed Leanna only wanted a divorce because she was jealous and throwing a temper tantrum. No wonder she did not want a single penny and was in such a hurry to get rid of me. It turns out that she is seeing Zayn. Not knowing what he was thinking of, Zayn only knew that if not for Aidan, Leanna would not be going through such sufferings right now. With that, he chased Aidan away. “Leanna needs rest right now. If there’s nothing else, I would like you to leave, President Pearson.” To this, Aidan only glanced at him coldly before leaving. In his black Rolls-Royce, Aidan’s lips were pursed before he asked, “When did Leanna meet Zayn?” Fearful of not answering him, Jonathan replied, “Mr. Barnett attended the same university

dare to answer this. I think that half of it falls onto her father and the other half… you. If the president had approved of Madam’s request back then, she might have even gone there after clearing the debt and lived a sweet, happy life with Zayn. When the car was about to arrive at Castor Villa, Aidan suddenly instructed, “Go back to the hospital.” Three years ago, it was Leanna who came to him first. Today, you want me to wish these two happiness? Impossible! After Mia had gone

even if Leanna were to suspect her, she would not have any evidence to back that claim up. However, in the midst of her own thoughts, she heard the personnels discussing, “Mr. Mancini said earlier that Mia isn’t the person whom Pearson Group was nurturing and told us to stop our discussion.” “What? Are you serious? But I heard Mia’s people saying that she has vastly advertised the alleged surprise later tonight at the show; she even has her speech for the prize acceptance ready.” “Do you think that Mr. Mancini would lie about this? Also, I think that Mia’s performance was mediocre tonight. If it was up to me, I would choose McK. Even though she only walked once, everybody agreed that she was absolutely stunning and had an aura comparable to a professional model. I haven’t even mentioned Daphne, who overshadowed Mia in

“That’s what I think too. Perhaps Pearson Group only withdrew their support for Mia after witnessing this scene for themselves.” After hearing these remarks, Mia almost gritted her teeth into dust. This is all Leanna’s fault. This is happening all because of that shameless b*tch!!! I should have increased the dosage and poisoned her to death! … In the ward, Leanna was lying silently while steadily breathing on the bed with an IV drip.

“Thank you for today. If it wasn’t for you, things would have gotten a lot worse…” Zoe told Zayn. “You don’t have to be this courteous. This is what I should’ve done.” He only went to the fashion show to find Leanna yet he had a revelation. After a brief moment of silence, he asked, “Has Leanna been staying with you?”

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