I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Our President Values Miss McKinney Can he not help Lux Jewelry at this troublesome time in the name of love? Aidan looked concernedly at Leanna. “Where are you feeling unwell? I’ll call the doctor.” However, she only replied strugglingly. “Haha, I was just pretending to be sick.” Aidan, Zoe and Harvey were all speechless. Not planning on letting her off the hook just like that, Aidan grabbed her by her wrist and forcefully led her into the resting room beside. A shocked Harvey gasped, “What is going on?”


Zoe’s smile stiffened up. “Uhm, it’s just… lover’s quarrels.” Inside the resting room, Leanna swung her hand off his. “Don’t worry, President Pearson. The money I owe you will be repaid by me when the show ends. I won’t try to escape either.” Therefore, he didn’t have to come backstage during the interim just to remind me of this! Why didn’t I realize how pushy he is before? We’ve already agreed on a month, but he really needs to get another hobby aside from reminding me day and night. “I’m not…” Aidan stopped and looked at her with raised eyebrows. “Where did you get the money from?” “It’s not from robbing, stealing or cheating anyone. I earned the money with my own effort legally.”


Seeing her confidence made him a little upset as he sneered, “Since you’re so capable, why did you force me to marry you in the first place?” Leanna pouted and uttered after quite a while, “I’m sorry.” Her pale face frustrated Aidan. “Where exactly are you feeling unwell?” “It’s nothing.” She nonchalantly continued, “It might be because I have never been on a runway before, so I was a bit nervous. Whenever I get nervous, I tend to have the tendency to puke. It’ll be alright after it passes.” She then reassured him further, “You don’t have to worry, President Pearson. This won’t affect me repaying you the debt.” Ignoring the latter half of her sentence, he questioned, “Who told you to walk the runway?” “There was an accident and one of the models went to the hospital. So, in the heat of the moment, I could only stand in for her.” “What does it have to do with you? You’re just a designer.” The smirking Leanna mocked, “You’re right. I am just a designer who’s unlike you, the great President Pearson who doesn’t care about anything or anyone.” Aidan replied after a few seconds, “Looks like you were faking your sickness. Since you’re acting so spritely, I don’t see why you would be unwell.” “You see right through me, President Pearson.”


two sets. Even though she was an actress, she had been invited to countless fashion shows. It was no exaggeration to say the number rivals a hundred. Besides, the control and familiarity she had on stage is unmatched by normal models. Considering Leanna’s current condition, Harvey agreed with almost zero hesitation. Just like that, Daphne became one of the models. Soon enough, the

to all those comments as she sighed with the chance to finally take a breather now. After two minutes of rest, she was about to leave the room when she felt pain coming from her abdomen. It was so painful that


in the resting room backstage.” “Wait for me. I’m coming over right now!” After hanging up, she used the table to prop herself up as she felt her vision going blurry. Clutching her stomach, she screamed inside. No, no… Please don’t let anything happen! After a few minutes, the door opened and Zayn rushed in. “Leanna!” Before she could


to show off her designs on stage. Also, if there’s anything she needs, she would have the full support of our company.” Harvey was fairly confused at all this. Summarizing everything, Jonathan concluded, “In other words, our president values Miss McKinney a lot.” “I’m not catching your drift… Isn’t Mia the person your president wants to nurture?” Even though Leanna was dragged away by Aidan not long before, this small interlude did not obstruct the solid foundation that Mia had with Aidan. So, even if he really is with Leanna, this would


Isn’t this all just to earn our goodwill for Mia?” The speechless Jonathan accepted the twisted truth after a while as he perplexedly asked, “Does… the whole company think that way?” Of course, he was asking whether this included Leanna or not. Since he had to preserve his employer’s dignity, Jonathan’s well thought-out effort of this ploy had turned out to be completely misunderstood. By the entire company. If the president catches wind about this, he will kill me. Harvey asked otherwise, “Is it not?” Seeing Jonathan speechless, he sighed and continued, “Oh, right. Even if the person that Pearson Groups decides to support is McK, I doubt she’ll accept your kind intentions.” “Why’s that?” At this moment, Aidan walked in. Harvey replied, “A few days ago, McK signed a new contract with our company. It’s a ten year contract with some specific conditions…”


Since this concerned their internal workings, he did not finish his sentence. Also, this contract was rather one sided, so it would not be all that dignified for him to say it out. From now on, McK must only design for Lux Jewelry for the next ten years. Not only barring her from entering fashion shows, Lux Magazine would also prevent her designs from publication.

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