I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Glancing Furtively at Me Aidan commented rudely, “How did you manage to win with such bad acting? Were the judges from that year blind?” At that point, Daphne was rendered speechless. He retracted his gaze and looked at the woman beside the stage who was busy with work before he casually placed one hand on the handle of the chair and tapped his fingers.


The term ‘new target’ seemed strange to be used to refer Leanna. Although he refused to admit it, regardless whether she was his ‘new target’ or ‘past lover’, he seemed to find that the title of Mrs. Pearson suited her much better. As soon as he thought of that, he was slightly frustrated. Why hasn’t she begged me for mercy? Is one month actually too long? On the other end, Leanna was extremely busy with work. One of the models suddenly fell sick and was hospitalized. However, there was an issue rising as every model’s attire and jewelry length were custom-made to fit each of them.


Furthermore, it was about time for the show to start, so it would be practically impossible to now find a model who could catwalk. What more to say, one who would be the perfect fit. Just as Leanna and the other fashion designers were at a loss for what to do, suddenly a person piped up, “McK, why don’t you take the stage? You’re about the same shape as that model and regarding your height… You can just put on a pair of high heels.” To that random suggestion, she was slightly dumbfounded. “But then…


industry; even Lux Jewelry will be ridiculed by everyone.” Leanna kept silent for a moment as she considered the situation. Previously, Lux Jewelry had been embroiled in bad publicity because of her. Although the situation had been defused on time, there were inevitably some consequences to the company. Not to mention, the show was extremely important to Lux Jewelry and this was evident from


a wave of nausea hit her. She grabbed a glass of water and took a few sips to suppress the nauseousness as she tried to regulate her breathing. It seemed that her little one was expressing his protest. Ever since she had found out


Mia had just completed the first round and she was heading backstage for a change of clothes when she brushed past Leanna who was about to go onstage. Mia was significantly pleased with her performance and she felt that Pearson Group was intentionally trying to give her an award for being the best performer tonight; since no one else could object to it anyway and her performance had surpassed her usual. However, as soon as she saw Leanna, she instantly had her guards up. After all, Leanna’s seductive looks were flawless and

is she going onstage?!” Mia remained frozen in her original spot and trembled with anger as her voice turned shriller by the minute. The staff standing by the side then whispered, “It seems that there has been an issue with one of the models.” “What a perfect excuse. It must be that b*tch who wants to show off.” Mia clenched her teeth as she looked into the direction that Leanna walked off. I’ll be the star of tonight’s show and Aidan’s mine too! I won’t let Leanna get her way! … At the fashion show, Aidan pressed in between his brows and lowered his eyes to glance at his watch. He wanted to find out how long it would take for the show to end. He was looking forward to seeing Leanna’s expression upon realizing that she was tonight’s star candidate for the show. He wondered whether she would be joyful or surprised by that. Or perhaps… At that moment, his mind wandered further and suddenly, he felt slight dryness in his throat as his eyes darkened significantly. After all, Leanna used to jump into his arms and wrapped


his mind wandered off further and further away from the fashion show when suddenly, a loud commotion erupted in the originally quiet scene of the show. He lifted his eyes and looked intently toward the T-shaped stage. Leanna was dressed in a black maxi dress and she stood three meters apart from where he was seated. The lights glimmered brightly onstage and the sequins that adorned the back of her dress looked like glittering stars in the galaxy. Although she was generally known to be a beauty, each time she left the house, including during the press conference to introduce the ‘First Love’ series, she hardly ever dressed up or put on makeup properly. Right now, she was adorned in an elegant dress and looked exquisitely beautiful with makeup while accessorized by her jewelry; each of these enhanced her beauty. The black maxi dress was very fashionable and her beauty shone through with aggression. She seemed to be the most attractive


Leanna was originally anxious onstage and she tried to regulate her breathing several times. Suddenly, her eyes met a deep calm gaze and after a slight pause, she subconsciously clenched her fist tightly. I must not ruin the show for the sake of that two million! I can’t let the despicable couple watch me make a fool of myself! She took a deep breath and forcefully shifted her eyes. Meanwhile, Aidan pursed his lips and took a sip from the bottle of water he had just opened before asking, “Was she glancing furtively at me earlier?” Daphne replied, “Somehow, I think she was glaring at you, though.” “If your eyes aren’t working well, then perhaps it would be much better to give it up to someone else who needs it better.” She stopped speaking at that point. After Leanna left the stage, everyone at the show erupted into discussions among themselves and they asked around about the identity of the woman. Some claimed that she was a model while others claimed that she was a celebrity; there were even some who claimed her to be their future wife. However, the staff of Lux Jewelry proudly claimed, “That’s our contracted designer.”

Amongst the bustling crowd, Aidan got up silently and headed backstage. After getting off the stage, Leanna could barely feel her legs. Fortunately, Zoe was there to support her just in time. “Nana, are you alright?” Her hands and feet were icy cold. “I-I’m fine.” Zoe reckoned that Leanna did not seem fine; there were two more rounds later on and clearly, she would not be able to handle it. She had just removed her shoes when a wave of nausea hit her all of a sudden. Without managing to change out of her clothes, she rushed to the toilet and threw up. Zoe grabbed a mug from the table and filled it with some warm water before rushing over in a haste. After Leanna finished vomiting, she finally felt much better as she weakly leaned against the wall. “Nana, have some warm water.” She felt much better after drinking the water as she had just emptied her stomach’s content.


At that moment, Harvey walked over in a rush. “I’ve arranged for someone to find another model. It would take them at least twenty minutes to get here and she would need at least half an hour to get make-up done…” As such, Leanna had to complete another round. He glanced at her deathly pale face and frowned. “McK, are you unwell?” “I’m fine. I can still go on.” She shook her head. At that point, Harvey was met with no other way, so he mentioned, “Hold on for a bit more. I’ll get them to hurry up.”


Leanna did not even get the chance to answer him when suddenly, a cold male voice rang out from behind, “Hold on what?” At that moment, Harvey turned around and saw Aidan’s figure. The editor then pressed in between his brows and explained, “President Pearson, we’ve encountered some slight issue here, but we’re sorting it out right now.”

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