I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 27

Chapter 27 That’s Too Bad Aidan remained silent for a moment before replying, “That’s not necessary.” He was not keen to see her right now. Ever since he was brought back to the Pearson Family as the illegitimate son, he had been disgusted by the so-called blood ties and bloodline. That was even more so when he stepped through the doors of the Pearson Family Estate and saw Justin Pearson, who was paralyzed in a wheelchair with eyes that were nothing but darkness.


The lavishness of the place could not even mask the corruption and inferiority that was radiated in the air. With that, Aidan was suffocated by the sight of it. As such, Leanna’s action of using her unborn child as a bargaining chip had undoubtedly crossed the line for him. Aidan took out his phone and unlocked it once again before staring at the blank chatbox. Since he had deleted Leanna’s contact previously, he could no longer look back on the precious texts sent by her.


No concerning texts, no more incessant nagging words nor any ‘I’m waiting for you’ messages. Just… blank. He tapped on the input box with his slender fingers and typed a sentence before slowly backspacing it again. An hour later, the phone rang by Leanna’s bedside just as she was about to go to sleep. She glanced at her phone with half-opened eyes and noticed the cold words sent by the b*stard. ‘You’ve got twenty-five days left.’ At that moment, she was rendered speechless. Does he really need to send me a countdown at this time of the night? She considered the situation for a moment and could not be bothered to reply to that. She merely responded with an emoji of an OK sign. Her reply was proper and solemn, which signified her determination to repay him the money on time.


she was significantly displeased by his action of disrupting her sleep, so she instantly changed his name from ‘b*stard’ to ‘stingy man’. Subsequently, she placed her phone down and went to sleep contentedly. Meanwhile, Mia had also gotten word of the rumors from Lux Jewelry. After a bout of self-doubt, she became convinced about one thing; she was convinced that President Pearson appeared to be coldly indifferent toward her, but actually cared so much for her. Now


behaved herself, then naturally, she would not be associated with someone as shameful as Leanna; hence, Aidan would fancy her even more! With this in mind, Mia merely scoffed coldly and left after bumping into Leanna backstage at the


rabies shot today.” Although Zoe did not mention to Leanna about Mia being the upcoming star of the fashion show, Leanna had heard plenty of discussions regarding what Aidan had done for Mia when she went to see Harvey at Lux

they might even gain the opportunity of collaborating with internationally-acclaimed designers or seek pointers from them; that would be the biggest break for them in gaining recognition. However, this was a chance that clearly seemed achievable yet way out of reach in reality. One could not help but lament the despicable qualities of capitalists. In


neck, Leanna could not quite contain her impulse to commit a crime against her. Mia was seated in front of the mirror and casually tweaked the necklace on her neck as she spoke indifferently, “If it wasn’t for Lux Jewelry, you will never see me wearing anything designed by an unknown designer, even if they were to beg


As soon as Mia heard that, her expression turned and she was ready to rebuke. It’s all because of that b*tch, Leanna! However, as she realized that she had an image to maintain around the surrounding crowd, she sat down abruptly after standing up. Then, she snorted coldly, “Well, at least it’s much better than being despised by one’s husband.” Zoe was just about to come to blows with her when Leanna quickly stopped Zoe. “The show’s starting soon. Let’s go.” Seeing that Mia was Aidan’s favorite right now, they would clearly be at a disadvantage if they offended her. … As the fashion show was held in Highside and Lux Jewelry being the organizer, there were plenty of reputable attendees from various fields. There also happened to be well-known celebrities from the entertainment industry in attendance. Naturally, Daphne—being the most popular actress—was present too.


She was also one of the artists of Pearson Group, so she was arranged to be seated next to Aidan. After the show started, the lights were dimmed. After watching the show for a while, Daphne started to feel bored and she yawned while trying to start up a conversation. “President Pearson, I heard that you sent out the infamous PR team from Pearson Group in order to win the affection of your new target.” Aidan shot a sideways glance at her and his features were fuzzy under the dim lights. At that moment, his voice was exceptionally cold. “What sort of nonsense are you on about?” “Was that untrue? Recently, I received a lot of sympathetic private messages to comfort me. It sounded legit, so I didn’t think that it was a rumor.” “Why did they send you comforting words?” Aidan wore an indifferent look. “Are you sad that you’re not my new target?” At that point, she was rendered speechless. Still, she pulled a forced smile on her lips. “President Pearson, you’re so funny.”


This b*stard sent out the PR team for Mia and caused me to be sympathized by the public. So why can’t I ask about it, huh? How dare he mock me! Just as Daphne thought that the topic had ended, Aidan suddenly voiced out on his accord, “She’s not my new target. She never was a target.” The speechless Daphne thought, What sort of deluded words is he speaking? Even though she was ready to snap back at him, she chuckled perfunctorily as he was still her boss after all. “Haha! Is that so? That’s too bad, then.”

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