I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 26

Chapter 26 She Never Got Pregnant Again At this moment, Aidan shut his eyes and interrupted Jonathan, “That’s enough.” Earlier on, he had already guessed the whole story after hearing the disgusting words from Jethro. Jonathan then tactfully zipped his mouth. “Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” To that, he responded, “You signed the divorce papers with Madam the day after you told me to investigate the matter.

That afternoon, I reminded you about it… But you said that the two of you were divorced, so anything to do with her was unrelated to you at all.” Back then, Aidan was completely taken over by fury and even the act of hearing Leanna’s name irritated him. As such, he did not bother to listen to what Jonathan had to say. After quite some time, Aidan slowly voiced out, “Inform Lux Jewelry that anyone—regardless of their position—who performs well in this fashion show will receive support in their career from Pearson Group.”


I owe her for this matter from three years ago, hence this is what I’ll do to compensate her. Whatever it is though, she did fabricate a pregnancy report and force me into marrying her, so that’s something that’s irrevocable. … In less than two days after the saga of unexpected gifts, Lux Jewelry was once again in a buzz. “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! President Pearson’s so infatuated with Mia. I can’t believe that he actually resorted to all this for her!” “This is such a lucrative reward! He’s offered to provide support in our career with the help of Pearson Group! That means we would get to choose the best resources available. President Pearson is outrightly trying to support Mia to achieve the highest position. This is so sweet of him.” Someone else suggested otherwise, “Well, this statement mentioned that it would apply to any person in any position, so it doesn’t necessarily point to Mia.


silent for quite some time. He had been in contact with Mia several times, but he did not like her at all; he was perplexed as to why Aidan was so infatuated with her. However, here

that this would solely benefit Mia, she did not bother to let Leanna know about this frustrating matter. …… … Ever since Aidan had specifically instructed Leanna to repay two million within a month, she had been busy coming up with solutions over the past few days. She refused to lose her remaining bit of self-esteem, which was why she agreed to his words without any hesitation. However, reality striked and she realized that two million was an overbearing figure for her. There was no way she could come up with that much money in such a short time. The contract she signed with Lux Jewelry specified that she would be bound to the company and in return,


signing her contract. After a long while of calmness and

they were to keep in contact frequently. However, if she refused to approve his friend request, then it might seem that she was trying to default on the debt. After more than half an hour, Leanna finally approved his friend request with the catch that they would only be able to communicate via messaging, thanks to her change of settings. She was prepared to block him as soon as she repaid the money. On the other end, Aidan was seated at the dining table at home when he noticed Leanna’s profile picture reappear on his chat list. “I see work has been quite relaxing for you lately,

face-down atop the table and took a sip of the water in front of him. “I heard you,” he replied as calmly as he could. Gordon’s anger simmered upon noticing his grandson’s indifferent attitude. However, he was wary of the power Aidan held at the moment, so he did not dare to speak harshly at Aidan. In the end, he changed the topic

parents and not a necessity in life. If you’re that keen on kids, then you can have another one yourself.” After Aidan said that, he did not even bother


For the past few years, Gordon had developed a notion of grooming another successor ever since Aidan had taken over Pearson Group and became harder to rein in. Ironically, Gordon was also wary of Aidan as he did not want to arrange a political marriage for him; he was afraid that Aidan would gain more power and dominance from that, which would inevitably become harder for Gordon to control him. As such, when Leanna appeared with the pregnancy report, Gordon, who had been in a dilemma, finally saw hope. That was also why the Pearsons did not even bother to validate the authenticity of Leanna’s pregnancy as it was not important at all. In other words, even if she was not pregnant, Gordon did not mind helping her to hide the truth until she was impregnated for real. After all, it would just be a matter of time for a newly wedded couple. However, he clearly did not expect what was about to happen next, which eventually led Leanna to not get pregnant anymore.


After Sienna left to head upstairs, Gordon remained lost in thoughts with a furrowed look. At that moment, he seemed even more convinced that it was the wrong decision to bring Aidan back to the family. After all, Aidan was an unrestrained horse and there was no predicting on what he would do. On his way back, Jonathan asked, “President Pearson, do you wish to head back to Castor Villa?” Aidan shut his eyes and grunted yes. Jonathan noticed his weary look and asked probingly, “Should I ask Madam where she bought the painkiller? The one that’s always readily available in our medication kit.”


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