I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 This was all so that they could stand on the top of the Milky Way and trample on the Milky Way Empire. 

That day was not too far away now. 

“You‘re Sangruil Sinners?” 

“I‘m telling you again, we‘re orthodox Sangruilians,” the black–robed man emphasized again. 

At this moment, he was seething. 


If he were not on the Drake family‘s ancestral ground and to rope the Drake family into their plans, he would have killed this person. 

“You are Sangruil Sinners. What do you mean by orthodox Sangruilians? The only orthodox one in the Milky Way is the empire. You‘re just stray dogs,” the man from the Drake family said after he calmed down. 

“Are you begging to die?” 

The black–robed man gritted his teeth and said word by word. His voice sounded like it came from ****. 

‘How dare he insult Sangruil like that? 

who he is, he must die!‘

waved his hand, and a cold black

a casual attack, he was a late Infinity Ranker, so an average person would not be able to resist even

should have caused a lot of noise

disappeared without a trace into the

black–robed man knew the master was here.

block his attack without making any noises was someone

a lot of grandmasters

his information, only one was at late Infinity Ranker, and that


already here, we didn‘t plan to leave so easily. Come out here and meet us,” the black–robed man said. “No need. You should leave. We are not interested in participating in the battle between

put your safety before

either the empire or Sangruil. If not, your family will be in hot water no matter who wins in the future. You

is not a threat. I am just telling you the truth. I hope you will

you afraid I‘ll choose the empire and kill all

has heavily injured Emperor Nimbus. Right now, he‘s recuperating on Planet Royal. The empire‘s fall is inevitable. I believe you

After the black–robed man said that, he changed his subject and continued coldly, “Also, do you think you have the ability to kill all of us? since we have the guts to come here, it means we‘ve already made all the preparations.” 

“We‘re not scared of your measly strength.” 

“You can try!” 

Then, the two stopped talking. The air around them started to grow heavy. The rest of the black–robed men and the Drakes, aside from Ragnar, were all very nervous. 

They knew that if they started fighting, both sides would surely lose. This was not something the Drake family or Sangruil wanted to see. 

The leader of the black–robed men did not want this either. 

However, he had no choice. If he wanted to deal with the Drake family, he had to show him how strong Sangruil was. 

That way, the other party would be wary and not start conflicts so casually. If he showed any sign of weakness, the Drake family would be haughty once they caught sight of it. 

After a moment, Ragnar broke the silence and said, “Come in.” 

The black–robed man in the lead did not say anything. He then brought the other black–robed man into the Drake family‘s ancestral ground. 21 

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