I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 Planet Drake in the Royal Region. This was the Drake family‘s planet, the first–ranked family among the eight prominent families in the Milky Way. The Drake family was not the same as the other families. They were not only the oldest, but they were also the ones with the strongest background. It was no exaggeration to say that even if the other seven families worked together, they would not be the Drake family‘s opponents. Such was the Drake family. Even if they were also among the eight prominent families, their strength was not on the same level as the other seven. Planet Drake was a massive living planet, and it was countless times bigger than the sun. The bigger the planet, the larger the gravitational pull. If an ordinary earthling were placed on Planet Drake, they would not even survive for a second. To live normally on Planet Drake, one had to be equivalent to a *** Ranker on Earth. Which meant the ordinary folk on Planet Drake would all be legendary *** Rankers if they were on Earth. 

This was the difference between Earth and a massive living planet in the Milky Way. The current head of the Drake family, Gunnar Drake, was not only the chief of the Primo Institution of the Milky Way Battle Institution, but he was also the strongest chosen one in the Royal Region. 

During the battle among the nine institutions, Gunnar even said he could defeat the other eight institutions. 

He wanted to fight the other eight chiefs himself. 

He was an influential figure among the younger generation of the Royal Region, making countless youngsters look up to him. 


Outside Planet Drake, a few black–robed men suddenly appeared at this moment. “Our target this time is the Drake family. According to our information, they are stronger than our previous targets. This is also the first force with a late Infinity Ranker the Sangruil sinners will be trying to rope in. We have to be careful and not make any mistakes. The Drake family is an essential part of our plan, so we must take them down,” one of the black–robed men said. 

“Yes, Master,” the others replied immediately. “Let’s go.” 

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Drake, they came to the ancestral ground where the Drake family‘s grandmaster lived in seclusion following the

approached the Drake family‘s ancestral ground. Then, they heard a voice before they

you all come from? What are you doing here? This is the Drake family‘s ancestral ground and sacred land. If you

Ragnar!” The black–robed man in the lead said.

Do you think you can see Grandmaster Ragnar just because you want to? Get lost now if you know what‘s good

black–robed man did


emitted his late Infinity Rank energy, causing the Drake

“W–Who are you?” 

The black–robed man answered, “Sangruil!” 

When the person from the Drake family heard that, his heart shook, and he blurted out,“ Sangruil Sinners?” 

“We‘re Sangruilians, not Sangruil Sinners,” the black–robed man growled. 

Clearly, the word ‘sinner‘ triggered him. 

Back in the day, Sangruil was on the same level as the Milky Way Empire. They controlled half of the Milky Way, and were very well–off. 

Now, they were hiding everywhere like stray dogs. 

They had suffered so many grievances and endured so much pain for many years just to regain Sangruil‘s glory. 

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