I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1042

I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 “Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for clearing up my confusion. Well then, let‘s go down first. The person who‘ll pick you up should be here soon. Also, how do you think we should deal with these corpses? They should be worth researching,” David said. 

Although he still had a lot of questions about the Sangruil Sinners and galaxy beasts, it was obviously not suitable to continue asking questions here. 

He would go to the Meteor Chamber when he had time. 

Doing so would also get him some lavish points. 

Mosquitoes were still meat no matter how small they were. 

“We can hand the corpse to the Imperial Research Academy. I believe those experts will be very excited to see these. It will be beneficial for the empire to deal with the Sangruil Sinners and the Nine –Headed Serpents in the future,” Astrid replied. “Okay, we‘ll leave the corpses to them then.” 

“Let me thank you then on behalf of the empire.” At this time, it was already evening. David covered the trio with his mind power, avoided all surveillance , and quietly descended to Planet Boundless and landed in his 


He did not want Burke to know about this as he would make a huge fuss about this. 

Princess Astrid had been rescued. 

Due to this, David believed that the emperor of the Milky Way Empire would no longer hold everyone accountable. 

Next, he would take Mia away from Planet Boundless and head to the most prosperous center of the Milky Way. 

David contacted Mia and asked her to come over. 

After Mia arrived at David’s courtyard, she was a little puzzled when she saw Astrid and the gang, who suddenly appeared. 

Mia‘s impression of Princess Astrid, the Harp Fairy, was only of her at the state banquet eight years ago. 

Now that eight years had passed, and Astrid was wearing a veil again, Mia did not recognize her. 

Astrid and the gang were pretty happy when they saw Mia. 

After all, she was one of the four fairies and was quite famous. Astrid and Emerald were even more excited as they both liked Mia. 

They often watched Mia‘s dance on the Internet. 

However, their identities were too different, so they 

never had a chance to meet. 

“Master David , why did you ask me to come here?” Mia asked. 

“Mia, this is Princess Astrid of the Milky Way Empire. I have rescued her, so now we can leave Planet Boundless. You should go back and prepare, and we will leave immediately,” David said straight to the point. He no longer wanted to waste time here. The sooner he left, the better. 


Mia looked at Astrid in shock. 

“H–H–Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid?” 

“Hello, Dance Fairy, I‘m Princess Astrid. It‘s a pleasure to meet you. I like you very much, and I often watch your dances. This time, I finally get to meet you in person,” Astrid extended her hand and said magnanimously. 

However, Mia did not dare to hold Astrid‘s hand. 

This was Princess Astrid, the favorite daughter of the emperor of the Milky Way Empire. 

She was someone the major forces of the Milky Way had to respect and salute whenever they saw her. 

–How would she dare to hold Astrid‘s noble hand? 

“Hello, Your Royal Highness Princess Astrid,” Mia 

hurriedly curtsied and said respectfully. 

Astrid quickly stepped forward to help Mia up and said, “ Dance Fairy, you don‘t have to be so polite. You are older than me, so I‘ll just call you by your name, what do you think?” 

“How… How is that possible? No way! What have I done to have Princess Astrid address me by name?” Mia rejected her quickly. 

“Why not? We can do whatever we want. You don‘t have to be scared even if Father finds out. I‘ll just ask him to take you as his goddaughter. When that happens, you‘ll be my sister. Who asked him never to give me an older or younger sister? All I have are brothers,” Astris said joyfully. 

Mia felt like she was going to pass out. 

Ask the emperor of the Milky Way Empire to take her as his goddaughter? 

‘Then won‘t my status skyrocket? 

Who would dare to l**t after my body then? ‘Who would dare to force me to dance? 

‘I would only dance for whomever I want. 

‘If I don‘t want to, no one can force me.‘ 

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